Comedy of the Summer Back Street Girls Gets New Key Visual!

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Back-Street-Girls-1--300x429 Comedy of the Summer Back Street Girls Gets New Key Visual!

Back-Street-Girls-1--300x429 Comedy of the Summer Back Street Girls Gets New Key Visual!

Back Street Girls

Comedy, Idol

Airing Date:
July 4 2018

J.C. Staff

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Men who are part of the Yazuka are now going to make their debut as idols!? And their popularity has exploded as backstreet idols!! However, these men have to deal with increasingly absurd circumstances. They just want to live a regular life, but…!? This is a comedy about idols who have changed genders to become lovely, bouncy crossdressing girls engaged in immoral business practices!

Characters & Voice Actors List

Airi Yamamoto

Voice Actor: Yuka Nukui

Airi is the leader of Goku Dolls. ‘In order to become an idol, I undertook singing lessons while standing under a waterfall and took dance & choreography lessons while standing in it!! Please support me!!’

Kentarou Yamamoto

Voice Actor: Daisuke Ono

Kentarou is the reliable older-brother with a crew cut. Now, he goes as Airi and is the orthodox leader of the idol group ‘Goku Dolls.’

Mari Tachibana

Voice Actor: Kaori Maeda

Mari is the cool, older sister-type of the Goku Dolls. ‘I challenged myself by working on many different things because I want to be even cuter than I am now! Why? Because I’m an idol after all!’

Ryou Tachibana

Voice Actor: Satoshi Hino

Ryou has the most wicked disposition of all of the three members. He is now Mari and takes on the cool disposition of the ‘Goku Dolls.’

Chika Sugihara

Voice Actor: TBA

Chika is the lovely, bouncy member of Goku Dolls. ‘I’m Chika! I’m working very hard to do my best in everything!!♡ Let’s all be lovely and bouncy together!!’

Kazuhiko Sugihara

Voice Actor: Kazuyuki Okitsu

Kazuhiko is the lively, punch perm sporting non-returner. Now he is the lovely and bouncy member of ‘Goku Dolls’, Chika.


Voice Actor: Keiji Fujiwara

The leader of the Inugane group. He is the creator of Goku Dolls. He is not only the leader, but he is also a music producer now too… ‘It’s show time!’

Theme Songs
  • Opening Song: Gokudoll Music by Gokudolls Nijigumi

Main Staff
  • Original Creator: Jasmine Gyuh
  • Director: Chikaki Kon
  • Script: Susume Yamakawa
  • Animation Director: Jin Aketagawa

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