5 Best Moments of Madan no Ou to Vanadis

A show that manages to take actual battle tactics and present them to the viewer, with enough fan service to satisfy a 14 year old boy for months on end, that’s what this show is all about. With a protagonist that uses nothing but the bow and an entire country at war with itself as well as another country employing girls with dragon weapons, Lord Marksman is exciting from start to ending. There are some minor spoilers so be wary what you read!

The Secondhand Bow

Lord Tigre has been captured by the army of Eleanora Vitaria and is prompted to prove his mettle with a bow. We’ve seen earlier how good he is with a normal, well taken care of, bow, but this time he’s given a secondhand bow to use. The bow itself hasn’t been taken care of and quite possibly a few arrows away from breaking, and he misses his mark twice while attempting to figure out the bow.

After a few jeers from the audience, an assassination attempt is put under way by a lone crossbowman. After Eleanora blocks the bolt with her wind power, Tigre nocks and arrow and lets loose, hitting the would-be assassin in the foot (like he called it).

The Arrow Catch

From some straight MLG moments comes the fabled arrow grab! Right after saving Titta from being, well, “taken advantage of,” Tigre is talking to Eleanora about her sword; finally figuring out it can control wind. Just when you think all is right in the world again, you see a shining light glisten off in the distance.

The arrow travels through the troops, heading straight for Titta. Tigre, with the upmost skill, snatches the arrow just an inch or so from her face, twists it around and fires it right back; killing the man who originally fired. It was probably one of the most badass displays Tigre did all show!

Ley Admos

This is where Eleanora really shines with her sword, displaying an ability she claims she will never use against humans due to its massive power. The enemy Thernadier forces have not one, but two dragons at their disposal! Luckily for our heroes we have a war maiden in possession of a dragon weapon on our side!

Charging up a massive ball of razor sharp wind (makes sense in some way) she prepares for her fight against the Land Dragon. With a scream “Ley Admos,” she releases the ball of fury which completely rips the dragon in half when no other weapon could even leave a scratch (not even an arrow to the eye from Tigre), earning it a spot as one of the best moments from the show!

The Black Bow

From that same fight, the Thernadier general challenges Tigre to a duel, and subsequently loses when a few well aimed arrows destroy his shield and strike him in the arm. After his loss he decides he doesn’t want to die and begins retreating from the battle on the second, winged dragon. After a brief moment of questioning whether or not they’re going to allow him to get away (Ley Admos won’t reach the distance), Tigre hears a voice telling him to shoot the dragon, it’s the bow!

Tigre nocks an arrow and aims; all the while Eleanors sword is granting him some of its strength, making the tip of the arrow glow as it charges up. After he fires, the arrow flies through the air leaving a trail of white and black light in its wake, heading straight for the wind dragon and moving clouds out of its way. The arrow not only immediately kills the retreating enemy general, but the dragon as well; causing the enemy army to drop their arms and surrender.

Tigre vs Roland

Roland, the Black Knight of the Brunish Empire and direct knight to the King himself, is manipulated into attacking Tigre as a traitor. What Roland doesn’t know, is that Tigre just got back from a shrine where he gained the full power of the bow. What Tigre doesn’t know, is that Roland has a weapon that cancels out all dragon magic.

Tigre fires one arrow, and an ominous looking green light emanates from the arrow as Roland attempts to block it. After some internal struggle, he manages to slice the arrow away; although he sustains a ton of damage in the process and can no longer lift his arms, causing him to surrender as Tigre has another arrow nocked and ready to go.

This does it for my 5 best (or favorite, whichever you want to say!) moments from Lord Marksman and Vanadis.
If you have another moment please share it with us in the comments section below!

by Nathaniel Loomis