5 Most Ridiculous Characters in Back Street Girls: Gokudolls

Kentarou, Ryou, and Kazuhiko have failed for the final time. Well, truth be told, we don’t know if they were constant failures, but they really have done it. Their boss, head of the organization, Kimanjirou Inugane has decided that the boys need to one of two things. Either they can sell their organs as penance, or take route b. Route B has them go to Thailand and undergo gender reassignment surgery. Then, they will come back to Japan and debut as idols following their recovery. The men take the job and then come back as Airi, Mari and Chika. They debut hoping they will fade into oblivion fast, but fate is a cruel mistress and the Gokudolls actually become a hit. They grow and grow and grow in popularity and the next thing they know, they have legions of fans that they despise. This makes them wonder… was it really worth staying alive to do it? Let’s take a look at some of our favorite characters from the series!

5. George

George is an American who came to Inugane and apparently has a brother in the US who is a gangster as well. He’s messed up really badly there and so they have told him that he is going to Japan for training. He shows up spouting nonsense and acts like a complete idiot. He is soon sent to Thailand and becomes Rina, a girl who joins the Gokudolls as a trainee. It’s revealed later on in the series that George would try next to anything to succeed and this screwed him over in the long run.

4. Chika/Kazuhiko

Kazuhiko, aka Chika, was a yakuza member who is now a member of the Gokudolls. Now, he is known as Chika. Chika is the default third member of the group with Airi as the leader. Chika originally went to high school with Airi, aka Kentarou, and they ended up being a part of the boxing club together. Post graduation, Kazuhiko couldn’t find a job and ended up turning to a life of crime thanks to the help of Kentarou. Kazuhiko was involved in many crimes previously and now, he is quick to support Airi and Mari in their decisions. As Chika, she is in charge of all of the ridiculous extra add-on phrases to her own sentences.

3. Mari/Ryou

Ryou feels like the middle child out of the three members. He was a massive fan of Jin Takamura and when he gets the chance to play a role opposite of Jin as Mari, he gladly agrees and tries to start up conversations. Sadly, when they get in the car together later to talk, Jin accidentally reveals he is a massive Chika fan and dashes Mari’s dreams. Overall, when he was Ryou, he struggled with his feelings and wasn’t able to talk properly with his girlfriend Miyuki leading to their breakup. As Mari, she has the largest breasts out of all of the members and has a cool, older-sister type vibe to her.

2. Airi/Kentarou

The de-facto leader of the Gokudolls and when the men were previously yakuza members, Kentarou wins out only due to his seniority over the other two. He has issues with his parents as they abandoned him when he was young and his was raised by his grandfather. Due to this, he treasures bonds with others greatly. As a yakuza, he was very active and constantly was stirring morale among his fellow members as well as he showed love to the stores that were good to him. As Airi, she is the leader and who is easily backs by Mari and Chika leading them to get into rather hilariously stupid problems.

1. Kimanjirou Inugane

Inugane is the head of the organization and a massive walking monster. It is due to his orders that Kentarou, Ryou, and Kazuhiko all undergo a sex change along with George. He is married to a singer who hates idols and has no idea he is running the Gokudolls. When she does find out though, it’s hilarious. Inugane is a monster and will not listen to anything the Gokudolls say. In fact, ideas spring from his mind with just a single word uttered and the Gokudolls have yet to learn how to speak to him properly.

He is, for all his faults and murderous intents, a lover of using a bat to hurt someone and will stand up for the Gokudolls whenever he guesses that someone is slighting them. That includes a photographer who he assaults after they yell at the girls. However, he also has no issue raising his hands to the girls including making them get on stage and perform while attached to IV drips and in bandages. He also makes George sit in a room for a week and watch porn with dogs in heat in order to break him! A vicious monster, Inugane is larger than life.

Final Thoughts

Gokudolls has given us many laughs and many other nervous laughs while we try to look away and pretend we did not just see what we did. The series overall is decent and is worth the watch if you can spare the 3.3 hours to catch all 10 episodes. What are your thoughts on the series? Be sure to let us know below. Till Next time!

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