Best 5 Psychotic Anime Characters to Die For!

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yuno gasai

Ever wonder what it takes to make it onto a list of pure, unadulterated psychosis? Well you have to be full of the abnormal, thoroughly caught up in the pain and suffering of others to the point of pure ecstasy. You have to be so messed up that everyone that sees you can’t look past how utterly and undeniably screwed up you can be. Your obsessions control your life, your every action.

These are the criteria for making it onto a list of severely messed up characters, and without any over-dramatizations, here’s my list of characters you just need to see to believe!

5. Shion Sonozaki from When They Cry (Japanese: Higurashi no Naku Koro ni)

mion sonozaki
When they Cry

Define demented, and that’s what you get from this show. Everyone dies, no one lives. At one point or another you see a terrifying side of the main characters, but none stood out to me like Shion did. Her intense pressure, the absolutely horrific crazy eyes and just everything about her psychotic persona is terrifying.

To explain why she became psychotic, she was in love with Satoshi and blames the Three Families of Hinamizawa for his disappearance. Because of her grief of losing the boy she loved, she manifested a sadistic personality (one could even say demonic) and began a killing spree to end all others.

This is definitely a character to see when you’re in the mood to feel better about yourself, because it doesn’t get much crazier than this!

Shion Sonozaki
shion sonozaki mion sonozaki higurashi no naku koro ni fan art

4. Accelerator from A Certain Magical Index (Japanese: Toaru Majutsu no Index)

A Certain Magical Index

Being the most powerful psychic in Academy City; so much so that he has to consciously allow gravity to affect him, Accelerator isn’t someone to mess with. Mix these facts with a sadistic personality and you’ve got a recipe for disaster. He’s even changed the direction of blood flow in the body of another person, ultimately killing them.

He took part in an experiment to become the world’s first level 6 ESPer. Because there were only 6 other level 5’s known, he was tasked with killing 20,000 level 3’s (which he did so willingly, happily even).

What do you say about a boy that is more than willing to murder 20,000 people to become stronger? You say that’s a deep level of psychosis.

Accelerator fan art 01
Accelerator fan art 02

3. Berg-Katze from Gatchaman Crowds

Gatchaman Crowds

Berg isn’t your normal “regular person” crazy; (s)he’s on an entirely different level of sadism. His/Her main goal is to turn everyone in the universe against each other, ultimately killing themselves. He/She acts androgynous, meaning you can’t tell what gender (s)he is, all you know is that doesn’t matter at all.

With the power to transform into anyone that Berg kisses, they’ve disguised themselves before to frame people for all types of crimes.

What puts Berg on the list of psychotic characters isn’t just because they’re crazy: it’s how crazy. To never get their own hands dirty, but force others without them knowing and the master level manipulation, it’s a psychological fan’s dream!

Berg-Katze fan art 02

2. Yuno Gasai from Future Diary (Japanese: Mirai Nikki)

yuno gasai

Yuno is quite possibly the most insane character I have ever personally seen out of any anime. She goes beyond psycho-murder crazy (she’s that too), but also has stalker and kidnapping in her repertoire. An obsession with the main character Yukiteru and even twisting his vision on more than one occasion. She stops at nothing to be with “Yuki,” meaning she has kidnapped and strapped him to a chair before. Feeding him and even helping him use the bathroom, she never allows him to leave the chair.

Coupling this obsession with the knowledge that they’re in a dangerous game of “kill the rest,” she shows her true colors on more than a single occasion. She murders anyone that gets in the way of her being with Yuki, going so far as being prepared to kill his mother if she dislikes her.

She’s gained this insane level of psychosis from the actions of her own mother, who locked her in a cage whenever she felt like. Not being allowed to leave her cage, she’d be forced to urinate and even defecate all over herself, oft times going without food. This is a textbook level of obsession that would have psychologists busy for years trying to figure out just what exactly they would need to do to help her.

Yuno Gasai
yuno gasai fan art

1. Liang Qi from Canaan

Liang Qi
cannan DVD

This is an exceedingly fun character to see, mainly because she doesn’t always appear as crazy as she seems. At least not until you find out just how obsessed she is with her commander, who she refers to as “Onee-san” (older sister).

In a fight she has with her commander (Alphard), when she gets cut she screams, “It hurts… It hurts sister, more, make it hurt more!”

Tell me that’s not crazy. Throughout the entire series she’s shown to be highly unforgiving with an all too devoted attitude towards Alphard. Her obsession brings her to do these unspeakable acts, with the face of a madwoman and the smile of a killer.

Liang Qi fan art

That finishes my favorites list of psychotic characters! If you have any other recommendations please leave them in the comments section below and tell us what you think! Believe me when I say, there’s always time for a little bit of crazy in our lives.

by Nathaniel Loomis