[Honey's Crush Wednesday] 5 Princess Highlights (Princess Principal)

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Princess Highlights - Princess Principal

  • Episodes: 12
  • Genre: Action
  • Airing Date: Jul 9, 2017 to present
  • Producers: Bandai Visual, Lantis,Movic, Tokyo MX, Q-Tec, Hakuhodo DY Music & Pictures, Medicos Entertainment

Princess Principal Preview (No Spoilers)

Good day, ladies and gentlemen! Welcome to the Kingdom of Albion! Princess Principal introduces us to this world, specially designed for steampunk lovers. There is even a material called Cavorite that can make people and things fly! In this imagined country with all the flavor of Victorian England, a war has torn apart the capital. A wall is built and now the Commonwealth and the Kingdom of Albion fight each other for the full control of the country. The rivals use spies to collect intelligence, but our story centers on the adventures of Shirohato, a group of five girls who work for the Commonwealth. Ange, Dorothy, Princess, Beatrice and Chise pose as students at the prestigious Queens May Fair School, while they get involved in the most dangerous missions and persecutions in enemy territory.

Princess Bio

Voice actress: Sekine Akira

Some of the most interesting spy stories have royalty in them. However, it is even more interesting when the royal member are a spy themselves! So, ladies and gentlemen, we have the immense pleasure of introducing you to Princess. This blue eyed girl with long, blonde, curly hair is one of the people you would least think about in regards to spies. So, how do we prove that Princess is awesome? Keep reading! Just be careful with a few spoilers ahead!

Princess Highlights

1. Princess’ noble background

Princess is the granddaughter of the current Queen of Albion. She is fourth in line of succession to the throne! Her uncle is the Duke of Normandy, the Home Secretary of the Albion Kingdom. Taking into account that her grandmother already is old and the Duke has gray hair… well, we can see that Princess is part of the younger generation. That does not stop the Duke in making plans for her marriage, though, as he mentions a potential alliance with Russia in chapter four.

One interesting detail is that we still do not know much about Princess’ parents. Taking into account that there was a violent revolution when she was younger, the whereabouts of Princess’ family are a mystery to some extent… However, her noble background surely has played into her favor when it comes to surviving. Just look how the average Albion citizen is doing and you can appreciate the difference.

2. Princess personality

We can see that Princess was raised in a royal family immediately because of her good manners. Her soft voice and gracious demeanour make her look like the perfect lady. It is also said that Princess has good grades. And well, have you noticed how she prefers light colours when she dresses up? The only occasions when she wears black is at the school (because of the uniform) and when she is take care of her spy duties. Other than that… Princess knows how to look pure and innocent.

Princess also distinguishes herself for her kindness. For example, she took Beatrice as a maid despite the fact that Beatrice is somewhat odd. Not that we think dear Beatrice is odd, but apparently other people in Albion think that. Anyway, Princess is actually a good friend to the girls of Shirohato. As far as we have seen, Princess never misses a tea party with them 😉

3. Princess keeps a low profile

Each of the girls in Shirohato has a special set of abilities that they use while at work. We could think that, the more abilities they have, the better in order to survive. Thus, we understand why even the other members of Shirohato dissuade Princess from participating in missions. Especially in the case of Beatrice and Ange, they often request their friend to leave the most dangerous parts of the adventure to them.
This is why the first time that we see Princess in the anime, she is just asking Beatrice for a status update.

However, this doesn’t mean that our lady is a mere decorative object. Princess uses her royal position to access places where the other members would be normally banned. In chapter four, during the assault Shirohato conducts in a boat to steal a prototype of a new Cavorite device, we discover that Princess knows how to shoot. Also, in chapter 5 during the battle abroad two trains, it would have been very convenient to leave everything in the capable hands of Ange and Chise. Princess did not simply sit and wait, though, as she rushed to one of the train’s controls to stop it before the trains could derail. We have to admit this lady has guts despite of not being in the center of the action most of the time.

4. Princess contrast with Ange

And this is where we notice how interesting the dynamic is between Ange and Princess. While Ange is probably the most capable in Shirohato (because of her intellect, resourcefulness, and her brute force, it is not enough to survive in the spying game), Princess is a beginner. While Ange is always running, punching, kicking and deceiving, Princess observes and thinks. Even their spy outfits have contrasting color accents (red and blue).

It is very important to have a varied team if you want to succeed in such a delicate thing as collecting intelligence from the government of an enemy country. If you don’t believe such an initiative can succeed, just see how Ange and Princess manage to get out of the most suspenseful situations together. In chapter 2, Princess demanded Ange and Dorothy to let her work with them in exchange for hiding an important key. If the guards discovered that Ange had it, that would have been the end for her and Dorothy. However, just as the approval from their superiors arrived, Ange barely managed to pass the key to Princess. We also have the moment when Princess and Ange stopped the two trains from crashing against each other as a great example of their team work despite her contrasting personalities.

5. Princess has her own plans

Perhaps what is most interesting about Princess is that we really do not know which side she is on. The most obvious idea would be that she is loyal to the royal family and to the Albion Kingdom. Nevertheless, she is working with the Commonwealth spies to overthrow the Kingdom because… she wants to be Queen! That sounds so typical and boring, but wait. There is more.

In chapter 3, we find out that Ange became a spy to cross the wall and find Princess. She planned to escape with her to a foreign country! However, Princess wants to become a Queen to destroy the wall. She says she is thinking about all the other people like Ange and herself who are separated by politics, so she wants to put an end on it. We also discover that Princess and Ange knew each other a long time ago and that their names are switched! So… what is happening? It would be tempting to believe that Princess just wants to overthrow the Albion kingdom, but is there even more to discover about her? What if she ends up betraying everyone? Who is Princess for real? Which are her true plans? We will have to keep watching Princess Principal to find out ><

Final Thoughts

Princess Principal is one of those anime series that you don’t expect to be so interesting at the beginning. Yes, it has adventure and spies, but that is not too difficult to develop. However, we have to admit that the characters are giving us several surprises just in the first episodes. Princess, of course, is not the exception.

Our lady looks and behaves as the classical royal in front of other people, but this is a carefully crafted mask. Apparently, it is only with the members of Shirohato that we get some glimpses of Princess’ true self. And even such glimpses might be a disguise! For being a lady with many sides, we have to honour this intelligent, calm and capable spy!

Which are your favorite scenes with Princess? Do you think she is truly against the Kingdom of Albion? Don’t forget to leave a comment! We expect to see you back in Albion soon, ladies and gentlemen 😉

046 [Honey's Crush Wednesday] 5 Princess Highlights (Princess Principal)


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