[Honey's Crush Wednesday] 5 Doppo Kunikida Highlights – Bungou Stray Dogs (Bungo Stray Dogs)

Doppo-Kunikida-Bungou-Stray-Dogs-trash-Wallpaper-1 [Honey's Crush Wednesday] 5 Doppo Kunikida Highlights – Bungou Stray Dogs (Bungo Stray Dogs)

Chasing the ideals for life!

  • Episodes: 12
  • Genre: Action, Comedy, Mystery, Seinen, Supernatural
  • Airing Date: April 2016 – June 2016
  • Studio: Bones

Bungou Stray Dogs (Bungo Stray Dogs) Preview (No Spoilers)

The port city of Yokohama is home to the infamous Armed Detective Agency, a group of detectives who use their supernatural abilities to keep the city safe. Made up of an eclectic group of people, the agency is a bit unusual, but their skills are invaluable in situations involving supernatural events – something which seems to happen quite often in Yokohama!
Atsushi Nakajima has been kicked out of his orphanage when a mysterious tiger continues to wreak havoc and he is believed to be behind it somehow. With nowhere to go, Atushi encounters Osamu Dazai and Doppo Kunikida, who help him solve the mystery of the tiger, and invite him into the Armed Detective Agency, where strange events will only continue…

Doppo Kunikida Highlights (Spoilers Beyond This Point)

1. He Sticks to His Beliefs

The first thing anyone thinks of when they think of Kunikida is his notebook, full of a number of ideals for his life. He is very focused in this manner, and knows exactly what he wants out of life, as well as what it is he believes. Because he is one of the more responsible members of the agency, he is seen as a leader and is able to organize missions efficiently thanks to his familiarity with each of the members of his team.

Kunikida uses his notebook as his guide to life, which can make him seem obsessive and strict at times. However, this chasing of ideals makes Kunikida a focused and driven person overall, one who is able to go with the flow or trust his comrades over his notebook when the occasion calls for it.

2. He Supports Dazai through the Worst Annoyances

Kunikida often works with Dazai, since Dazai is one of the more powerful and cunning members of the agency. Since the two are opposites in many ways, Kunikida can easily fall into Dazai’s lies and as a result, he reacts with more emotion than one might expect from the normally serious man!

Despite this, Kunikida respects Dazai for his abilities to solve conflict without fighting. They work well together, complementing one another in both intelligence and combat style. No matter what Dazai might do, Kunkida trusts him in the end, which makes the two of them the strongest pair by far among the agency.

3. His Creative Ability

Kunikida’s ability, Doppo Poet, is activated through the use of words written in his notebook, usually manifesting as weapons like guns or grenades. Though he cannot make objects larger than the pages of the notebook, his ability is still useful in many situations and displays his more creative side in solving problems. He can even use pre-written notes to plan out events in battle, and can activate his ability remotely as well to give his comrades something to use in a fight.

4. He’s Next in Line

Kunikida does not have a world-changing ability or intelligence off the charts. However, thanks to his levelheadedness in drastic situations and responsible nature, he is called as the next leader of the agency. He has learned from the struggles he has been through, and leads his comrades efficiently in every crisis since he already leads each team meeting for new missions. Of course, he was the obvious choice as a successor to his mentor Yukichi Fukuzawa!

5. He’s Kind and Just

Desiring justice and valuing the sanctity of human lives, Kunikida works hard to follow his ideals by helping the people of Yokohama as much as he can. He is dedicated to his work at the agency but tries to complete every mission with no bloodshed, even when others are killed in front of him. Kunikida is haunted by deaths from those he has tried to save in the past, but he continues to try for justice in the world again and again.

Final Thoughts

While Kunikida might not be the outgoing star of the Armed Detective Agency, he is an important member and leader, one who deserves a lot more love from fans for his kind soul and practical nature!
Who is your favorite character from Bungou Stray Dogs? Let us know, and please also tell us what you think of Kunikida, in the comments section below!

Doppo-Kunikida-Bungou-Stray-Dogs-trash-Wallpaper-1 [Honey's Crush Wednesday] 5 Doppo Kunikida Highlights – Bungou Stray Dogs (Bungo Stray Dogs)


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