[Honey's Crush Wednesday] 5 Dahlia Hawthorne Highlights - Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney

Phoenix-Wright-Ace-Attorney-Dahlia-Hawthorne-Wallpaper-500x334 [Honey's Crush Wednesday] 5 Dahlia Hawthorne Highlights - Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney

I lived for myself and, in the end, I died for myself. I thought that was obvious.

  • Publisher: Capcom
  • Developer: Capcom
  • Genres: Adventure, Visual Novel
  • Release Date: October 12, 2001

Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Preview (No Spoilers)

The player will play the part of Phoenix Wright, new and headstrong defense attorney. Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney begins with Phoenix’s first case defending his childhood friend, Larry Butz, under the tutelage of Mia Fey. However, this case is just the first of many that may have something to do with one another. And let’s not forget, your foe in the courtroom, Miles Edgeworth, will do anything in his power to ensure he gets a Guilty verdict! It won’t be an easy victory, but it’s necessary to find out the truth.

Dahlia Hawthorne Bio

Dahlia Hawthorne first debuted in the Turnabout Memories, the first case of Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney: Trials and Tribulations. Dahlia is the sweet and beautiful girlfriend of the accused, Phoenix Wright, at this time and the ex-girlfriend of the victim, Doug Swallow. Not much can be said without spoiling more of the plot than that Dahlia appears to be so innocent even her own music is serene!

Dahlia Hawthorne Highlights

1. Dahlia Hawthorne is the Embodiment of Perfection

At first glance in almost every trial that she appears in, Dahlia is the epitome of perfection. She’s sweet. Her smile is gentle. Her appearance fair. And that head tilt, man. It’s so subtle but it gives Dahlia the appearance of sweetness! Heck, Dahlia even has butterflies fluttering about her as her serene music plays in the background! Even when pushed in a corner, Dahlia clutches onto her parasol and gives you the feeling that you are merely harassing an innocent being! Dahlia Hawthorne was created with the idea that she is deceptively innocent in every way.

It is no wonder everyone seems to give their hearts to Dahlia. In the games, Dahlia even captures the hearts of 3 men, including our own main character, Phoenix Wright. Dahlia looks like the type of girlfriend you want to protect with all of your might. She is possibly the essence of an ideal girlfriend.

2. Dahlia Hawthorne Knows How to Play the Game

However, Dahlia Hawthorne knows that her appearance is that of an angel. Not only does she know, Dahlia uses it to her advantage! She has used her appearance to fool the judge into thinking she is innocent, even when Mia Fey suspects her of murder. The Judge ends up defending Dahlia! Dahlia knows that she is perfect and she uses it to manipulate people.

Let us not forget that everyone will do anything to save Dahlia. Let us remember that time Terry Fawles committed suicide on the stand to prevent Dahlia from getting into trouble, leaving the case open forever. Or how about that time Phoenix Wright ate the necklace that Dahlia gave him to protect it from being tested even though Mia accused Dahlia of hiding poison in the necklace? Dahlia knows how to play the players.

3. Dahlia Hawthorne Has it All Figured Out

It is probably safe to say that Dahlia is a schemer. She plotted to steal her father’s diamond to get revenge on him. She knows who to manipulate. She knows how to manipulate that person. Dahlia knows how to work the room. In the end, Dahlia Hawthorne knows just what she needs to to get what she wants when she wants it.

As a child, Dahlia wanted to get rid of her twin sister, Iris, so she manipulated her father into leaving Iris at a temple. She wanted a lethal poison so she seduced Doug Swallow to get her hands on his poison. Dahlia needed to hide evidence of the poison so she gave it to an unwitting Phoenix. Dahlia wanted her father’s diamond to hurt him so she plotted the theft and knew just who to pin it on: her devoted boyfriend who, even after being a death row inmate, loved Dahlia until the end enough to take his life.

The greatest and most tragic scheme of all was Diego Armando’s (Godot)’s tragedy of a life. Dahlia Hawthorne knew how to poison Diego Armando in the courtroom (in front of the eyes of many suspects no less), which cost Diego his sight and livelihood, but also the love of his life. Dahlia was responsible for the deaths of many in the Ace Attorney series.

4. Dahlia Hawthorne Shows No Remorse

While an antagonist can show some form of humanity, they may touch the hearts of fans. There may be this little inkling of hope in that villain. However, in Dahlia Hawthorne’s case, she does not. In fact, Dahlia admits that she only looks out for number 1, herself. Throughout all of the games, no matter what her circumstances, Dahlia does not ever regret her actions.

And that is what truly makes her a wonderful villain. Dahlia Hawthorne has a black hole for a heart and only cares for herself. How often do you find a female villainess who just captures that evil trait so well? She is the type of antagonist that you hate so much that, in fact, you love her. People may love a hero, but everyone loves a good villain. And Dahlia is one great villainess.
As Dahlia Hawthorne has stated, she has only ever lived for herself and that much is obvious.

5. Dahlia Hawthorne Does Not Let Death Stop Her

Dahlia is so great a villainess that she does not let death stop her, and she is more than willing to use people even when she has been executed. Reaching out to her estranged mother, Dahlia schemes with Morgan in order to murder Maya, revenge for all that has been done to them both. Dahlia wants to hurt Maya and guess who she and Morgan want to use to do that? Pearl Fey. Poor, innocent Pear, the half-sister of Dahlia and Iris, is possibly a pawn in her mother’s hands. What is worse is that they force Iris to play a part in their schemes.

Ah yes, Dahlia Hawthorne may have been executed by the state, but that does not mean she can be stopped. She has a lot of time in the depths of Hell, and time means a chance to plan and scheme. Ah, Morgan sure created an interesting little demon, did she not? And poor Iris faces a prison sentence all because of the dear sister she loves who clearly does love not her back (did we forget that Iris was abandoned by her father due to Dahlia’s influence?).

Final Thoughts

There is nothing like a good villain or villainess, and Dahlia Hawthorne is one of the best, especially considering her lack of supernatural abilities. Dahlia will do anything for herself. There is no doubt that she is one of our favorite amongst Nintendo games. Now, is there anyone else who loves Dahlia Hawthorne as much as we do? Why do you lover her the way you do? Be sure to share the love here.

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Phoenix-Wright-Ace-Attorney-Dahlia-Hawthorne-Wallpaper-500x334 [Honey's Crush Wednesday] 5 Dahlia Hawthorne Highlights - Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney


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