[Fujoshi Friday] Top 5 Shippable Couples in Osomatsu-san

If you ended up here it means you were caught in the Osomatsu-san avalanche, too. Well, it is not surprising because a revolutionary anime like Osomatsu-san does not go unnoticed that easily. In an age where gag anime have lost a great part of their charm being, in general, extremely boring or extremely trivial, Osomatsu-san arrives like a breath of fresh air as it is completely different than any other work. The fact is that Osomatsu-san was able to rewrite the history of a genre considered dead thanks to a brilliant mix of clever quips and politically (in)correctness which gave life to a work never seen before since gag show’s birth. Indeed, Osomatsu-san’s particular characteristics made of it an anime which not only was able to achieve a great success, but also to become a real phenomenon which managed to even pass anime such as Shingeki no Kyojin by selling more than 110.000 copies when the DVD was released.

Aired between the 2015 and the 2016, and inspired by Fujio Akatsuka’s cult manga Osomatsu-kun, Osomatsu-san’s popularity has continued to increase so much that a second season has been announced for October 2017. But why is Osomatsu-san so popular? Well, there are many reasons for it, and the main one is with no doubt the sextuplet itself. Osomatsu-san can’t claim to have a deep and unforgettable plot – considering that it doesn’t even have one – or to be purveyor of significant life lessons, so its strength entirely comes from the absurdity of the situations which the characters have to face and from the paradoxical way they react to them.

No one was expecting Ichimatsu to be able to turn into a real cat, for example, or that Jyushimatsu could relive every time he wanted after being murdered. More than that, there is also the way the characters’ personality was structured, and the way they were planned to interact between themselves or with other characters. It was that which generated a huge wave of enthusiasm coming from very creative fans who started to imagine the Matsuno brothers in various situations, in particular what they do to kill time between the walls of their house while no one is watching and how they show affection for each other. Therefore, Honey’s Anime has tried to collect the sweetest and dirtiest fantasies of the Osomatsu-san fandom, to find the hottest shippable couples in Osomatsu-san and the reasons for them.

5. Atsushi x Todomatsu Matsuno (AtsuTodo)

There was a time when Todomatsu, the one considered the coolest of the sextuplet, was invited to a mixer and had to make the hard decision of taking with him one of his beloved brothers or one of his many friends. That was the day when Todomatsu picked Atsushi over his brothers… and also the day that marked the beginning of Todomatsu’s relationship with the popular and socially functional Atsushi. Indeed, AtsuTodo is one of the most loved shippable couples in Osomatsu-san, and it is not difficult to understand why. The two characters are said to be completely opposite and complementary. Atsushi – with his car and all the ladies who crave for him – is the perfect product of the Japanese capitalistic contemporary society, while Todomatsu is a NEET who hasn’t achieved anything in his life and a clever liar.

As a natural consequence, they couldn’t be other than the perfect match in the eyes of the fans, who like to imagine Todomatsu obsessed over the thought of the mysterious and charming Atsushi by whom he desperately wants to be noticed but also feels inferior to. Unlike Atsushi, Todomatsu has no particular status and is surrounded by those weirdos of his big brothers who he is incredibly ashamed of. Atsushi has only appeared for just a few minutes in a single episode of the series and been chosen by Todomatsu as his date, Atsushi and Todomatsu’s background leaves a great amount to imagination. This is why they could make it at the fifth position of our list.

4. Ichimatsu Matsuno x Jyushimatsu Matsuno (IchiJyushi)

It is nothing new that Ichimatsu has trouble making friends and that the only living beings he can interact with are his affectionate and fluffy cats. Indeed, Ichimatsu is so reserved and insecure that for him, it is even hard to get along with his own brothers, whom he follows everywhere, but with whom he rarely has calm conversations with. However, there is someone Ichimatsu isn’t scared to show his own self and feelings to, and that someone is his brother Jyushimatsu. The opposite to Ichimatsu, Jyushimatsu is crazy, simple, pure, and does really care for his brothers who, for him, are the most precious things. In particular, Jyushimatsu is extremely worried about the fact Ichimatsu can’t make any friends to the point that he also asks for Dr. Dekapan’s help in order to make Ichimatsu’s life less lonely.

This particular and deep bond between the two brothers has triggered the enthusiasm of many fans who started to imagine something more for Ichimatsu and Jyushimatsu other than a simple family relationship. The timid and aggressive Ichimatsu becomes another person when he is around Jyushimatsu, and Jyushimatsu will do anything to make Ichimatsu happy, even pretending to be his dog! Their give-and-take connection has been breeding ground for tons of sweet and lovely fan fictions and doujinshi, and could absolutely not being left out our list.

3. Jyushimatsu Matsuno x Homura (JyushiHomu)

There are very few serious episodes in Osomatsu-san, but when the ninth episode was aired, it definitely was jaw-dropping. It isn’t rare for the six brothers to get obsessed over the many beautiful women that appeared during the series, but the only one of the brothers who lived an intense and touching real love story was the loony-tune Jyushimatsu. Indeed, in episode nine, we see Jyushimatsu who deeply falls in love with a girl – nicknamed “Homura” by the fans – that was about to attempt suicide due to a quite troubled past. The girl, who is also the one who saved Jyushimatsu after he passed out because of an accident, becomes Jyushimatsu’s new reason to live. However, in the end, destiny forces them apart.

Many have been moved by Jyushimatsu and Homura’s brief but intense love story, so much that JyushiHomu is now one of the most clicked Osomatsu-san couples on websites such as Pixiv and Tumblr. High are the expectations to see Homura appear again in the future of the series, and they can be perceived by the huge material in circulation on the Internet that is about them being finally happy together. In the hope that fans’ wishes will be granted, we encourage Jyushimatsu and Homura’s innocent love by placing them at the third position of our list.

2. Osomatsu Matsuno x Choromatsu Matsuno (OsoChoro)

If there is a couple whose members can be defined “perfect for each other” that is OsoChoro. Why? Because Choromatsu is the ideal tiresome waifu that the laidback Osomatsu could dream of. In an anime like Osomatsu-san where everyone is crazy, has special powers, or has a nonsense personality, Osomatsu and Choromatsu are the only two who seem to be quite normal. Indeed, unlike his brothers who have quite weird dreams, Osomatsu is just a simple lazy pachinko-addict who wishes to survive somehow in future without having to work. Choromatsu’s secret dream is not so different from Osomatsu’s, but at least he is upright enough to understand that he will have to roll up his sleeves, someday.

Choromatsu’s concern for the future is what necessitates him to scold Osomatsu who, on the contrary, couldn’t care less. Indeed, all of Choromatsu’s attempts to open his brothers’ eyes fail miserably throughout the series--even though they were able to pique fans’ dirty fantasies, at least. The leitmotif for OsoChoro is, in fact, all about Osomatsu imposing his slackness over a reluctant and annoyed Choromatsu who would like his brother to get back to the reason. In the guise of a cute married couple whose dangerously layabout husband only wants to have fun with his troublesome darling, OsoChoro deserves to be at position number two.

1. Ichimatsu Matsuno x Karamatsu Matsuno

Do you think that this list missed a bit of rage and roughness? Well, we just saved it for first and that is the hottest couple in Osomatsu-san, namely IchiKara. The reason for the great success of this couple is not hard to imagine, and it lies in the ambiguous and aggressive relationship between the second and the fourth born of the sextuplet. Karamatsu girls know that the absolutely not charming, painful, and extremely narcissistic Karamatsu is a pure and simple-minded guy who constantly looks after his brothers and whose only objective is to appear cool in the eyes of the ladies. On the contrary, Ichimatsu is shy, cold-hearted, misanthrope, hides sadomasochistic tendencies, and hates Karamatsu so much that he doesn’t even care when he receives news that Karamatsu has been kidnapped by Chibita.

Their absolutely non-matching personalities and their constant beef are two of the cornerstones of the entire series, which– for some people – is also the reasons why an anime like Osomatsu-san could work so well. There are many theories about the causes of Ichimatsu hating so much on Karamatsu and they inspired hundreds of fanworks in which Karamatsu is the poor sexual victim of an Ichimatsu who loves him to the point that he can’t stop himself from being violent with him. Whatever is the reason for Ichimatsu to be so angry with Karamatsu, we are certain that IchiKara hardcore relationship is the worthy winner of our Top 5.

Final Thoughts

Where you curious to know which where the top shippable couples in Osomatsu-san? Well, now you know what the fandom thinks are the series’ perfect matches and the reason for them to be so popular. Even so, surprises with Osomatsu-san never end due to the great number of open questions and hints that there are in the anime. Did you notice some particular behavior from a character towards another character? Do you simply fantasize on loves we didn’t mention in the list? Let us know your favorite Osomatsu-san’s ships with a comment!

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