[Honey's Crush Wednesday] 5 Meiza Endust Highlights - Endro!

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  • Episodes: 12
  • Genre: Slice of Life, Magic, Fantasy
  • Airing Date: January 2019 - March 2019
  • Studio: Studio Gokumi

Endoro! Preview (No Spoilers)

In a land where monsters and humans coexist, everyone lived peacefully until an evil Demon Lord appeared. A group of brave heroes banded together and defeated the Demon Lord bringing peace to the land. Ever since that day, whenever a new Demon Lord would appear, a new group of heroes would rise up and take them on. Endro follows the story of a Yusha, Seyla, Mei, and Fai as they go to school to learn about just what it takes to become a real hero party.

Meiza Endust Highlights (Spoilers Beyond This Point)

1. Mei is Eccentric

Mei is an incredibly strange girl. Even though she lives in a world full of mythical creatures, demon lords, and magic, Mei still manages to say random things that catch everyone by surprise. Mei's eccentricities add to her charm and make her the most interesting character in Endro. Whether she is out adventuring with her friends or spending all night researching cartado, Mei always manages to show off her unique quirks in the best of ways.

2. Her Personality and Cute Expressions

Mei has an incredibly fun and playful personality, never taking anything too seriously unless it is her cartado. No matter what the situation is, Mei always has a great expression on her face. Despite her monotonous voice, the combination of her personality and her varied experience makes her one of the most enjoyable and expressive characters in Endro.

3. Passion for Cartado

Most of the time, Mei is just enjoying life and never takes anything too seriously. However, there is one thing that shows off just how much passion Mei has. Mei loves everything to do with cartado will do anything to have the best cartado around, including trying to stay out all night to get the latest cartado before anyone else.She has also shown that she is the most proficient cartado user in her class, allowing her to protect her friends in even the most dangerous situations.

4. Comedic Genius

When it comes to the comedy in Endro, Mei brings the most comedic moments to the series. Whether it is her one-liners, puns, or shouting random things, Mei's comedy is always on point. Her comedy is only made better by the fact she rarely speaks in anything but her quiet monotonous voice.

5. Mei’s Magical Mistake

One of Mei's best moments comes in the second episode when she is showing off the powers of cartado to the rest of the class. By combining multiple low-level cartado cards and creates a massive tornado in the classroom and making a mess of the place. Although this scene might not seem like much and it isn't very long, it was the first time in the series we got to see how great of a character Mei was. this scene combined every one of the other things we previously mentioned and created a simple but memorable scene.

Final Thoughts

Endro is a fantastic anime with so many cute and hilarious characters it is hard for any of them to stand out, but Mei manages to do just that. Mei has everything you could want of a character in a slice of life anime, with a quirky personality and so many great comedic moments throughout the series. What do you think of Mei? What do you think is her best trait? Let us know in the comments.

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