Seinen Anime


Have you ever wanted an anime with mature themes bordering on realism? Perhaps you are looking for an anime that is generally aimed at young adults and older men?
If you enjoyed titles like Inuyashiki for the fine line between good and evil, Elfen Lied for its rather dark themes, or Ghost in the Shell for its psychological aspects, then hold your horses. Do we have a list for you!

Best Seinen Anime of All Time
Top 5 Seinen Anime [Updated Best Recommendations]

Top 5 Seinen Anime [Updated Best Recommendations]

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Aimed at older audiences—usually, teens that are beyond 16 years of age—seinen exists to let us anime fans go just a bit further into the mature anime world. A while back we looked at the Top 10 Seinen Anime and we know we can expand on that list with some other titles. Here’s a look at five more amazing seinen anime that deserve your viewing attention!

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