5 Moments Manga Fans are Dying to See in Attack on Titan Final Season Part 2

Attack on Titan’s final season is the culmination of over a decade’s worth of manga chapters and anime episodes that told the story of a world ravaged by Titans; it started off as a roller coaster ride of action and horror that thrived on spectacle, and eventually morphed into a political thriller/war drama that turned Stock Shounen Protagonist™ Eren Yeager into one of the most intriguing anti-heroes anime has ever seen. Manga fans have been dying to see the most famous moments of the finale animated, so we’re here to highlight some of them today. Get excited – this season is going to be amazing!

Massive Spoilers Ahead!

5. Falco’s Jaw Titan

Several important characters have carried the Jaw Titan throughout the series, and each of them has used it in wildly different ways. That’s why, when Falco reveals his version of the Jaw Titan in chapter 129, it’s a massive moment. He looks oddly bird-like, and as shown a bit later on, can actually fly due to Zeke’s spinal fluid causing him to inherit some of the Beast Titan’s traits as well. A flying Titan had long been theorized by the fanbase, but nobody actually expected to see one in the main series! Once this is animated, it’s sure to be a jaw-dropping event.

4. Ymir Fritz’s Real Backstory

Ymir Fritz, the very first Titan, is a figure shrouded in mystery. Marley, the Eldian Restorationists, and the Paradis Island government all have their own versions of who she is and how she acquired the power of the Titans, but we don’t get to know the full truth until chapter 122. There, we realize that the young girl seen in the Paths dimension is actually Ymir herself, and that she was a slave who accidentally received her powers from a bizarre creature thought to be the source of all living matter. She’s portrayed as a real person for the first time – one who was used and abused by the greedy King Fritz – and a lot of things suddenly start to make a lot more sense. This is a watershed moment for the series, so we’re looking forward to seeing it in full color and motion.

3. Annie’s Return

Annie has been largely absent from the story ever since the end of season 1, when she evaded death by encasing herself in a crystal using the Female Titan’s power. Fans had been hoping for her return for years, until chapter 124 came along to show Eren undoing all Titan hardening to start the Rumbling. This, of course, also frees Annie and she awakes in a world that has completely changed since she left it. She’s essentially an artifact of what Attack on Titan used to be (although she does know about Marley), so seeing her navigate this new reality – while still looking as young as the day she crystallized herself – is going to be so strange and exciting in animated form. Plus, we want to see more of what she looks like in MAPPA’s style!

2. The Final Founding Titan

Despite technically having the Founding Titan’s power ever since he was a child, Eren hasn’t been able to access it because he doesn’t have royal blood. However, once he finishes his memory road trip with Zeke (another moment we can’t wait to see on screen) and convinces Ymir Fritz to help him, that restraining bolt is removed at long last. In chapter 130, Eren transforms into a massive centipede-like monster that can summon any past version of the Nine Titans to defend itself, and it leads the Wall Titans on a stampede to crush the world under their feet. The anime has already shown a couple glimpses of what Eren’s Founding Titan looks like, but the full horror of what it can actually do is still under wraps. MAPPA’s use of CG has been fantastic so far, so we’re confident that reveal of Eren’s final form is going to be a moment to remember.

1. Eren’s Death

It’s very rare for an anime protagonist to die, and even rarer for them to stay dead. Still, that’s exactly what happens in chapter 138 when Mikasa puts aside her love for Eren and kills him for the greater good – breaking a cycle that began when Ymir Fritz was unable to oppose the king’s will. Eren had always wanted to be free, but found himself bound to his own destiny of destroying the world, so he created a scenario where killing him would free everyone else of the Titans’ wrath. It’s a scene that carries a lot of thematic weight and is just stunning to behold; when it gets animated, the impact will be even stronger!

Final Thoughts

Since the season has already started, there are a few beloved moments that have seen the transition to animation already: Levi’s presumed death, Yelena’s memeable scary face, and Gabi decapitating Eren with an anti-Titan rifle. But are there any other moments that have already been animated or that you’re looking forward to seeing on screen that we forgot? Let us know in the comments, and thanks so much for reading!

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