5 Characters from Gal and Dino that Make Us Question What We’re Watching

By now you’ve probably figured that the characters in Gal to Kyouryuu are an odd bunch. The very premise of a gyaru living with a friendly dinosaur is strange enough! Combine that with more characters that you can’t quite understand how or why they’re even there and you have a lot to keep you fixed to the screen. With their odd dispositions, strange brand of humor, and hidden powers, let’s take a look at some of the weirder characters of Gal to Kyouryuu.

5. Hollywood Zakoshisyoh

Comedian Holywood Zakoshisyoh appears on the TV and Kyouryuu falls asleep watching him. The next morning, he’s awoken by the very same guy, ready to play in only his underwear and a cowboy hat! His very weird noises and faces keep you mesmerized as you’re waiting for the eventual ‘HUH?’ to give you some semblance of reason in an otherwise unpredictable skit. He seems to be totally comfortable doing weird faces for Kyouryuu but unprepared (or perhaps unwilling) to deal with real people.

4. Human Landlady

For someone who gets so little screen time, she truly captures our attention right at the beginning. Another real-world skit involves an older guy named Mieharu-san taking what would have been Kaede’s place with no explanation as to why the character changes. Despite Aoi Shouta trying to change the future, one thing stays the same; the Landlady’s insistence on sharing her seasonally-inappropriate ozoni. However, she has nefarious intentions as she too has the power to change the future like Shouta Aoi. With her nefarious eyebrow-raise, she reveals her kind landlady façade was just to end the life Shouta was so desperately trying to protect.

3. Kaede

Gyaru are more known for their flashy appearance than their riveting personalities, Kaede is more complex than you first expect. Her ability to adapt to the most shocking of circumstances is astounding. Whether it’s remaining calm after finding Zakoshi in her bathtub, coming out of a sick stupor and easily accepting 4 odd comedians in her living room, or just adapting to life with her new dinosaur friend, Kaede is extremely well-adjusted. Is she just jaded from crazy party nights? Who is she taking all those selfies for if she only ever interacts with 3 people and a dinosaur? Plus, we all want to know if that cold demeanor with her ex Shouta is how she really feels or just a façade to keep from getting hurt!

2. Shouta Aoi

If you’ve seen the Pop Team Epic finale, you’ve already been graced by Shouta Aoi and are familiar with his time-traveling powers. Quite the accomplished singer and voice actor to be able to change fate too! He has some connection with Kyouryuu as well and is hoping to change the fate of poor Mieharu-san using his magical book. His flashy clothes and dramatic movements in everything he does make it hard to take your eyes off of him, even when you’re not sure what’s going on.

1. Kyouryuu

From his shrinking abilities to his teleportation skills, Kyouryuu is a vastly powerful individual that seems completely fascinated with everyday life. Just how much he knows about humanity is uncertain as he believes he’ll turn into a statue if he messes up praying at a shrine yet totally knows how to handle cup noodles without Kaede teaching him. He’s super friendly with everyone yet easily scared. And for a dinosaur going around naked, he seems to quite like makeup and accessories. It’s impossible to know what he’s thinking or planning unless he mimes his intentions. Just where he came from and what his life was like continue to be a mystery.

Final Thoughts

Another anime facing delays due to Covid-19, we must ponder what new adventures await our beloved Kaede and Kyouryuu. What’s more, will the series continue to bring us new characters, or will we meet some of these older ones again? If the finale of Pop Team Epic is anything to go by, we may very well be seeing Shouta Aoi one more time at least. Let us know who you think is the most captivating character in Gal to Kyouryuu in the comments!

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