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Can I see your panties?

  • Episodes: Unknown
  • Genre: Comedy, Drama, Romance
  • Air Dates: April 2017 - ?
  • Studio: A-1 Pictures

Eromanga-sensei Preview (No Spoilers)

Izumi Masamune is a high school student who likes to spend his time writing light novels. He also spends his time cooking meals for his little sister, Sagiri who refuses to leave her room in the entire year that they have known each other. Masamune and Sagiri are not related by blood but they are the only family that each other has left, so Masamune would like it if his little sister left her room.

Masamune also works with an illustrator who is talented at drawing ecchi and pens under the name “Eromanga.” Although Masamune always assumed Eromanga-sensei was a perverted otaku, he was surprised to find out that Eromanga-sensei is, in fact, his little sister, Sagiri! As Masamune keeps trying to build his relationship with his little sister, other popular authors are barging into their brother-sister life!

Izumi Sagiri Bio

Seiyuu Name: Fujita Akane

Sagiri is Masamune’s little sister whom he met a year ago. Once they met, she locked herself up in her room and was never heard from again, although she does make it known when she wants Masamune to cook for her by stomping on the floor. After Sagiri locked herself up in her room, both her and Masamune’s parents died leaving the two of them alone. However, Sagiri never left her room and Masamune became rather fixated on getting to know her. Sagiri really enjoys drawing and thus, she somehow became Masamune’s illustrator, although they both were unaware of it at the time (it was a coincidence).

Izumi Sagiri Highlights

1. Sagiri is the Moe Imouto-Type

Regardless of how you feel about lolita types in anime, you have to admit that Sagiri plays the moe imouto-type really well. She’s super adorable and shy, as expected of someone who holes herself up in her bedroom for an entire year! Sagiri is even so cute that she tries to hide her face behind a mask when she is forced to face people like her annoying classmate Megumi!

While we will not judge you if you are into the little sister types, you have to admit that Sagiri makes a pretty cute little sister to start off the 2017 anime year! Plus, her character is designed so adorable! She pouts. She looks at you in disapprove. She acts tsundere all of the time. Sagiri is probably the perfect little sister for Masamune.

2. Sagiri is a Hikikomori?!

It’s a little strange to call a school age girl a hikikomori, but considering Sagiri refuses to go to school and doesn’t do much but hide away in her room, it’s almost fair to call her one. Of course, Sagiri does work as Masamune’s illustrator and from time to time, she’ll take the time to live-stream her drawing skills. However, Sagiri refuses to come out of her room for anything and even takes advantage of her brother’s kindness to make her meals.

This makes Sagiri a lot of fun as a character as she’s the cute, otaku hikikomori we don’t always get to see in anime. She could probably be described as an even more useless Umaru from Himouto! Umaru-chan or the polar opposite of Kirino from OreImo, both of which actually do things with their days and leave their rooms regularly. Actually, Sagiri could be described as being a less talented version of Shiro from No Game No Life. This part of Sagiri’s character makes the plot since Masamune just wants to get Sagiri out of her room, and brings in more characters who want to meet her like Megumi. While in real life, we may not always appreciate a hikikomori, we can appreciate Sagiri for what she is!

3. Sagiri’s Love of Drawing

Sagiri’s love of drawing is one of her best features as it shows she actually has passion in life and doesn’t spend all day lounging around in bed as a hikikomori (see reason 2). With this talent, Sagiri was even able to become Masamune’s illustrator, although unknowingly. Her drawing ability also gave Sagiri the dream to one day become the creator of an anime, along with her big brother. And Sagiri will do anything to stick up for her dream, even to people like Muramasa (see reason 5).

Sagiri’s love of drawing has really developed throughout the anime so far. At first, Sagiri stated that she was only able to draw things she was interested in, which made drawing for Masamune a bit difficult as he branched out to different genres. However, Sagiri was set on progressing so she spends a great deal of her time practicing her skills so that she can draw however Masamune needs her too. It was also through her passions that it was revealed to Masamune that she was Eromanga-sensei as she wanted to try live-streaming her drawing process.

4. Sagiri never Hesitates to Research!

One of the most fun aspects about Sagiri is how she never hesitates to get research. She coerces everyone into being a pawn in her desire to research like Megumi and Yamada. Sagiri even asks Masamune to pull on Muramasa’s skirt so that Sagiri can observe her panties!

When it comes to her artwork, Sagiri thinks that there are no boundaries, even if it means that she steals people’s panties and asks to see their boobs. Yup, you heard us right. Sagiri has been caught stealing people’s panties when they weren’t looking. She even blindfolds girls so that she can look at their every nook and cranny when all they want is to speak with her. In this regard, Sagiri reminds us a lot of Shiro from No Game No Life, don’t you agree? She looks completely innocent and plays the innocent little sister card, but she’s just a pervert deep inside! Whatever is necessary to draw better, right? For once, isn’t it refreshing to see a perverted girl who isn’t all about groping boobs? Ha!

5. Sagiri’s Public Proclamation of Love

In Episode 6, Muramasa comes over to Masamune and Sagiri’s place to beg Masamune to withdraw from writing novels to become her assistant instead, even going so far as to offer him all of her royalties up until now (that’s a lot for someone who has sold 14.5 millions books!). Muramasa even proclaims her love for Masamune, something that has been bubbling ever since she began reading his light novels. As Masamune is unsure whether or not to take this offer, Sagiri comes awkwardly down the stairs, using all of her strength and courage to confront Muramasa, and tells Muramasa how much she has loved Masamune ever since she met him and that Muramasa has no right to take away Masamune from her, nor destroy their dream together.

This is such a cute scene in Eromanga-sensei as we finally get to see how Sagiri regards her brother! Sagiri constantly treats Masamune as an eyesore, but in truth, she loves him and has real hope in their dreams to be able to watch an anime they created together. It’s great to see that Sagiri refuses to let Muramasa take that away from them and that it takes Sagiri’s courage to refute Muramasa rather than Masamune sticking up for his love of his sister. Sagiri really changes things up as she takes up the stereotypical actions of the male lead by doing them herself, making Masamune more of a secondary character in Eromanga-sensei.

Final Thoughts

Ah, Izumi Sagiri is just a cute little sister who knows what she wants out of life and does what she can to achieve them. She’s been one of our favorite little sisters so far in 2017, and she’s probably going to be a top female otaku! Sagiri really deserves it too.

For those of you watching Eromanga-sensei, do you have any other reasons why you love Sagiri? What about her pops for you? What is your favorite part about her? Share your thoughts in the comments below! And don’t forget to return to Honey’s Anime for all of your anime, manga, and gaming recommendations and news.

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