[Honey's Crush Wednesday] 5 Kazuma Kiryu Highlights (Yakuza Series)

Ryu-ga-Gotoku-Kiwami-game-Wallpaper [Honey's Crush Wednesday] 5 Kazuma Kiryu Highlights (Yakuza Series)

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  • Episodes: PS3, PS4
  • Genre: Sega
  • Airing Date: Sega, Deep Silver
  • Producers: Jan 21, 2016

Yakuza Series Preview (No Spoilers)

Kazuma Kiryu has spent ten years in prison for a crime he didn’t commit. Kazuma’s best friend Akira Nishikiyama murdered their head boss and not wanting his friend to suffer, Kazuma decides to take the fall. Finally having been released back into society, Kazuma learns the world he once knew has changed in many ways since he last saw it. Not only is his city of Kamurocho more modernized but the heads of the yakuza families—namely the Tojo Clan where Kazuma once held place in—have changed as well. Meanwhile a war is about to erupt between families and ten billion yen that has gone missing seems to be the cause of it. Can Kazuma survive in this new war as well as protect a young girl who seems to hold the key to the location of the missing money?

Kazuma Kiryu Bio

Seiyuu Name: Takaya Kuroda

Kazuma Kiryu may have a demeanor that screams not to touch him but underneath his outerior, looks lies a deeply complex man. Having been allied with the Toji Clan and having to run many missions as a yakuza for them, Kazuma is quite adept at fighting but doesn’t use his fists unless absolutely necessary. Kazuma’s goal is to just find his place in the world now that he’s been freed from his long prison sentence and is back in the city of Kamurocho. Willing to help others and to fight to protect those he cares for, Kazuma won’t fight for no reason. However, once Kazuma does enter a brawl Kazuma will unleash a demon inside of him that has earned him the reputation he has on the streets of Kamurocho.

Kazuma Kiryu Highlights

1. Tough as nails

Kazuma Kiryu is a tough guy and the people around him know it if they cross him. Not only does his walk have an air of fear to it but his facial expressions show it as well. Kazuma isn’t all talk like some of the other characters of Yakuza Kiwami as he lets his action show what he can do it. Even though he’s not an official member of the Tojo Clan after the false charge of him killing the boss, the family members of the Tojo still recognize Kazuma’s insane strength and are even fearful of him several times in the story.

If you need more proof of Kazuma’s power, look no further than his various fights. In multiple parts of Yakuza Kiwami’s story, Kazuma has to face not one but several opponents. Usually he gets through these fights unharmed while his enemies don’t get as lucky. Even the insanely strong Goro Majima knows of Kazuma’s insane power. These two have some large battles in Yakuza Kiwami but after a while Goro becomes a good friend of Kazuma. Kazuma is one tough character and those who need further proof just need to rub him the wrong way to face his might first hand.

2. Kind Hearted

Now it may seem that Kazuma is only about stopping those who cross his path but there’s more to this tough yakuza then most see. When Kazuma sees someone innocent in need of help, he’s pretty quick to step into any fray to lend a hand. Half of the side missions and events that take place in Yakuza Kiwami have Kazuma walking up to someone and taking a mission to either defend them, look for something and or help to deal with a weird situation. While most yakuza would just feel this to be a pain in the butt, Kazuma rarely will say “no” to help a person in need of aid.

Heck the biggest proof of Kazuma’s kindness comes in the full story of Yakuza Kiwami. The young Haruka is being chased by several of the yakuza clans and Kiryu has decided to protect her at all costs. No one asked Kazuma to do this. Instead this tough looking former yakuza took this mission up on his own. Haruka’s life relies on Kazuma defending her and he is all too aware of this fact. How can you not consider Kazuma’s risk of wellbeing for a stranger to not be the ultimate sign of kindness?

3. Able Fighter

Tough looking or not, looks won’t take down an opponent. A tough guy walk and a yakuza background will only get any man so far in the world of Yakuza Kiwami. Fortunately for Kazuma Kiryu, his fists are well designed to fight off any threat whether it be another yakuza member or trained martial artist. Able to use three distinct martial arts—each with their own styles—Kazuma Kiryu is indeed a formidable warrior.

Besides being able to punch and kick his way to a victory, Kazuma can also use various weapons and items. Swords, guns, bats and knuckles are all masterfully handled by Kazuma. If Kazuma doesn’t have access to actual weapons he seems to be able to use more untraditional ones. Kazuma can pick up street cones and bikes to smash into his enemies with lethal stopping force. It goes to show that Kazuma Kiryu is a truly able fighter despite unorthodox training methods. Thus if you were to bet on any fighter, your best bet would be to wager it all on Kazuma Kiryu.

4. The blood of a Yakuza

While Kazuma Kiryu has lost his Tojo Clan title—though he gets it back eventually—that doesn’t mean Kazuma isn’t still considered a yakuza. Not only does he wear clothes that mirror the style of a yakuza—more on that soon—he has several other factors that still give Kazuma the yakuza feel he once had. Not only does Kazuma fight in a very street brawler way—a staple of most yakuza in the series—he also walks with an authority only those with the yakuza background have. Kazuma even has a large colored tattoo on his back—which looks like a dragon—which signifies a high ranking yakuza soldier.

Kazuma Kiryu is still also a yakuza as seen from how he handles various situations that arise. Look at some of the end game fights for example. In traditional fights involving yakuza with high ranks, they always remove their shirt to proudly show their colored tattoo. Plus what Kazuma did to save his brother in the beginning of Yakuza Kiwami is what yakuza consider the ultimate way of treating a brother. Kazuma may not start the game at the same level of yakuza that he once was but it’s not surprising that eventually, he regains that title. Though we here at Honey’s Anime truly believe that Kazuma Kiryu was always a yakuza through and through.

5. Stylish and Cool

Kazuma may dress in a style that echoes the time before he went to prison, Kazuma Kiryu is a smartly dressed man. His grey suit jacket and pants give him a charm that the other characters of Yakuza Kiwami just don’t have. Even from the way he walks, Kazuma has a cool look that we here at Honey’s Anime absolutely adore. Even though Kazuya talks very little in comparison to half the people in Yakuza Kiwami—we’re looking at you Goro Majima—Kazuma is just a cool and stylish dude.

Now maybe you need more proof that Kazuma Kiryu is one stylish yakuza. Well luckily we don’t need to be the only ones who can vouch for his cool factor. Not only do the various hostess girls love Kazuma’s quiet but fierce demeanor, they also love how cool he acts in any given situation. Kazuma is the type of guy whose older style may be seen as goofy to those who haven’t been trapped in time like Kazuma was when he was in prison but to us we just think Kazuma wears his style in a cool retro fashion. Now admit it folks, once you’ve seen Kazuma’s suit you wanted to run out to the nearest store and grab one to hope you look as cool as he does. We know that’s what we thought.

Final Thoughts

Kazuma Kiryu may scream tough guy that will beat you for no reason but there’s more to him than meets the eye. Underneath that scary face and strong walk lies a soul who wishes for nothing more than peace and quiet. However, if you hurt him or his friends/loved ones than be prepared to meet Kazuma’s fists. Kazuma Kiryu is may be a yakuza but he’s still an extremely cool dude. What do you love or like about Kazuma Kiryu? Let us here at Honey’s Anime know in the comments below. If you loved this article then don’t leave our site for too long as we’re working hard and ferociously on another great one for you to read and enjoy.

Ryu-ga-Gotoku-Kiwami-game-Wallpaper [Honey's Crush Wednesday] 5 Kazuma Kiryu Highlights (Yakuza Series)


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