[Fujoshi Friday] Top 5 BL Scenes in Osomatsu-san 2nd Season

Osomatsu-san has gained wide popularity in Japan and abroad. Could it be the 6 similarly sexy sextuplets? The diverse supporting cast? The universal, intrinsic need in all humans to avoid work? With so many things going for the anime, it’s easy to see how these characters survived the times. It’s adapted to a more modern audience while still keeping many of its Showa-era characteristics, a fact which is used as a gag in the show. Osomatsu-san is incredibly self-aware for a show filled with poop and masturbation jokes. Despite the main focus of the show being these 6 brothers trying to avoid work and lose their virginity to a cute girl, fujoshi have come to love this anime. Lots of BL fanfiction and BL art of the cast are pretty popular. Osomatsu-san 2nd Season doesn’t really pander in the BL department, but with the whole premise of the show being so absurd and events and relationships being so inconsequential, there are few scenes that might catch a fujoshi’s eye.

5. Totty and Dekapan embracing on the cliff

  • Episodes: 22

Lost on a deserted island, Dekapan laments that he can’t find his friend Dayon only to be horrified as Totty directs his gaze to the remnants of Dayon’s clothes in the sea. Totty argues that Dekapan should accept Dayon’s death as Dekapan tearfully rejects such a horrific notion. He asks Totty what could cause him to say such cruel things only for Totty’s true feelings to spill out. He clings to Dekapan as he cries, admitting Dayon’s apparent death forces him to think about his own death and the hopelessness of their situation. Finally understanding Totty’s worries, he strokes Totty’s hair and says reassuringly “It’s ok, I’ll protect you” to which Totty immediately replies “gross”, and shoves him off the cliff. Ah, tragic love.

4. Totty and Osomatsu share a passionate handshake

  • Episodes: 7

Totty has Osomatsu come along with him to a mixer but tells Osomatsu he needs to forget all his pervy desires and not be so gross. Osomatsu wonders if it’s possible for him when it comes so naturally to Totty but resolves to try. He offers his hand to Totty who at first acts as if it’s embarrassing for two grown brothers to shake hands over trying to score ladies. In the next moment, they are grasping each other vigorously, declaring their resolve to get popular with the ladies and trick them into liking them long enough for the brothers to get laid. While the focus in on getting girls, that pent up energy has to go somewhere if the girls don’t work out!

3. Totty and Iyami sharing the same bed

  • Episodes: 6

Ok, technically they’re sharing a bed with the other 5 Matsuno siblings. Iyami has hit hard times and despite being antagonistic to the brothers before has turned to them for help. His gratitude slowly endears Iyami to them, and they decide they want to keep caring for their troubled friend. As everyone settles down to sleep, Totty turns over to Iyami and invites him to live with them forever. Iyami protests saying he can’t accept such kindness but Totty laughs at him and tells him not to worry. Iyami cries grateful tears and Totty lightly taps him on the head, a moment of tenderness. The fact that anyone besides Totty’s beloved self could move Totty’s heart is astounding!

2. Ichimatsu and Choromatsu nearly kiss

  • Episodes: 3

The relationship between Choromatsu and Ichimatsu is strained given their very different personalities. They enjoy each other when all 6 brothers are present but find themselves to be too different without a buffer of some kind. As they sit in strained silence for a while, they start to recognize some similarities. They get more and more excited, growing closer and closer as they learn more about each other until…! Laughing together, they end up mere inches apart. They hastily retreat to opposite sides of the room but that moment is enough to catch our attention.

1. Brothers’ Valentine’s chocolate exchange

  • Episodes: 19

While the other scenes may be grasping a little, this scene really does allude to BL (both as boy-love and brother-love!) as our favorite sextuplets celebrate Valentine’s Day. Everyone is depressed when they don’t receive any chocolate from cute girls so they decide to make chocolate for each other. They laugh together as they make their individual chocolates with love and care. When it’s time to present chocolates to each other, the giving brother teases the receiving brother in a sweet way and thanks him, while the receiving brother accepts it happily, both boys blushing. Everyone receives chocolate from another, blushing all the while except for Totty. Totty gives Totty chocolate, being the only one he truly loves.

Final Thoughts

While not everyone may like brother x brother relationships, Osomatsu-san is easier to get behind than most. With the fact the brothers change so much in the anime, sometimes being cavemen or women, a romantic relationship between them doesn’t seem like such a stretch. They’re also so different from everyone else it seems a tad hard to believe they’d ever end up with a real girl despite their obsessions. A little implied fantasy and fun but whether or not you’re a BL fan, definitely give Osomatsu-san a watch!

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