[Honey's Crush Wednesday] 5 Nina Drango Highlights - Shingeki no Bahamut: Virgin Soul

She’s like a little Bahamut

  • Episodes: 24
  • Genre: Action, Adventure, Demons, Supernatural, Magic, Fantasy
  • Airing Date: April 2017 - September 2017
  • Producers: MAPPA

Shingeki no Bahamut: Virgin Soul Preview (No Spoilers)

The Bahamut, an enormous dragon, wrecked havoc many decades ago forcing humans, gods, and demons to work together to eradicate it. Now, humans rule after King Charioce XVII stole a power of the gods and enslaved the demons. The humans treat the demons quite cruelly while they themselves enjoy peace and the gods are attempting to restore their power.

It is in this setting that we find our main character, Nina Drango. Nina Drango is a bounty hunter who is hoping to settle down in the Royal Capital. Unfortunately, she has arrived amidst unrest. The Rag Demon wants revenge and the captain of King Charioce XVII’s guard, Kaisar Lidfard, finds himself caught in a moral dilemma. There is unrest between demons, humans, and gods, but who is in the wrong? And where does Nina fall into all of this exactly?

Nina Drango Bio

Seiyuu Name: Morohoshi, Sumire

Nina Drango is our rather bright and energetic main character who has the terrible timing to be in the Royal Capital amidst the unrest between man and demons. Nina is rather positive and works hard to make her dreams of settling down in the Royal Capital come true. She is always the first to lend a hand to someone in need, and this may cause some trouble for her in the future as she is rather oblivious. However, do not look down on Nina Drango because she will not back down to evil!

Nina Drango Highlights

1. Capabilities

The first thing that you will notice about Nina Drango is how capable she is of doing things. That is not to say that she can cook and that’s impressive. No. Nina is quite capable of holding her own when it comes to hard work as she does most of the heavy lifting to the astonishment of most of the men around her. Nina is also the muscle behind her group’s schemes to raise money like when she challenges people to arm wrestling.

This is very different from most female protagonists who are just as useless as males in harem anime. Especially when you first watch Shingeki no Bahamut: Virgin Soul as it almost seems like a reverse harem. However, Nina is clearly not as useless as other reverse harem protagonists and she ends up being the muscle behind the demon group, helping them in their revolt against the humans.

However, it’s not her strength that the demons set their eyes on. Nina Drango is also a dragon, and as Azazel notices, Nina is very much like a little Bahamut, the dragon that wrecked havoc all those years ago. With Nina’s ability to transform into a dragon, the demons might actually stand a chance against their human oppressors. This is also a great twist on female protagonists as their powers are generally great in a passive way (think Bella from Twilight, Alice from Gakuen Alice, and Lucy from Fairy Tail--Yeah, female protagonists are generally useless). Nina Drango is very useful in battle, especially in this war between humans, demons, and gods.

2. Boy Crazy

When you first start watching Shingeki no Bahamut: Virgin Soul, it is easy to assume that the anime is a reverse harem, especially with the number of bishounen surrounding our dear Nina Drango. What with there being a demon bishie and two human bishies that trigger Nina, how could you not make that hasty assumption? Still, this is far from a reverse harem but it’s cute to see Nina reacting to all the men around her!

Calling Nina “boy crazy” is a bit hasty as she is merely more conscious around them than in love. Handsome men affect Nina and cause her to turn into a dragon which really worries and frustrates her. This trait itself makes for comic relief as Nina’s discomfort around men creates a great deal of anxious humor where we want to laugh but also sympathize Nina. Nina Drango gets so frustrated with her inexperience with men that it’s adorable, is it not? It’s not just about the fact that Nina transforms when near handsome men, it is just how she reacts when she is around them. It’s adorable. We barely care that she’ll turn into a dragon that destroys everything in a few minutes.

It was mentioned when Nina goes back to see her grandmother that Nina’s transformation issue started after the passing of her father. That’s highly endearing as it shows how her father’s passing has affected Nina even when she herself does not realize it. Nina may be repressing a small bit of sadness over the passing of her father even though she has barely spoken to her parents at all. We all know that Nina is half dragon, half human, but is there not more to the situation than meets the eye?

3. Innocence in Love

One extremely adorable trait of Nina’s is her innocence when in the face of love. Nina Drango has clearly shown how inexperienced she is with men, as shown in the point above, but when she falls in love, Nina just becomes all the more adorable. Her falling in love with Chris, who is King Charioce XVII in disguise, creates instant changes to Nina’s life and prevents her from turning into a dragon every time she is around a guy.

This is essentially Nina’s wish come true as she just wants to experience love without having to turn into a dragon at every turn, something that gives her great frustration and embarrassment. Not only does Chris put a stop to Nina’s random transformations, Chris also gives Nina the power to transform at will, a trait that she has always wanted. When Chris and Nina share a single kiss in episode 17, Nina finally gains that power over her transformations.

It is through Nina’s complicated relationship with Chris that we see a cuter side of Nina as well. He affects her in her everyday life like when she needs to work. Nina also expresses how safe she feels around Chris, which is unusual because he has never really done anything to help her since Nina is fully capable of defending herself. However, it is through Chris that Nina feels safe and that in itself is sweet. Are we not all looking for someone we feel safe with even if we can protect ourselves? And then Nina even states that she and Chris were pretty much born to dance together. How cute is that?

4. Her complete faith in Chris is so endearing.

Nina Drango’s innocence in the face of love shows the most when she ends up stuck with King Charioce XVII in episode 17 after discovering that Chris is, in fact, King Charioce XVII. He was creating great turmoil for her and the demons, yet she had found love for Chris. Nina looks at Chris and states that she cannot bring herself to even hate him because the thought of everyone hating him was unbearable. How self-sacrificing is that?

Nina would let go of her anger and hatred of Chris and his deceit so that Chris is not entirely hated by the world. That just shows how Nina is innocent. Nina wants to believe in Chris and his love, however, as we the audience know, is Chris deserving of that trust at all?

5. Trusting Nature

Oh yes, Nina Drango is overly trusting of people. She tells Jeanne d’Arc her secret without having real reason to tell her, nor was she able to transform and prove herself, but Nina felt misguided trust in Jeanne anyway. Considering the fact that everyone is on the lookout for the Red Dragon, you’d think Nina would be more careful about who she told her secret to.

Nina also reveals her secret to the Rag Demon, who she didn’t actually intend to reveal the secret to, but she even revealed her method of transformation to him. The Rag Demon wants to use Nina and she thinks nothing of it since it is for the better treatment of demons. Who would be so naive as to reveal all of their secrets to a complete stranger who has not really proven himself as a trustworthy person?

Then, after discovering that Chris is, in fact, King Charioce XVII, Nina still continues to transform around him after they kiss! Nina was granted the power to change at will and yet, she feels the need to do so right then and there revealing that fact to Chris, who earlier had told his knights to kill the Red Dragon on sight. Who knows if by after the time this article was written (episode 17) if Chris will prove himself either innocent or guilty, but Chris surely hasn’t proven himself as a good man by this episode. Kudos to Nina for being overly optimistic, but Chris really hasn’t proven himself worthy of her trust! Yet, you do have to give props to Nina for trusting people so easily despite how often she gets taken advantage of or treated poorly. It just goes to show that she has a rather pure heart.

Bonus: Dedication to Others

Our last and final Nina Drango highlight have to be her dedication to others. When push comes to shove, Nina will always try her best to help others even when they haven’t really earned her trust, as indicated earlier with Chris and the Rag Demon. Nina works hard for everyone and when she gives her word, she means it.

This is seen by how hard she works in comparison to her other bounty hunter friends to make a living. Nina is willing to do the brunt of the labor and with a smile on her face. She dedicates herself to helping her friends earn a living. Then you see it with how she dedicated Nina is to the demons’ cause even when she herself has never really felt affiliated with the demons’ plight. Yet, she is willing to put her neck on the line for them. Then you see how dedicated she is in her love for Chris for though he deceived her and stole her heart, she can never truly hate him.

Nina’s dedication to other people is truly an amalgamation of all of her wonderful traits and it is simply why she is the perfect waifu.

Final Thoughts

Nina Drango is a refreshing female protagonist and while she may be a bit boy crazy, she’s adorable in every way! How many people out there watching Shingeki no Bahamut: Virgin Soul agree? If so, let us know why. If not, tell us your favorite Shingeki no Bahamut: Virgin Soul character. And don’t forget to share your thoughts about the anime! All of this should be mentioned in the comments below!

015 [Honey's Crush Wednesday] 5 Nina Drango Highlights - Shingeki no Bahamut: Virgin Soul


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