[Honey's Crush Wednesday] 5 Reasons Alucard Hellsing is the #1 Vampire Hellsing Ultimate

What’s wrong? You’ve only had two legs blown off.

  • Episodes :10
  • Genre :Action, Horror, Supernatural
  • Airing Date : Feb. 2006 – Dec. 2012
  • Producers :Madhouse, Satelight

Alucard Hellsing Preview (No Spoilers)

Both anime series follow the Hellsing Organization as it takes on undead hordes to protect Britain. Though Integra Hellsing is the head of this religious order, the one in charge of doling out punishments to those that wish to tarnish Britain is Alucard, the organization’s personal undead nightmare. He is a vampire of the highest degree, but the question remains if his power combined with that of his new underling, Seras Victoria, and the Angel of Death, Walter, is enough to stop an entire army of vampires and ghouls?

Alucard Hellsing Bio

Seiyuu Name: Alucard

Alucard is a vampire, whose transformation from human to monster stems from his complete rejection of the world. In other words, he is a pure vampire that was either cursed by God or blessed by the devil. Centuries ago, he was defeated by an ancestor of the Hellsing family and thus became their servant. Now, having been summoned forth by Integra to help her control the Hellsing Organizaiton, he leads the fight against other undead nightmares that challenge the natural order of things.

Powerful beyond belief, Alucard can perform unimaginable feats. Outside of dual wielding pistols that few could shoot without dislocating their shoulders, he can dematerialize, heal any type of wound, integrate himself into objects, walk through walls, and so much more. This demon can even call forth hellhounds through his body to devour his opponent.

Despite being a creature of the night and having immeasurable abilities, Alucard is still able to forge deep relationships with those around him, even with some of his enemies. It’s enjoyable enough to watch either series for the intense action, but the intrigue behind how Alucard has formed such relationships and how they will turn out by the end is another great aspect of both shows.

Alucard Hellsing Highlights

1. Monster

Let’s start off with his most glaring trait. The guy’s a monster. He can dematerialize, heal any wound, and bring hell to Earth all because he is debatably the very first vampire after allowing his hatred to consume him. There is a reason his name spells Dracula when read backwards, but that’s just a fun fact. His thirst for blood and chaos basically goes off the charts when presented with a challenge. In many cases, he and the entire Hellsing Organization, for that matter, are portrayed in a similar light to the villains they are trying to destroy. This is especially true in Hellsing Ultimate as Alucard is just as likely to terrify you as he is to impress you.

In the 2001 Hellsing anime, he’s still a monster for sure, but the nobility of the ‘Count’ in him is shown to a much greater degree. His bloodlust, on the other hand, is much more under control. If gore isn’t your thing, then this is the anime to begin your infatuation with Alucard.

Madhouse and Satelight really didn’t hold back any punches making him as devilish as possible. Even though he’s generally not the type to hunt those who are still human, in episode three he massacres a whole squadron of humans. Admittedly, they are attacking him and acting as an obstacle, but the bloody spectacle he puts on is nothing less than brutal overkill. He rips out their jugulars, He sends the final battalion of normal soldiers flying through the air to be impaled on the courtyard poles. Nonetheless, his black soul and love for blood could not fit this bad boy’s style anymore perfectly.

2. Sharp-dressed man

His usual outfit is comprised of a Victorian style dress, including a charcoal suit, leather riding boots, and an intricately knotted red cravat, all of which is covered by a full-length, red overcoat. He also generally wears orange oval shades with goggle sidings and a red fedora. However, he can often be seen without them in order to awe the audience with his crazy hair changes and the intensity of his eyes. Though he is seen in a couple different outfits throughout the series (a straightjacket when he first meets Integra and a black suit with a red tie when traveling to South America) he is always wearing his white gloves with their five pointed seals, which act as limits on his power. Yeah, he’s one of those characters whose power needs to be restrained otherwise he’d destroy everything.

Even if you’re not a fan of his neon orange shades, you can’t help but admit that Alucard catches your eye whenever he’s on screen. No, it’s not just because he might have a demonic dog popping from his arm, eyes spreading over his entire body, or is simply seaming his body back together after being torn apart by bullets that we find ourselves glued to him. The guy just cuts a figure with his overcoat and aristocratic garments. Talking about his overcoat, a fun fact is that his red overcoat seems to be an homage to the first of the Hellsing family to defeat him. In Hellsing Ultimate, we see a recently conquered Alucard in practically the same attire, but with a black overcoat. However, the man standing above him, driving a spear through Alucard’s chest, is wearing none other than a worn and tattered version of the red coat that Alucard dons.

In the end, red and black are definitely the colors that define his personality and they even help accentuate his more demonic features in a wardrobe that could almost be seen as gentile. That is not an easy task.

3. Aristocrat

For being a monster, The Bird of Hermes (one of his many nicknames along with Vlad the Impaler, Son of the Dragon, Zamiel, and Nosferatu) has a great deal of class. However, this really shouldn’t come as to much of a surprise as he was a Count when he was still human. Aristocracy is simply in his blood.

Though many look down on his mere existence, he refuses to bow his shoulders in shame for his decisions. He carries himself with respect, pride, and a certain noble haughtiness that few can match. Time and time again, he loves to make his enemies, especially those of the vampire class, prostrate themselves before him. He also tends to look down at most of these new vampires, who run rampant, as nothing more than garbage for being unable to control their urges. It’s a mixture of frustration over their beliefs that they have become immortal and disgust at their inability to feed with purpose.

It is hard to argue that his confidence doesn’t cross the border into cockiness, but it is even harder to argue that he hasn’t earned said arrogance. However, he knows how to show respect to those at his level and those superior. This is shows most heavily in his respect for the Queen, who Alucard shows great admiration when he says that she is still the “same spirited young woman” he met 50 years ago and that she’s truly beautiful Then there’s the fact that he willingly serves Integra. Blood has major thematic relevance in the show, but even with that being the case, it is unlikely that Alucard would be serving Integra just for being a descendant of those who have controlled him in the past.

4. Duelist

You might not be able to make him admit it, but, as mentioned above, he holds a great deal of respect to those that have impressed him. Sometimes it’s hard to see as he will still often antagonize them in a crude manner, but there are indeed moments when he displays a deep sense of esteem to other beings.

Such affection is clearly shown to people like Integra, but surprisingly enough there’s even some tenderness in his rivalry with Father Anderson. It is within such regard to an opponent that one can easily tell how much Alucard appreciates those who challenge him.

His life is essentially a constant slumber as he devours all who step before him with ease, waiting for someone to actually threaten his existence. That is why he gets so excited whenever someone voluntarily stands before him. He needs the thrill of battle, and he needs to put everything on the line. “HURRY, HURRY,” he continuously yells at Luke Valentine, expecting a battle to get his blood boiling. However, Luke’s will to fight wanes and Alucard is reminded why he believes only man can kill him.

Yep, even though his powers go beyond that of nightmares, Alucard both hopes and expects that his life will end by a human’s hand. Such a belief actually goes hand in hand with rejection of the idea of immortality. It’s also the reason why he cries once he has defeated Father Anderson for good. In that moment, he lost someone who had for a time offered a slim chance of freedom.

5. Remorse

Possibly the most interesting facet of Alucard’s personality is that he holds regret over choosing to become a monster. Or at least, he understands that his choice to become this demon is proof of his weakness. In his mind, making that choice only proved that he was unable to handle the strain and hardships of life while in a mortal frame.

This disdain for demonic blood is shown quite frequently throughout the series, with the exception of Seras Victoria. One such moment is in the battle with Walter, the ex-butler of Integra, after he has betrayed the Hellsing Organization and turned into a vampire. Alucard pines over the loss of Walter’s progression into old age and calls his new body “wretched.” Another such scene is Alucard’s final battle with Father Anderson. At the conclusion of this fight, Alucard exclaims, “you are me... I was just the same! Don't you understand, this is how I became what I am?” right before breaking down into tears. This burst of emotion shows the extent to which he is frustrated with his position in life.

In the end, it’s a rather unique aspect of his character that separates him from most other characters in the show. They desire his immortality and power while he desires the power of man to blossom to the point that it can strike him down.

Final Thoughts

Alucard Hellsing is the ultimate vampire for several reasons. Sadly, only a few of them could be discussed in this article. Nonetheless, these reasons are the most important and the only things one needs to know to start a long and hard crush on one of the most vicious characters in anime history. He’s a killer, clearly, in more ways than one.

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