5 Coolest Generation 8 Pokémon We Can't Wait to Catch!

Pokémon Sword and Shield, which recently released for the Nintendo Switch, take place in the British-inspired region of Galar. But as eager as we are to see the clock tower and the stadium-style gyms, what excites us most is all of the bevy of new Pokémon to catch! Of the 94 new creatures, we’ve chosen five of our favorite “cool” Pokémon that we’d love to have on our team. Let’s get started!

5. Galarian Corsola

  • Type: Ghost

This region-exclusive evolution of Galarian Corsola is a big improvement over the lackluster lot in life poor Corsola has had ever since it was first introduced in generation 2. This ghost-type version trades coral appendages for tentacles made of ectoplasm that emerge from the shattered remains of its original body. If you touch the ectoplasmic body surrounding its soul, you’ll become as stiff as stone in an instant...

4. Dragapult

  • Type: Dragon/Ghost

The new pseudo-legendary dragon of the Galar region is Dragapult, who not only has a head shaped like a stealth bomber but also keeps several Dreepy (its pre-evolution) in its horns to launch at supersonic speed in battle. It’s impressive enough with its height of almost 10 feet, high stats, and several useful abilities, but we also find it adorable that it cares so much about its little friends who live inside its horns. The Pokédex even says that the Dreepy eagerly anticipate being used as missiles!

3. Sirfetch’d

  • Type: Fighting

Farfetch’d is another Pokémon who has long been overlooked by the metagame, wishing desperately for a new evolution or form to bring it back to prominence. And just like Corsola, this little leek-carrying bird finally found its meal ticket with its Galarian form’s evolution, Sirfetch’d. It sports a leek spear, leaf shield, and snazzy new fighting type to fit the perfect image of a medieval British knight. We can’t wait to have this gallant lad on our team!

2. Inteleon

  • Type: Water

Inteleon’s sleek, expressive design and sniper-like accuracy with its water jets make it the coolest of the starter evolutions in our opinion. It feels distinct from its predecessor Greninja, but still evokes that same calm and collected warrior vibe that made Greninja and other similar starter evolutions like Decidueye and Blaziken so memorable. Just think of the cosplay possibilities!

1. Corviknight

  • Type: Flying/Steel

Back in generation 2, Skarmory asserted itself as the undisputed coolest Pokémon in the game by a long shot. But now, a new challenger approaches: Corviknight, the resident steel bird of Galar with a badass design and a giant form that can whip up winds stronger than the force of a hurricane. It’s truly terrifying, but it’s also trustworthy enough for its species to serve as Galar’s airborne taxi service. We want one now!

Final Thoughts

We also love Cinderace’s sleek soccer player design, Toxtricity’s novel type combination, and Frosmoth’s beautiful real-world inspiration. We’ll make sure to seek out these awesome new Pokémon in the brand-new world of Galar!

What did you think of our list? What generation 8 Pokémon do you think are the coolest? Let us know in the comments, and thanks so much for reading!

Sirfetch’d-Wallpaper-pokemon-1 5 Coolest Generation 8 Pokémon We Can't Wait to Catch!


Author: Mary Lee Sauder

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