6 Waifu Like Sagiri from Eromanga Sensei [Recommendations]

With the Spring season now long gone, seasonal waifu Sagiri must now fend off the Summer newcomers to maintain her position in the hearts of viewers. We're partly kidding of course, but Waifu Wars are pretty serious business on the internet. Whether you loved her or made room for her in your bin though, it's impossible to deny Sagiri's popularity, and with that in mind, we've made a list of some other popular waifu like her!

So what are we looking for in today's waifu? Well, firstly there's Sagiri's incredibly shy personality, and her shut-in status, which is perhaps her main charm points. Secondly, there is the blatant brother complex and overwhelming possessiveness she displays over her dear onii-chan, an ever popular trait in little sister characters. Lastly, her mad drawing skills, or in a broader sense her incredible talent, is a key part of her character and role in Eromanga Sensei. In fact, it's literally in the title. With these three points as a base, keep on scrolling to find out which six waifu we think you'll like if you enjoyed Sagiri from Eromanga Sensei.

1. Nadeko from Bakemonogatari

One of the many adorable, yet seriously screwed up girls from the Monogatari series, Nadeko is an elementary schooler with a crushing problem. Or rather, problems. The first of which is the snake apparition that's coiled itself around her, and is likely to significantly shorten her lifespan if it's not sorted out. The second issue is her obsessive love for her "onii-chan" Araragi, who's come to save her from her serpentine situation. Troubled girls are cute though, so no worries.

Nadeko and Sagiri both have some serious issues with social interactions, although Sagiri is probably the one with the most difficulties. Their overwhelming shyness and quietness is a key part of both characters, with most of their plot and character development being somehow related to their inability to deal with people properly. Of course, there's also their brother-complex, which let's be honest, is what we're really interested in these particular waifu for.

2. Hifumi from New Game!

A 3D modeller at Eagle Jump, Hifumi is one of New Game's four main girls, despite having a fairly small number of lines. Why so few lines? Well, she's not very good at talking, to be honest. Hifumi's charm point is her incredibly shy personality, which gives her a few problems when it comes to communication. She's working her hardest to get over it though, and her appearances in the second season have so far contained a lot more words and a lot less panicking than usual.

Hifumi and Sagiri share an almost impressive level of social anxiety which is both very amusing and very cute. Being an adult, Hifumi has overcome her issues enough that she can hold down a normal job, but can do little more than that. To go with said shy personality, they're both also very soft spoken, though Sagiri definitely becomes a lot louder as Eromanga Sensei progresses. Hifumi captures Sagiri's cute side in a significantly more mature, adult form.

3. Shiro from No Game No Life

Shiro may just be the greatest gamer the world has ever seen or at least one of the two greatest. Shiro is so good at games in fact, that an otherworldly being sawed it fit to transport her and her brother to his world, and make them take part in some of the greatest games of all time. Shiro isn't just good with a controller though, as it's actually her impressive intellect that's really going to help the two on their new adventure.

Sporting similar adoration for their big brother, Shiro and Sagiri are both very much aboard the incest ship (they're not blood-related so it's okay y'know). Besides that, despite the vastly differing art styles, the two are both cute, white haired lolis: possibly the most innocent little sister appearance possible. Their quiet, shy personalities are both similar as well, although they get some pretty savage and creepy lines at times, which adds some nice contrast. Genres apart, but like two peas in a pod, check out No Game No Life for more highly skilled, flat chested justice.

4. Mitsuki from Saikin, Imouto no Yousu ga Chotto Okashiinda ga.
(Recently My Sister is Unusual)

Being possessed by a ghost is not desirable. It's especially undesirable when said ghost is using your body to romance your brother. Or is it? Mitsuki normally just stays in her room, being the quiet type, and has very little to do with her older brother, until recently that is. Now at the behest of her ghostly partner, she's interacting with other humans and going beyond her bedroom door on occasion. It's like she's a different person all of a sudden.

Although not stated quite as explicitly, and with no otaku-ish hobbies to back it up, Mitsuki, like Sagiri, is essentially a shut in. Though she goes to school, she would probably rather just stay at home all day and feels much more comfortable in her room away from her brother. Even though she likes him now. It's complicated. Her and Sagiri also have the shy, quiet personally you'd expect from a shut-in, accompanied by an angry streak which their big brother is normally on the receiving end of. Another bro-con in the making, check out Mitsuki for more strange familial relationships.

5. Sora from Yosuga no Sora: In Solitude, Where We Are Least Alone.
(Yosuga no Sora)

A perhaps unusually close pair of twins, Sora, and her brother have just moved back to their old home town, and whilst he might be getting a lot of friendly attention from the local girls, she's not enjoying herself quite as much. Not one for silly things like hobbies or school, Sora entertains herself by being grumpy and having lewd thoughts about her twin brother, neither of which are particularly healthy pastimes. Whatever works for her though we suppose. Maybe something will come of her deprived imagination…?

A significantly more adult show than Eromanga Sensei, Yosuga no Sora's Sora is also much more adult than Sagiri. Her lust for her brother is on a level that the young artist likely won't reach for another few years yet. Along with their brother complexes, the two are also both completely shut off from the outside world and pretty adamant on keeping things that way. The main difference between them is that Sora isn't quite as cute as young Sagiri when she throws a tantrum, which is partly to do with the different nature of the show. For a more 18 and above look at a questionable brother-sister relationship, check out Sora.

6. Illya from Fate/kaleid liner Prisma Illya

Effectively Fate/stay night Lite, Prisma Illya sees Illyasviel from the main Fate series reimagined as a card collecting magical girl. Previously a fairly ordinary, and fairly adorable, schoolgirl, Illya now spends her nights fighting rogue servants in the form of cards, because her magic wand told her to. She's not one for fighting, but nor is she one for giving up, so despite her ineptitude with magic she'll keep battling until the end. An admirable trait for one so young.

Though not nearly as big of a plot point in Prisma Illya, like Sagiri, Illya has a thing for her older brother that really pushes against standard sibling boundary lines, and it's something that actually becomes a bit more relevant as the show continues. Illya has also been shown to get very excited over other cute girls, for example when her friend Miyu dresses up in a maid outfit, very similar to Sagiri's desire to see other girl's panties. Lastly though not a shut-in like Sagiri, Illya is a fairly shy girl and shares the same light haired, loli appearance that makes her come off as being very innocent and pure. So if you fancy a kind of lewd, magical girl, we highly recommend Illya.

Final Thoughts

We felt almost obligated to put a girl from OreImo on the list, but actually, despite OreImo and Eromanga Sensei being incredibly similar in premise, Sagiri isn't really anything like any of the OreImo girls, even little sister Kirino herself. Besides that, both incestuous relationships and cute, light haired lolis are in ample supply these days, so really we were spoilt for choice with this list.

So do you agree with today's selections? Which waifu would you say remind you of Eromanga Sensei's lewd artist? We'd love to hear what you think, so be sure to let us know in the comments below!

eromanga-sensei-Wallpaper-300x424 6 Waifu Like Sagiri from Eromanga Sensei [Recommendations]


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