5 Craziest Characters in Dorohedoro

Dorohedoro is a jaw-droppingly strange anime about cyberpunk Satanist sorcerers who test out their magic on humans for fun, and the lizard-headed mercenary who is determined to track down the sorcerer who messed up his face and left him with no memories. Despite the pitch-black premise, however, this is actually a primarily comedic series that makes even its weirdest characters seem likable due to their sheer gleeful absurdity. Let’s count down our five favorite crazy characters in Dorohedoro!

5. Shin

Although he now works as one of En’s cleaners, Shin originally hid his magic to protect his human father from being killed for marrying a sorcerer. Unfortunately, he was discovered and his dad was murdered, so he cut open his arms to try to find smoke veins that would unleash his magical power so he could take revenge. He eventually met the healing sorcerer Noi and became her partner, slicing up opponents with his evisceration magic or pummeling them to death with a claw hammer, depending on his mood. They make a great team!

4. Kasukabe

This questionably moral doctor is actually over 60 years old but looks like a teenager because he was used for practice by a sorcerer with a de-aging power. He possesses no magic or fighting skills but is supremely adept at Frankenstein-esque experiments that amuse him and occasionally help our heroes. He trained a giant sewer cockroach monster to be his docile assistant, created a door to the sorcerer world with sewn together pieces of dead sorcerers, and reanimated the body of a man Caiman killed in the first episode to fill out their baseball team roster. Kasukabe is undoubtedly helpful, but his mind is twisted beyond belief.

3. Caiman

The lizard man himself is an affable fellow who works humble part-time jobs and loves the gyoza that his friend Nikaido makes for him every day. He also has the voice of everyone’s favorite dumb bro Okuyasu from JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure, so he’s basically impossible to dislike. Even when he’s murdering sorcerers left and right looking for the one who turned him into a monster, he lightens the mood by doing things like going undercover as a woman with a giant meat pie for a head. Never change, Caiman!

2. Ebisu

Ebisu used to be a relatively mellow sorcerer, but after she suffered brain damage from Caiman chomping her face off (Noi later fixed her face, but not the brain damage), she turned into a raving lunatic whose main purpose is to get up to crazy antics in the background of more serious scenes. She has turned into a zombie, paraded around in a shark costume, had her own magic backfire on her, and much, much more. Surprisingly enough, she actually ends up as an important player in the main storyline later on, but she never loses her status as a living meme.

1. En

This mushroom-obsessed leader of an influential sorcerer family is calm and collected on the surface, but is by far the craziest character in our opinion because of how theatrical he is. He commissioned his own film to explain his backstory to any new members of the family, presenting himself as a conquering hero who rose from the ashes of slavery to become the illustrious man you see before you today. His narcissism is only matched by his magical powers, which can transform anything into a mushroom and can even track people by placing spores inside of them. En will stop at nothing to get what he wants, but he’ll make sure to do it in his own wacky style.

Final Thoughts

Noi and Nikaido are also gleefully absurd characters, but they’re much more grounded and realistic in comparison to the oddballs they hang around with. We’ve heard that there are even crazier characters in the manga, so be sure to check that out if you can’t get enough of Dorohedoro’s brand of mind-bending humor.

What did you think of our list? Did we miss any of your favorite crazy characters from Dorohedoro? Let us know in the comments, and thanks so much for reading!

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Author: Mary Lee Sauder

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