Top 7 Princess Principal Characters with the Most Tragic Story

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Warning: this article contains some spoilers. If you haven’t watched Princess Principal yet, we recommend you to do before reading the article.

Knowing how and when to lie, being prepared to rush or attack… the five heroines of Princess Principal gave us a few lessons on how to be a rocking spy in the middle of enemy territory. However, despite their artful deception ways, the show slowly revealed us what is behind their facades. A story of the war between two factions fighting for the control of a country was ultimately complemented by the tragic stories of the people who were suffering the consequences of that war. Do you want to revive the most tragic stories in Princess Principal with us? Let’s go!

7. Eric

This scientist was working under the Kingdom of Albion. However, he desires to cross the wall that divides the country towards the Commonwealth territory. Thus, the mission for the Shirohato spies (our girls) is to bring him to safety. The puzzling part is that Eric suddenly requests to bring his sister Amy, too. That and plus his odd behavior.

The mission that opens Princess Principal could not be more impactful. A brilliant guy who is in danger requests protection from the Commonwealth and is subject of a persecution together with Shirohato. The details about his sister and the revelation of a painful truth about both is what makes of Eric a tragic character. And well, the ending of the episode was too shocking to tell.

6. Prefect

This lady spy appeared in one of the last missions of the first season of Princess Principal. With the look of a frail but capable secretary, Prefect turns out to be one of the most efficient agents of the Commonwealth. She is only second to Ange! However, Prefect’s role in assisting Shirohato in one of their missions will prove to be more relevant than it is evident at first.

We really don’t think too much about other members of the Commonwealth faction, as most of the story of Princess Principal is focused on our five Shirohato spies. That is why the introduction of Prefect is such a breath of fresh air. Nevertheless, what starts as a casual spying mission ends up in one of the most tragic twists in the story. We really have to add points for the rivalry between Prefect and Ange, while Dorothy remains an interesting contrast to Prefect.

5. Beatrice

Our lovable “Beth” might appear like a crybaby at first glance. She is the youngest of our spies, with a cute high-pitched voice. If we compare her to the other Shirohato members, we notice this girl always wears elegant clothes, covering most of her body. However, Beatrice’s story is more complicated than what it seems. We meet her as Princess’ helping hand, a noble on her own accord. Always suspicious of Ange, Beatrice is the personification of loyalty. The only reason why she became a spy was to make sure that Princess was going to be safe after all!

Nevertheless, when Beatrice gets altered, her voice starts to change? It turns out that a series of experiments gave her the ability to imitate voices, as long as she has heard them once. This would not be much disturbing or tragic if not for the fact that her own father experimented on her. Yes, that’s the stuff of nightmares. No wonder Beatrice does not trust others easily.

4. Chise

Where do you usually meet your mates or your friends? At the school? At the office? At parties? When you are a spy, you can meet them anywhere, even think they are enemies. That was the case for the introduction of Chise, a bodyguard for Lord Horikawa, who is member of a Japanese delegation in Albion. Chise looks like a frail and short Japanese girl in traditional clothes who is clueless about the culture in Albion.

Chise’s tragic story was presented in a compact but impactful way under a single chapter. She is considered as the best warrior among the Japanese delegation, but one could seriously doubt it if we just see her cute interactions with a kid in the railway. Calm, composed and a bit distant, Chise confesses to Ange that she is seeking revenge of the assassin Toudou, who killed her father. What is revealed by the end of the chapter and the solitude we can see in that image of her figure by the sunset make of her one of the most tragic characters in Princess Principal.

3. Dorothy

To be fair, we don’t see much of Dorothy in the first chapter of Princess Principal. It turns out that she is the head of Shirohato, and her personality is masterfully uncovered in the following episodes. Seductive? Yes. Thoughtful and reflexive? Oh, yes. Coldly efficient when required? Sure! Who could say this beautiful and deadly spy who enjoys the rush of the missions and a good bottle of wine after them has a tragic story?

We should learn that appearances are deceiving. In the mission at the Morgue, it is revealed that Dorothy ran away from an abusive father and poverty to become able to stand for herself. That is the main reason why she became a spy, as it might be dangerous but pays well. During the mission, Dorothy fights and even hits her father, only to be reconciled near the end. The reason is that there are always two sides of the story (meaning that his father wasn’t originally abusive). But oh, the tragedy… better watch it by yourself with a pack of tissues.

2. Ange

It was time that we introduced the de-facto protagonist of Princess Principal. Ange is the most capable spy at the Commonwealth School, but is lead by Dorothy, who is older and more experienced in life. Ange is a master not only of disguise, but also at lying, knowing when other people are lying as well. When she was sent to Queen’s Mayfair School, Ange usually acted as a shy and well-mannered student.

The tragic part of Ange’s story starts with her past. It turns out that she is the real Princess Charlotte, but due to an invasion to the castle, she was left in the streets with the clothes of her beggar friend. Thus, the little girl had to survive as best as she could (it is implied that her ability to lie was enhanced by the incident). Ange’s true personality is quite cold and untrusting, always alert to avoid her true intentions being discovered. Actually, when someone is close to revealing Ange’s authentic human self (like her caring side), she shrugs it away to talk about the “Black Lizard Planet”. However, probably the most tragic thing about her is when Ange is betrayed by the person she least imagined. Nope, we are not going to say who 😉

1. Princess

Princess Charlotte, nicknamed Princess, is the most diplomatic and gracious lady you could imagine. Even when she becomes part of Shirohato, her calm demeanor and generous personality has saved the situation more than once. Many people love Princess because she always thinks of everyone else. Her dream is to become Queen so that she can destroy the wall dividing the Kingdom and the Commonwealth.

Ange herself said once that the most tragic among them was Princess. Once a poor little girl named Ange, she befriended the real Princess and was stuck in the palace after the revolution that divided the country. Panicked at the possibility that anyone would discover that she was a normal citizen, Princess studied day and night. From barely knowing how to read and write, she eventually mastered many languages. Palace etiquette, history, dancing… Princess was always scrupulously about monitoring her own behavior and knowledge. By the time she was a member of Shirohato, Princess already was a true royal, putting her own life at risk in order to achieve her dreams… which might sound heroic, but is also a magnet for tragedy.

Final Thoughts

Ultimately, what we can see about the characters of Princess Principal is that, not matter how hard life might be, you can always find a companion. Yes, even in the middle of a revolution and chaos, you can find your team! So, which was your favorite character of the show? Would you like a second season? Don’t forget to comment! See you soon.

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