[Honey's Crush Wednesday] – 5 Mari Fukami Highlights - Nana Maru San Batsu (Fastest Finger First)

Nana-Maru-San-Batsu-wallpaper [Honey's Crush Wednesday] – 5 Mari Fukami Highlights - Nana Maru San Batsu (Fastest Finger First)

5 Reasons Why Mari is the Right Answer!

  • Episodes: 12
  • Genre: Game, School, Seinen
  • Airing Date: July 2017 - September 2017
  • Producers: TMS Entertainment

Nana Maru San Batsu Preview (No Spoilers)

Freshman and total bookworm, Koshiyama Shiki, never expected to join a club. But after being chosen to participate in the school’s quiz bowl demo, Koshiyama couldn't stop thinking about it. That, and a cute girl who begged him to join. Although Koshiyama is a genius when it comes to literature, he has a long way to go if he wants to become a quiz bowl master. To gain the right to answer, Koshiyama must use his deduction skills and be the fastest finger to press the buzzer.

There’s a lot more to quiz bowl than the average person would think. Depending on the theme of the round, everyone may get the right to answer. Not all questions are focused on geography or literature, but also pop culture. Sadly, Koshiyama doesn’t have time to learn all the rules before his first official meet. Because he just made a rival! Koshiyama will have to be quick on his feet- well, fingers- as he discovers the epic world of quiz bowl.

Mari Fukami Bio

Seiyuu Name: Kawashima, Umika

Fukami has been obsessed with quiz bowl ever since her older brother introduced her to it. Fukami is an all-rounder when it comes to quiz bowl. She knows a little bit about otaku culture, some information on history and literature, and can answer any frequently asked question, or “classics”. Fukami’s most powerful asset is her hearing and speed. She’s able to buzz in faster than anyone else, and can pinpoint the right time to buzz in. Fukami gets along with all of her clubmates. In fact, if it wasn’t for her, the club wouldn’t have started. With her cute physical looks and cheerful voice, Fukami can get anyone into quiz bowl.

Mari Fukami Highlights

1. Quiz Bowl Nut

Fukami can go on and on about quiz bowl. The feeling when you press the buzzer, the suspense of someone buzzing in before the determining point. She loves it! During class, Fukami can be seen studying questions. Not questions for math class, but for the next quiz bowl meet. Even people who aren’t into quiz bowl are still intrigued by what she has to say. Fukami’s passion shines through no matter who she’s talking to. In the first episode, Koshiyama was introduced to Fukami by the classic trip-and-fall-panty-shot bit. By the end of the episode, Fukami decides to ignore that as long as Koshiyama joins the quiz bowl club.

Although Fukami has a strong love for quiz bowl, she still has a ways to go before becoming the Quiz Bowl Queen. After her older brother, a pro, quit quiz bowl, Fukami decided to take matters into her own hands. Since she is on library duty, Fukami surrounds herself with knowledge to answer even more questions. And if she doesn’t know the answer, Fukami will make the best educated guess she can. Whether she wins or loses, Fukami will have fun and learn something new in the end no matter what.

2. Crush On Sasajima

Now, it’s hard to tell whether or not Fukami has a crush on Sasajima or his skills. Either way, it’s absolutely adorable whenever she fangirls over senpai. It is later revealed that Sasajima went to Kaijou, a school known for their powerful quiz bowl team. Not only that, but he was the top member of said team. Sasajima usually wins first place in every quiz bowl round, making Fukami light up and squeal in excitement. Sasajima isn’t the best looking guy around, so the other boys on the team always give Fukami bizarre looks as she gushes over him.

It doesn’t look like senpai will notice Fukami in that regard, but that’s fine with her. As long as she learns something new and enjoys it, Fukami will welcome any sort of attention Sasajima gives her. And it’s not just mindless gawking. Fukami pays attention to Sasajima’s skills and techniques, and tries to mimic his abilities to answer questions. Although Koshiyama and Fukami have very cute moments together, especially when alone in the library we can’t deny that Fukami does have an interest in Sasajima in some sort of way. Even if it is one sided. Koshiyama x Fukami or Sasajima x Fukami?

3. Serious Mode

When Fukami flips her hair back, you know it’s game on. Fukami becomes a completely different person when she’s serious. The once giddy quiz bowl nut, turns into a fast buzzing monster. Even the look on Fukami’s face can send chills down a person’s spine. That doesn’t take away from her charm. In fact, we root for Fukami as she buzzes in at the speed of light.

By flipping her hair back, Fukami can listen in on questions more clearly. She can hear the announcer’s emphasis on particular words, making it easier to buzz in at the determining point. After pressing the buzzer, her opponents are usually stunned. They couldn’t make out the determining point of the question. Not only that, but nine out of ten times, Fukami answers the questions correctly. This is the trump card that makes Fukami the second best member on the team.

4. Neko Maid Cosplay

The quiz bowl club is now official! But there’s one problem, they don’t have buzzers. Instead, the group used a single calculator as a buzzer. Jinko, Sasajima’s little sister, decides to make the quiz bowl club a set of buzzers. All Jinko needs is money for the parts. That’s where the neko maid cosplay comes in.

With the help of Fukami’s best friend, Mararin, the two work at a neko maid cafe to raise money for new buzzers. Fukami is beet red with embarrassment, and that adds to the charm even more. That, and the fact that she has to say “nya!” at the end of each sentence. Well it’s not so bad, because they’re hosting a quiz bowl themed event at the neko maid cafe. Then everything came crashing down in a wave of embarrassment once Koshiyama and the others see Fukami in her neko maid outfit. She’s already wearing thigh high socks, a maid outfit, and neko ears. How can a tomato color face make Fukami cuter than before?!

5. Absolute Territory

In episode two, Fukami convinces Koshiyama and a few other classmates to check out the next quiz bowl meet. Koshiyama arrives at the train station, only for Fukami to arrive a few seconds later. Koshiyama is stunned, admiring Fukami’s clothes. As they’re waiting for the rest of the group, Fukami decides to quiz Koshiyama on history, and he answers correctly. To trip him up, Fukami tries a different approach.

She points to her exposed skin between the hem of the thigh high socks and shorts, and asks Koshiyama what this area is called. Flustered and confused, Koshiyama didn’t reach an answer. And thus, Fukami teaches us about the wonderful fetish known as “absolute territory”. Honey’s Anime has its kinks (looking at you Bee-kun), and thigh high socks with a short skirt is always appreciated. Now we know what that fetish is called. Thanks Fukami!

Bonus: Origin Story

How did Mari Fukami fall in love with something as random as quiz bowl? When Fukami was ten years old she participated in her very first quiz bowl, competing against several adults. Despite that, Fukami was able to answer at least once. And she got the question right! Receiving a round of applause from the audience. It was very brave of Fukami to compete against adults when she had never tried quiz bowl. Fukami didn’t give up and answered one question to the best of her ability. With that kind of courage at such a young age, how can anyone not feel inspired?

To this day, that courage hasn’t left Fukami. If she’s up against players from an elite school, she won’t back down. In episode eight, Fukami gets partnered up with a Mari, a girl from another school. Mari admits that she’s not very good at quiz bowl, but that’s alright. Fukami helps Mari to get through the prelims, giving Mari the easier questions to answer. With Fukami lifting Mari’s spirits, the two were able to make it to the finals. Fukami’s bravery rubs off on everyone.

Final Thoughts

Mari Fukami is a fun loving quiz bowl machine! We’re sad to see her and the rest of the gang go now that the anime is over. At least the manga is still ongoing. Do you think Fukami is the right answer? Or do you fancy one of the other Nana Maru San Batsu ladies? Bonus points if you’re a fan of absolute territory. Till next time!

Nana-Maru-San-Batsu-wallpaper [Honey's Crush Wednesday] – 5 Mari Fukami Highlights - Nana Maru San Batsu (Fastest Finger First)


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