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  • Developer/Publisher: Square Enix
  • Release Date: Nov. 29th, 2016

Final Fantasy XV Preview (No Spoilers)

Set in the modern fantasy world of Eos, this latest dive into the Final Fantasy franchise follows the story of young prince Noctis Lucis Caelum as he travels with his three companions to meet his betrothed. Their journey begins innocently enough, but soon after leaving his home kingdom of Lucis, Noctis receives some terrible news! Lucis’ meeting to sign a treaty with warring Niflheim went awry, and Niflheim has taken the capital city of Insomnia, with the news reporting that Noctis, his father the king, and his betrothed are all dead. And thus Noctis, Ignis, Gladiolus and Prompto set off on a different quest, to find a way for Noctis to take back his homeland and find the Lady Lunafreya. While Niflheim is working to capture Noctis and his friends at every turn, the prince’s group is difficult to overwhelm, especially with other key people to help them along their way. As they work to take back Insomnia, Noctis and his party will have to face more hardship and difficulty than they ever could have imagined.

Noctis Lucis Caelum Bio

-Seiyuu Name: Tatsuhisa Suzuki -English: Ray Chase

Noctis Lucis Caelum is the prince of Lucis, and the protagonist in Final Fantasy XV. He struggles to show his emotions, due to a traumatic childhood event in which he lost his mother. Noctis has a strained relationship with his father, King Regis, as Noctis felt abandoned growing up, with his father focusing so much time and effort on the kingdom. Noctis also feels the pressure of being a prince, striving to live up to his father’s example while fearing he will never grow to be as great. He relies heavily on his companions, especially in the beginning, although he treats them as equals rather than inferiors. All in all, Noctis’ journey of growth toward becoming a worthy king is one of most compelling tales Final Fantasy XV could tell.

Noctis Lucis Caelum Highlights (Spoilers beyond this point)

1. Has inherited amazing abilities

Noctis is from the line of Lucis, a line of kings that pass down powerful strengths to help future kings protect their kingdom. And since he is the player character, he is able to use all weapon types in the game, which makes him extremely versatile to fit any play style! Noctis can link up with his friends to perform powerful combos, and has the ability to warp while on the battlefield, allowing him to quickly reach enemies who are far away or to bypass a fight. Noctis is also able to use magic and wield the powerful Ring of Lucii to take down his foes. And starting after the end of Chapter 4, Noctis can even summon powerful astrals to help him in his quest.

Yet Noctis’ most powerful ability is one that he has inherited from his ancestors. After Noctis finds out his kingdom has been taken, he meets up with Cor, one of his father’s most loyal allies. Cor tells Noctis that he has the power of kings, which allows him to use the weapons and strength of kings from the past. This ability greatly aids in Noctis’ quest, giving the player free, powerful weapons. With all of these assets, it’s no wonder that Noctis is able to defeat Niflheim agents over and over again!

2. Has human weaknesses

It seems you can’t be the heir to the throne without having some personal struggles in your life. Noctis is certainly a human character, even with all of his otherworldly strengths. But to be able to be a king, he must become more certain, confident in his decisions, and able to think of others first. When Noctis first begins his journey, he is unable to share his emotions very well, even among his friends. He struggles with the concept of looking past himself to the well-being of others, especially when he is upset by a dangerous situation. And although Noctis treats his friends as equals, it still takes effort for him to empathize with any of them as they encounter problems along the way, at least until it is too late. This is particularly evident with Noctis’ treatment of Ignis after the battle at Altissia.

While Noctis begins Final Fantasy XV with many of these personal weaknesses holding him back, he does not end it that way. When he first encounters the possibility of becoming the king of Lucis, Noctis balks at the idea and becomes angry with his father. He is fearful he will not live up to his father’s expectations – or to the expectations he holds for himself. Yet with all of these problems and faults, we are able to see Noctis as a more real character and identify with him because he must learn to grow, as we do in life.

3. Has respect for others

Even as Noctis worries about his own situation during his journey, we can also see that he cares about other people. He spent most of his younger days feeling alone and afraid to get too close to anyone after the death of his mother and distancing of his father. Yet, Noctis obviously cares about his friends, even though he struggles to show that clearly. He is upset when Prompto is pushed off the train on the way to Tenebrae and attempts to get him back, being easily tricked by Ardyn several times because of his blind desperation. Noctis fights with Gladiolus often, as Gladio does not always see that Noctis has the potential to become king. This upsets Noctis, as he seems to respect his friends’ opinions and wants Gladio to see how much he has grown. Noctis also struggles to know what to do about Ignis after he becomes blind, as he clearly wants his friend/advisor around but does not want Ignis to be hurt any more than he has been.

Noctis does not only care for his friends and companions, but for other people he meets as well. Many of the quests the player will go through show that Noctis is capable of caring about the people he will be ruling, as he goes out of his way to help them. Sure, you get a few extra benefits for completing a quest – but Noctis himself doesn’t know that! As Noctis continues to grow as a potential ruler, he becomes even more noble and willing toward his cause. Eventually, he is developed into the king everyone hoped he would become. While Noctis can be selfish and irresponsible sometimes, he does try his best to show respect for others, even if he doesn’t always know what that looks like.

4. Has romantic ideals

One of the most interesting things about Noctis is the surprising romantic side he shows when it comes to Lady Lunafreya. Although Noctis is often silent about his feelings when questioned by his friends, their reactions show his true colors. This is also reflected in his reaction to Lady Lunafreya’s death. Sure, Noctis is upset about losing his childhood friend in such a horrific manner – but he is also devastated that he will never be able to be with the woman he loves. The Oracle’s death is one of the main reasons he strives to kill Ardyn over and over, as Noctis tries to avenge Lunafreya’s untimely death.

Even in the early game cut scenes, it is evident how much of a romantic Noctis is. He communicates with Lady Lunafreya via a book that they send back and forth, and the messages are usually designed to be sweet and caring. Of course, as the player controlling Noctis, you can always pick the simple option that shows no feeling – but it is clear that the prince himself would not want you to! Whenever Noctis speaks about Lunafreya, he is very fond of her, having respect for her and her duties as Oracle. One of the most impactful moments comes when Luna hands the Ring of Lucii off to Noctis, and she speaks to him for the last time. From that moment alone, it is apparent that the two love each other.

5. Has his quirks

On top of all of his human weaknesses and immense strengths, Noctis has several personality traits that make him more relatable. He hates vegetables, often protesting when Ignis tries to make him eat them. In fact, Noctis is not great at cooking or motivated to do so, relying heavily on his royal advisor to take care of that aspect of his life. He also hates bugs, a fact that he often voices after fighting a giant wasp or other large insect, which is a trait he shares with Prompto. The two friends both have a love of animals as well, particularly Lady Lunafreya’s two dogs and Chocobos. After the player first arrives at Gladin Quay, Noctis finds a cat that he decides to get a meal for, displaying his fondness for creatures.

Yet Noctis’ two biggest quirks are rather unusual for a crowned prince. The first is his propensity for sleep. Noctis loves to sleep, often nodding off while the adventurers are driving around in the Regalia, even if it is just for a short drive. Noctis’ second personality quirk is his love of fishing. The prince seems happiest while fishing, even if the player isn’t always able to catch anything. Each of the four party members has a skill that can be updated – Gladio has survival, Ignis has cooking, Prompto has photography ,and Noctis has fishing. Noctis isn’t your typical prince, but that makes him all the more interesting!

Final Thoughts

Today, we have seen how great of a protagonist Noctis truly is! He may be a bit selfish and show weakness in the beginning of Final Fantasy XV, but he continues to develop as he journeys. Noctis has his quirks and his romantic ideals, which help to make him even more of a relatable character for players. And at the end, Noctis can truly be called a king. He has made his way from a hesitant prince to a confident ruler, even through all of the struggles along the way.

And with that, we’ve come to the end of our article! So what do you think? Is Noctis your favorite character from Final Fantasy XV? If not, who do you like the most? Let us know in the comments below!

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