5 Best Moments in Parasyte (Kiseijuu) [Mid-season Recap]

Few animes have had such emotional episodes like Parasyte. The characters, voice acting, story, music, everything, comes together expertly to create very moving scenes.
I feel no shame in saying a few times a tear or two welled up in my eyes. Below I’ve listed five of the best scenes, so far, from this season.

5. Shinichi Fights Mr. A (Episode 3 - 4)

Izumi-Shinichi 5 Best Moments in Parasyte (Kiseijuu) [Mid-season Recap]
Shinichi Izumi

Mr. A is a parasite who has disguised himself as a middle-aged man and he is the father of Ryoko Tamiya’s child. They have spoken a few times but have never gotten along. He is not reasonable or logical when it comes to hiding his identity as a parasite.
He believes he can always escape from a bad situation and shapeshift into another person. He made it very clear to Shinichi and Ryoko (who is also a parasite) when he said, “I will eat when I feel hungry, and I will eliminate anyone who stands in my way”. So, it was not really a big surprise when Mr. A attacked Shinichi’s school.

He begins attacking students and faculty while searching for Shinichi’s location.
Shinichi then separates himself from the rest of the students and devises a plan to stop him. Migi cuts of the leg of a desk and gives it Shinichi to use as a weapon. Mr. A finds them and begins to attack with his sharpened blade tentacles.
Migi focuses on defending Shinichi and tries to create an opening for him. He is protected enough to inch his way closer towards Mr. A.
Once he gets in range he takes out the small metal pipe and stabs Mr. A in the heart. Mr. A had been too focused on breaking through Migi’s defense that he didn’t calculate the fact that Shinichi had a will of his own. He didn’t consider Shinichi brave enough to attack.
This mistake led to a mortal wound and eventually his death.

Izumi-Shinichi 5 Best Moments in Parasyte (Kiseijuu) [Mid-season Recap]

4. Nobuko Returns Home (Episode 5)

Izumi-Shinichi 5 Best Moments in Parasyte (Kiseijuu) [Mid-season Recap]

Next, is the most traumatic scene up to this point in the series. Nobuko Izumi is Shinichi’s mother. She and his father (Kazuyuki) had gone away for a small vacation together.
While they were enjoying the view of a sunset together, a dying parasite host snuck up behind her and killed her and then attacked Kazuyuki. Fortunately, he escaped but the parasite took over Nobuko’s body.

Kazuyuki runs away to a payphone and calls Shinichi to tell him about the attack. He mentions a monster and then passes out from the pain. Shinichi becomes very worried about his parents.
Before too long Migi senses the presence of another parasite at Shinichi’s front door. They prepare to attack when the person unlocks the door and enters the house. It turns out to be Nobuko.

It quickly becomes clear to Migi that Nobuko has been taken over, but Shinichi refuses to believe it.
Out of confusion and desperation he tries to confess everything he knows about the Migi and the parasites to his mother. He tries to remind Nobuko about the scar on her hand, but it suddenly impales him through the heart.
The scene fades to black as Shinichi cries and calls out for his mother. This particular scene obviously has a big impact on the rest of the series.

Izumi-Shinichi 5 Best Moments in Parasyte (Kiseijuu) [Mid-season Recap]

3. Shinichi vs Nobuko (Episode 7)

Izumi-Shinichi 5 Best Moments in Parasyte (Kiseijuu) [Mid-season Recap]
Parasyte(Nobuko Izumi)

Shinichi has recovered from his brutal attack to the heart. Migi has managed to heal him, but it has resulted in some unexpected changes to Shinichi’s body.
For one thing, he now has a stronger body and the abilities of an olympian level athlete (if not better).

He visits his father who is still hospitalized from the parasite’s attack.
Nobuko returns to the area to kill Kazuyuki and make sure he can not tell others about her or any other parasites.

With the help of Uda Mamoru, Shinichi is able to locate and trap Nobuko to a secluded area where they can fight. Shinichi is able to easily avoid the parasite’s attacks with his heightened senses and reflexes. He does not even need Migi’s abilities to overpower Nobuko.
However, he hesitates to kill her after he sees the scar on her hand. Luckily, Uda takes the initiative and delivers the killing blow to the parasite. Uda felt that Shinichi should not have to kill the monster in his mother’s body.
Such a thoughtful guy!

Izumi-Shinichi 5 Best Moments in Parasyte (Kiseijuu) [Mid-season Recap]

2. Hideo's Killing Rampage (Episode 9 - 10)

Izumi-Shinichi 5 Best Moments in Parasyte (Kiseijuu) [Mid-season Recap]
Hideo Shimada

Yuko Tachikawa is a female student, from Shinichi’s school, who developed a crush on Hideo Shimada.
She followed him a few times and discovered that he was in fact a parasite. She confronted Hideo and asked him to stop killing people.
Hideo quickly transformed his head into parasite tentacles and threatened to attack her. She threw a bottle of paint thinner, that he sliced, and it spread all over his face. It damaged him enough to allow her to escape through the window.
However, the pain from the chemicals enraged him and began killing anyone he came in contact with.

Shinichi manages to find Satomi Murano (his girlfriend) and successfully takes her out of the school and away from harm.
Police officers show up to try and subdue Hideo. Shinichi needs to take out Hideo, but can’t allow himself to be seen using his abilities. He overhears that Hideo is making his way towards the roof. So, Shinichi heads to the roof of a building about 300km away (outside of Hideo’s parasite-sensing range) and waits for Hideo to show himself on the school’s roof.
Just as Hideo makes his way to the roof, Shinichi combines his new strength with Migi’s to throw a baseball sized rock towards Hideo. He throws it with enough force to pierce a hole through Hideo’s chest and kill him.
The police reach the body afterward and wonder what happened to it.

Izumi-Shinichi 5 Best Moments in Parasyte (Kiseijuu) [Mid-season Recap]

1. Kana’s Farewell (Episode 12)

Izumi-Shinichi 5 Best Moments in Parasyte (Kiseijuu) [Mid-season Recap]
Kana Kimishima

The mid-season finale was a very strong episode overall. It closed a story arc involving Kana Kinishima.
She was a student who had the ability to sense Shinichi and other parasite hosts (though she didn’t know it at the time). She also developed a strong feelings for Shinichi. He grew concerned for her and eventually told her about Migi and other parasites.
They were supposed to meet up so that Shinichi could show her Migi and his abilities. He hoped that this proof would convince her to stop using her dangerous ability.

On the day of their meetup, Migi senses two other parasites in the vicinity of their meeting place.
Shinichi immediately calls Kana and tells her not to come to the station and that he would call her back later with a new location. She doesn’t heed his warning.
Instead, she decides that she will prove to Kinichi that she can distinctly sense him enough to avoid the other parasite hosts in the area. Unfortunately, this was not the case.

She enters a secluded building where she sees a parasite feeding on a dead person. She tries to escape and run towards the exit. She gets there in time to see Shinichi running in to save her.
But it’s a second too late and she is impaled, from behind, through her heart. She falls to the floor with blood seeping through her clothes as she’s slowly dying. An enraged Shinichi rushes the parasite. Migi deflects the enemy’s blades as Shinichi punches through the enemy’s chest, throws him through a concrete wall, and rips its heart out, all in one quick motion.
He runs back to Kana’s side and holds her as she speaks her last words. She tells him that she had a dream just like this. She raises her hand to touch Shinichi’s face.
Then, her arm falls limp and her eyes close. Shinichi’s gaze wanders and he notices that she had written their names together on a nearby wall.

Izumi-Shinichi 5 Best Moments in Parasyte (Kiseijuu) [Mid-season Recap]

Pretty powerful stuff right? I know! It’s only half way through the season and already the series is so strong.
I can’t wait to see what’s next. What were your favorite moments?

Please comment below what you thought about the show’s first half.

Izumi-Shinichi 5 Best Moments in Parasyte (Kiseijuu) [Mid-season Recap]


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