Top 10 Funniest Names in Ace Attorney

The Ace Attorney series is so wonderfully creative with their game plots, well-crafted characters, and exciting subplots, but is there anything more enjoyable than hearing all the funny pun names in Ace Attorney? The fun part is finding out how the names work with the character’s bio. If you are a fan of the Ace Attorney series, spanning from Phoenix Wright to Miles Edgeworth, we are here to get you the character names you loved the most. Yes, we here at Honey’s Anime have played all the games and have come up with a list of the 10 funniest names in Ace Attorney!

10. Wendy Oldbag

Ah, Wendy Oldbag is probably one of the Ace Attorney characters that you disliked the most. From her boy obsessed and flirtatious behavior to her overinflated self confidence, Wendy Oldbag is one of those characters that is just hard to like in game or in real life. However, no other character deserved their name more than Wendy Oldbag (Windy Old Bag).

And let us tell you, Wendy Oldbag’s name was quite befitting. She constantly goes off on rants that speed up the text and have no relevance to the situation at hand. Wendy Oldbag even loses herself in her own anecdotes about her youth. Most would say the name is mean, but when Wendy Oldbag hates your character, sucks up to the prosecutor, and is constantly withholding information and testimony, it is more than a little difficult to like her. Let us not forget how she is a biased witness who thinks that poor Will Powers is guilty just because he’s not as gentle looking as the victim. Talk about biased! And thus, no one is more deserving of the title of Windy Old Bag.

9. Sal Monella

If you do not recall Sal Monella, think back to the Steel Samurai. Sal Monella is the director at Global Studios and worked with Will Powers to bring the Steel Samurai onto a TV screen near Maya. Liking Steel Samurai is very much akin to living the Power Rangers, and so, it is no surprise to see that Sal Monella is the stereotypical otaku archetype.

And much like how his name Sal Monella strikes disgust and fear into the hearts of meat eaters around, Sal Monella himself strikes women with pure and utter disgust. He is always creeping on Maya, who is 19 but appears young, licking his lips at the thought of working with other women, and sweating bullets. His name is so perfect for him as it hits you right in the feelings. Yes, we can tell you that seeing Sal Monella on the Nintendo DS is no treat and being forced to interact with him makes us glad that the main character is Phoenix Wright and not Maya Fey.

8. Armie Buff

If you have yet to play Spirit of Justice, then this list will be a bit of a surprise to you as the names become more creative in this latest installment of the Ace Attorney series (featuring all of your beloved characters). One of the newer characters is Armie Buff, the child of late Dr. Buff who loves all things militant and even speaks in military jargon.

At first, Armie Buff speaks to everyone from the confines of her room through a drone rigged with a gatling gun, missiles, and mechanical arm, so it was normal for everyone to assume she was a boy. How many female army buffs do you know? Well with drones rigged with dangerous weaponry, her love of military jargon, and her desire to ensure her home is defended, Armie Buff lives true to her name.

7. Winston Payne

If you cannot remember Winston Payne, he’s a prosecutor who has gone up against Phoenix Wright, Mia Fey, and Apollo Justice and failed miserably each time (although it was a toss up for Mia since the defendant committed suicide when Mia was about to win). Winston Payne has a high pitched screech for a voice, which will have you turning the volume down on your DS. He’s also very conceited and used to be obsessed with his hair (until he lost it all during a trial). Winston Payne calls himself the “Rookie Killer,” although Phoenix Wright fails to remember Winston Payne at a later date.

What’s fun about Winston Payne (aside from making him lose all of his hair and ego), is that he and his brother Gaspen Payne have funny names. Winston Payne is literally Winced In Pain while Gaspen Payne is Gasp in Pain. They are so perfect considering how we watch them falter and fail in court. The game developers were so smart in naming their characters that we just have to give them props for this brotherly duo!

6. Paht Rohl

As stated earlier, we were astounded by the creativity for punny names in Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney ~Spirit of Justice~ as the game developers used foreign looking names to create name puns! First off is our first victim in Spirit of Justice. If you haven’t figured out the pun yet, let us tell you that Paht Rohl is a security guard.

While we don’t know that much about Paht Rohl because he died so quickly, we can appreciate the name as it is perfect for someone who has to patrol the grounds! Imagine what would happen if he achieved his lifelong job as a monk instead. Paht Rohl’s name would no longer be punny!

5. Tahrust Inmee

Tahrust Inmee is the second victim in Spirit of Justice and the reason why Maya ends up arrested again. Tahrust Inmee was the high priest in the country of Khura'in and married to Beh’leeb Inmee. If you don’t get the pun here, try sounding out both Tahrust Inmee and Beh’leeb Inmee by how they are spelled. You’ll love it. Especially considering Tahrust Inmee is the high priest.

However, not only are Tahrust Inmee and Beh’leeb Inmee seemingly good religious officials, they are also part of the Defiant Dragons, a rebel faction that borders on terrorism, albeit for the actual good of the country of Khura'in. Thinking about their deceptive nature, you can get a good laugh at how Tahrust Inmee and Beh’leeb Inmee’s names beg you to have faith in them even when they are actually rebels. Heck, Beh’leeb Inmee becomes a suspect and that in itself is all the better with their name puns.

4. Shelly de Killer

Shelly de Killer is a professional assassin that debuts in Farewell, My Turnabout in Ace Attorney: Justice For All. He is the one who killed Juan Corrida as hired by Matt Engarde. As you try to prove that Matt Engarde is innocent, you wrack your brain trying to figure out who is the actual killer. Fun fact: It was Shelly de Killer (If you couldn’t figure it out by his name).

The name Shelly de Killer pokes fun at you as Phoenix Wright tries to decipher who the actual killer is. It’s funny because it is basically a name that points him as the killer and Shelly refers to the shell calling card that Shelly de Killer sends out to take credit for the murders, and keep his clients’ hands clean. And even though Shelly de Killer has appeared twice and is the killer, Phoenix Wright never seems to learn. Irony at its finest, no?

3. Ahlbi Ur’gaid

Ahlbi Ur’gaid is one of the first characters that Phoenix Wright comes across in the kingdom of Khura'in. He is a friend of Maya’s and a monk in training. If you are perplexed by his name, can we enlighten you to the fact that Ahlbi Ur’gaid is a part time tour guide who offers his services to Phoenix Wright? If you’re still confused, try sounding out Ahlbi Ur’gaid in a thick accent and you might just get it yet. Yes, Ahlbi Ur’gaid’s name basically sounds out to “I’ll be your guide”!

How fun is it to have a guide whose name is “I’ll be your guide”? You shan’t forget his name, we hope. It’s very befitting, especially when he seems to be the information guru for all things Khura'in for Phoenix Wright. Ahlbi Ur’gaid is a very handy person to have around Khura'in! Now, we wonder what happens when Ahlbi Ur’gaid becomes a full fledged monk.

2. Puhray Zeh’lot (Rheel Neh’mu)

Puhray Zeh’lot was the apprentice of Tahrust Inmee and ends up as a second victim in the case against Maya Fey. Yes, while Phoenix Wright’s neck is on the line for defending Maya Fey against the murder of Tahrust Inmee, Puhray Zeh’lot’s death only seems to make matters worse. Also, Puhray Zeh’lot was apparently the one who poses as Lady Kee’ra and kills rebels. It is through Puhray Zeh’lot’s actions that he ends up being killed and Tahrust Inmee takes away his own life to hide the fact that his wife killed Puhray Zeh’lot.

If you hadn’t understand the pun yet, then you aren’t trying. Puhray Zeh’lot sounds an awful lot like “Prays alot” or even “Pray zealot,” which is perfect for an apprentice monk, although he was merely a heartless killer. Let’s not forget his real name “Rheel Ne’mu.” If you don’t hear that pun, we cannot help you any more. It’s the perfect real name and deserves its spot on our list of top 10 funniest names in Ace Attorney.

1. Pees’lubn Andistan’dhin

Pees’lubn Andistan’dhin is Khura’in’s head priest and a foreigner who came to Khura’in illegally and earned himself a high rank. He’s also the murderer of Paht Rohl in Spirit of Justice who was hired by the ministry to steal a Khura’in artifact. When Pees’lubn Andistan’dhin loses his composure, he goes into full metal mode and reminds us of KISS, which makes him contrast his name even more!

For those who just don’t get it, Pees’lubn Andistan’dhin is a clever name that clearly sounds like “Peace, love, and understanding” and much like his name, Pees’lubn Andistan’dhin is a hippie in nature (until he goes metal mode). The name is so creative and perfect considering it takes this hippie motto and smashes it into a single name. You just can’t deny it’s the number 1 funniest name in Ace Attorney!

Final Thoughts

Puns may be cheesy, but you have to applaud the creativity, especially in the Ace Attorney series. Are there any puny character names that we failed to include? Do you have one that you absolutely love? Please feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below!

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