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code-geass-R2-wallpaper-700x438 [Honey's Crush Wednesday] 5 Lelouch Lamperouge Highlights - Code Geass

If the King doesn’t move, then the subjects won’t follow

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  • Episodes :25
  • Genre :Action, Mecha, Military, School, Sci-Fi, Super Power
  • Airing Date : October 2006 - July 2007
  • Producers :Sunrise

Lelouch Lamperouge Preview (No Spoilers)

It is the year 2010 where we see Lelouch, a prince exiled from the Holy Empire of Britannia to Area 11, formerly Japan. Lelouch meets a strange girl named C.C. who gives him the “Power of Kings” for his Geass, allowing him to escape from a rather sticky situation between the military of Britannia and Area 11. Upon realizing the strength of the Geass, Lelouch goes out seeking revenge on the father who exiled him under the guise of Zero.

Lelouch Lamperouge Bio

Seiyuu Name: Fukuyama Jun

Lelouch Lamperouge is a young Britannian boy going to school in Area 11 with others who do not know his own background. Lelouch is intelligent, clever, witty, and still, very compassionate and down to earth. No wonder he’s our Honey’s Crush Wednesday! Although Lelouch may be a bit cold at first, he is very tender towards those he loves, including his little sister Nunnally.

Although he has been exiled from Britannia, Lelouch still lives in a Britannian territory with relative luxury under the protection of the generous Ashford family. The “Power of Kings” Geass that Lelouch has enabled him to give orders to those who make eye contact with him, although he is only able to issue a single order per person. Despite being a former prince who now lives in hiding, Lelouch is quite skilled in combat and strategy.

Lelouch Lamperouge Highlights

1. Lelouch is Zero

This may seem rather redundant to mention that Lelouch is Zero in disguise, but that is one of the great parts about Lelouch! Lelouch acts as a rebel and vigilante, fighting against the evil that is Britannia towards a better tomorrow for the former Japanese. Yes, Lelouch does it with the pretense that he is fighting for his own revenge, but in the end, Lelouch does care for those in Area 11.

As Zero, Lelouch strategizes battle tactics so that the underdogs, Area 11, are capable of actually winning battles against the powerful Holy Empire of Britannia. Lelouch makes it so that a small rebel force is able to trump even great military forces, especially when utilizing his Geass. Lelouch is constantly outwitting the Britannian forces, even his own siblings. He just proves that you don’t need a royal upbringing to be just as good, if not better, than royalty.

More than just the brains and tactician of the Japanese rebel forces, Zero becomes a beacon of hope for the nation that was formerly known as Japan. Lelouch creates this entity that is the face of the rebellion, the voice box for the Japanese, and a figure that is what everyone needed at that time. Yes, Zero is the embodiment of the hopes and dreams of the Japanese, but he needed Lelouch to do it. Lelouch is the man behind the mask, after all.

2. Lelouch Does it All for Nunnally

While Lelouch comes off cold hearted about his resolve to kill his father, most of his own anger is fuelled by a love for Nunnally. Lelouch wants to create a safer place for his sister, who was blinded and physically disabled as a child. Lelouch dreams of a place where he does not have to worry about Nunnally. To Lelouch, Nunnally represents all that is perfect in a world full of corruption and evil, and Lelouch will do anything to protect that.

Throughout the anime, Lelouch is always putting Nunnally first, even if that means leaving her alone most of the time. When Nunnally is captured by V.V. at the end of season 1, Lelouch completely abandons the rebel forces to try to save Nunnally. Lelouch left the rebels in a lurch, unable and unsure of how to function without his guidance. This shows that when it comes to Nunnally, Lelouch is completely blinded. To Lelouch, Nunnally is everything.

This is even more evident in the last moments of Code Geass R2, when Lelouch is slain at the hands of Zero, ultimately turning Nunnally from a prisoner to an empress for the new nation. Many would believe Lelouch built this great empire to rule it so that there would be no more disorder, but in the end, he really built it to return it into the hands of someone he knew would be far more capable of keeping the peace: Nunnally. Lelouch gave Nunnally a safe haven, peace, and the power to achieve her dreams. Yes, Lelouch has had many loves in Code Geass, but no love triumphs over his own (non-incestuous) love for his imouto, Nunnally.

3. Lelouch Isn’t Completely Heartless

As Code Geass R2 progresses, viewers are left with the impression that Lelouch is a heartless man bent on achieving his ambitions at all costs. After regaining his memories, Lelouch manipulates Rolo’s desire for a family and uses Rolo, even at the expense of Rolo’s own life. Lelouch tells himself that it is OK because Rolo caused Shirley’s death, that he is a bad person. This is dark facade is completely changed in episode 19 of Code Geass R2 when Rolo comes in to save Lelouch by continually utilizing his Geass while fleeing despite the danger it has on his heart. This is a major turning point in how Lelouch treats Rolo because he tries everything to stop Rolo from his lethal course of action. Rolo even manages to get Lelouch to admit that everything was a lie; Lelouch doesn’t truly have it in him to truly be harsh, although he has a few things. In the end, Lelouch did care for Rolo deep down.

In that same episode, Lelouch acts like an ass who took advantage of the rebels and used them for his entertainment, all because he wanted to save Kallen from the same fate as his.

Let us not forget that moment in the first season of Code Geass, where Lelouch accidentally orders Euphemia to kills Elevens, resulting in a massacre of Japanese people and the inevitable death of Euphemia, lest she continues to carry out the order. This moment is so pivotal for many characters in Code Geass, including Lelouch who reveals a vulnerability when it comes to Euphemia. Lelouch is pained by this mishap and the order that was given to end Euphemia’s life. It is at this moment, too, that we see a great loss in Lelouch who no longer knows what he is doing because he had to kill the girl who was his first love. Yet, Lelouch must move on, continue to lead the rebel forces, while putting his anguish aside. It is a moment of confliction for Lelouch, but we see that he puts aside his own feelings to continue to fight for the freedom of the Japanese. Lelouch is anything but heartless.

4. Lelouch Becomes an Unsung Hero

For much of Code Geass and Code Geass R2, Lelouch works toward a greater plan that ends with Japan’s freedom and Britannia’s demise. A new world, if you will. Lelouch spends so much time fighting as the hero, Zero, and then suddenly, in Code Geass R2, Lelouch becomes an anti-hero, someone who works towards the same plan but with a more menacing and callous attitude towards those around him. Lelouch continues down this path, creating more hate than love for the man that is Zero, who is revealed as Lelouch.

By the end of Code Geass R2, Lelouch has created so much animosity for himself that there is another rebellion bubbling underneath his brand new empire. Lelouch has instilled fear in the civilians and hates amongst his former comrades. Then it is revealed that it was all part of Lelouch’s plan. Lelouch spent his time becoming a symbol for the rebellion and a hero only to turn into the villain and soak up all of the world’s hatred and animosity, but why? So that the world could have a common enemy.

Lelouch became that common enemy, the bearer of the world’s fury, but he did it with a smile. Lelouch did it all so that upon his death, which we will touch upon next, everyone in the world will achieve peace under the new regime. With this method, however, Lelouch isn't remembered with reverence for the way he would've if he had died as Zero. No, Lelouch will go down in textbooks as a dictator, a hateful person, a man with no redeeming qualities. Lelouch gave up everything to be a hero, even the glory.

5. Lelouch is Willing to Die to Bring Peace

Lastly, one of the best parts about Lelouch is his plan, especially how, even from the beginning, Lelouch devised it in such a way that would end with his death. That single moment when Zero swoops in and thrusts his blade right through a smiling Lelouch is a culmination of Lelouch’s brilliance and self-sacrifice. As stated in the previous point, Lelouch made himself out to be a bad guy so that in this moment, the world’s anger would dissipate. Everything was for this one moment.

Lelouch never confided in Nunnally or Kallen about this. He took the brunt of their anger and hatred, these two that Lelouch had so much love for. However, Lelouch never let it show on his face: his fear, his anguish, hesitation--Lelouch never wavered from this path. It is evident when Zero pierces Lelouch and Lelouch looks back at Zero, or rather his friend Suzaku, and smiles because everything he ever conceived came to light.

As we can see, Lelouch has no doubts about his own death because his death means peace to everyone who ever feared. Lelouch’s death brought on a greater world, and that makes (made?) Lelouch worthy to be our Honey’s Crush Wednesday.

Final Thoughts

Lelouch Lamperouge is one of the best characters of Code Geass and Code Geass R2. He is a multifaceted individual with many layers that makes him stand above many other anime protagonists! Now, you’ve heard our favorite Lelouch Lamperouge moments, please share yours? Let’s all revel in our Honey’s Crush Wednesday that is Lelouch!

code-geass-R2-wallpaper-700x438 [Honey's Crush Wednesday] 5 Lelouch Lamperouge Highlights - Code Geass


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