[War/Action Summer 2016] Liked Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion? Watch This!

It feels as though 2016 just kick started yesterday, yet here we are more than halfway through the orbit with a slew of great anime that have already past, are currently airing, and have yet to come. Always looking forward to such great anime is a beauty unto itself, but sometimes there’s just too much greatness to choose from. Fortunately for you all, Honey’s Anime is here to hold your hand in the darkest of nights and lead you to the light of your next favorite anime. Liked This? Watch That! Because if you liked this, then you’re certainly going to want to watch that.

About Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion

  • Episodes: 25
  • Aired: Oct. 2006 – Jul. 2007

Lelouch vi Britannia; an exiled prince of Britannia now on the run in Japan, finds himself struggling to protect his sister after being caught within the war between the Holy Empire of Britannia and Japan (now referred to as Area 11). Nearly losing his life to a terrorist attack, Lelouch is saved by a mysterious girl by the name of C.C. who bequeaths to him Geass, the Power of Kings. Now, with a power that grants its user “absolute obedience”, Lelouch takes on the identity of a vigilante named Zero as he leads an offensive against Britannia with hopes of seeing the great nation fall to its knees.

Liked Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion? Watch Alderamin on the Sky (Nejimaki Seirei Senki: Tenkyou no Alderamin)!

  • Episodes: 13
  • Aired: Currently Airing

With the Katvjarna Empire, and Kioka Republic deep at war, the world is in dire need of a savior. That savior, is Ikta Solork; a lazy womanizer whose number one dislike in life; other than handsome men, is none other than war. When he is left with no choice but to become a High Grade Military Officer in order to join the fight, Ikta surprises the world around him when he turns out to be a super genius capable of becoming the hero that everyone has been waiting for.

3 Major similarities between Code Geass and Alderamin on the Sky

1. One Man to Change the World

While this is one of the most common aspects of any anime, it is the acuteness of its presence within both Code Geass and Alderamin on the Sky that make it particularly important. While many other anime may slowly build to the focus of how the main protagonist is “destined” to change the world around them, Code Geass and Alderamin on the Sky jump to that conclusion rather blatantly. Without any time wasted we know that Lelouch is the one person that will make for a difference within the world; and similarly, Ikta presents himself as the capable savior pretty prominently as well due to his superior capabilities towards a leadership role. So if you’re gung ho for characters that are born for the limelight, then Alderamin on the Sky is a show for you!

2. Protagonists with High Intellect

Alderamin on the Sky and Code Geass are like two different cups of coffee brewed from the same batch of beans, all the while maintaining their own flavorful uniqueness. What on earth am I getting at with all this? Well, let’s dip ourselves in a little further. If you thought Lelouch was an astounding genius, then Ikta will give you grounds for a heated debate as to who could actually figure out how to play a game of Minesweeper first.

Ikta carries a tactical brilliance that can gravitate you to the edge of your seat like the elegant whiff of a well baked apple pie. With his ability to think outside of the box, Ikta works the battlefield with beautiful strategic excellence as though he was masterminding a game of chess. Making for engaging and never tiring story development. It is that character and story element from that of both Code Geass and Alderamin in the Sky that allow both anime to fit the keyhole to the same lock. A lock that opens a door to the world of one heck of a great show.

3. Diverse Cast

An aspect of Code Geass that deserves great applause was its captivating cast. Don’t get us wrong, we’re not speaking in a sense of originality, because let’s face it we’ve seen this list of character types before; best friend, loyal comrade, schoolgirl groupies, yadda yadda yadda; but what we are actually speaking of is how they’re presented. Code Geass offered a very enjoyable and quite interesting bunch of folks; and with such a likable cast helped turn a great show into a work of perfection, and Alderamin in the Sky is heading down the right path just as Code Geass did. A well-ordered officer, an innocent little princess, and a well composed marksman among many others. So, who sits above this colorful cast the most? Ikta, of course. A carefree lazy genius that knows how to drive a story plot. That’s as much as we’ll tell you here, catch an episode of Alderamin on the Sky and find out just what we’re talking about for yourself. It won’t disappoint!

Liked Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion? Watch The Heroic Legend of Arslan: Dust Storm Dance (Arslan Senki: Fuujin Ranbu)!

  • Episodes: 8
  • Aired: Jul. 2016 – Aug. 2016

In the year of 320, the kingdom of Pars found itself caught in a war with the empire known as Lusitania at the hand of king Andragoras III. In a test to prove his battlefield capability, prince Arslan took his part within the war. However, proving his valor would take on a whole new directive once his father was betrayed; leading to the decimation of the Parsian army.

With a second season currently on air, the heroic triumph of Arslan has yet to reach its end. Arslan and his crew only manage to enjoy peace momentarily when a much deeper threat strikes the land of Pars.

3 Major similarities between Code Geass and Arslan Senki

1. War Story

While they may not be set within the same era; or universe for that matter, the war-stricken world setting that reverberated the cry of the tragedies of warfare throughout Code Geass has certainly showed its face again in Arslan Senki. This time with even more unglorified realism. This unadulterated approach to how fighting can truly tear us apart is possibly one of the most outstanding elements of Arslan Senki. Code Geass showed us how one nation’s selfish conquest for power and control trickled down to the lives of the individual, and with Arslan Senki we get yet another sip of that delicious cup of tea.

2. A Fight for Independence

A war comes in many different textures. Some wars are fought simply for one side to establish itself as the greater presence, while some are fought for sake of establishing policy and political views, or even to expand an empire’s footprint. What is common amongst them all is the need for control hidden within each conflict; and when one side takes too much, people will always learn to fight back for what is rightfully theirs. That is the handles of rebellion; of the fight for independence. In Code Geass, Lelouch fought to obliterate Britannia and free the Japanese people from its imperialism. In Arslan Senki, Arslan fights for the sake of the freedom of the Parsian people. This may not be something new within the world of anime, but when it comes to both Code Geass and Arslan Senki, this well-known story plot is presented with a refreshing sense of creativity and originality. All the reason to keep watching.

3. Protagonists with a Similar Premise

One of the echoes of Code Geass that just can’t go unnoticed within the world of Arslan Senki is its protagonist. While Arslan was introduced back in season one, and is pretty much already established throughout season two (Dust Storm Dance), it’s worth noting that these characters share a history that is quite identical in its foundation. Arslan; much like Lelouch, is a prince of his respected kingdom, and similarly wasn’t so welcomed to the chair of successor as the title prince may imply. Once people blessed with a name that drew respect, now they are warriors fighting to set the world straight. Forced to witness the pandemonium, death, and bloodshed caused by war at a very young age. While Arslan; in due time, may have spread his name through good faith across the lands, the struggle of maintaining such a position of strength, power, and respect is evident; which is yet another great element that dances to a similar beat as Code Geass. Lelouch’s magnificent power may have placed him in a space deemed untouchable, but it wasn’t long before we witnessed just how much it would actually take of him to truly be of such worth.

What’s even more attractive is the differences between the two. While Lelouch may at times linger in the realm right between good guy and sadistic maniac who’s lost his way, Arslan is a man of righteousness and compassion. Experiencing how these characteristics can develop two stories; built on top of a similar premise, in their own interesting way can be a damn good reason to tune in to Arslan Senki if you haven’t already.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully by now all the necessary convincing is behind us, and what you’re left with is none other than absolute certainty as to why Alderamin on the Sky and Arslan Senki are a definite go to for those of you who just couldn’t get enough of Code Geass. However, don’t let your interests peak here; don your fighting gear and prepare to dive head first into the realms of action packed greatness by checking out these recommendations for yourself. And as always, be sure to carve your mark into the comments section below and let us know what you think.

Now fight for the greater good of anime my friends!

code-geass-Lelouch-of-Rebellion-dvd-300x423 [War/Action Summer 2016] Liked Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion? Watch This!


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