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Following the story of Alucard and Seras Victoria, a policewoman he turned into a vampire, Hellsing tells the tale of an organization that was formed in order to dispose of vampires, as well as humans who are turned into ghoul-like creatures. Although this anime is conventionally different from others in terms of style and soundtrack, the plot that has been established is one that will reel you in — perhaps not from the very first minute of the anime, but surely, by the end of the first episode, you will want to see more! Essentially, the goal of the protagonists is to vanquish other vampires who are committing evil in the human world.

Alucard and Seras are both interesting characters in their own way, however, the first time that Alucard is introduced to us, we are suspicious of him because he appears to be someone that is dangerous — almost antagonistic. However, when (not so much of a spoiler alert!) he gives a choice to Seras as to whether she wants to join the Hellsing Organization or not, his character arc becomes somewhat a little more interesting, and thus, a little more complicated. Consequently, Hellsing is absolutely one of those anime that will stick with you, even if the vampire genre anime is not your forte. Below are a list of other anime that are similar to the dark, gory and psychologically thrilling Hellsing, and hopefully they will exceed your expectations!

Similar anime to Hellsing

1. Devil May Cry

  • Episodes: 12
  • Aired: June 2007 — September 2007

Based on a video game of the same name, Devil May Cry is a story about a half-demon half-human demon-hunter named Dante. He owns a business that aims to exterminate other demons who cause problems for the rest of the immediate society. Much like Hellsing, the beginning of the anime shows Dante investigating a bar that was rumoured to have been the location of various acts of violence.

Of course, he was shown to immediately eradicate what he suspected was to be the demons, using a sword in the same manner that Alucard used his gun. Although it is apparent that Dante has not yet established the Devil May Cry organization, the anime shows the progression of his character as well as the organization whose goal is to destroy other demons. Like Alucard, Dante’s character arc is complex and thus intriguing, and will surely make you love him.

Despite the fact that the art style isn’t similar at all (considering that it’s a slightly newer anime), the atmosphere of Devil May Cry is surprisingly similar to Hellsing in terms of parts and pieces of the plot. Of course, the added supernatural element of it certainly does play a part in making it an anime that is somewhat comparable to Hellsing. Watch this anime and your love for demons will skyrocket!

2. Trinity Blood

  • Episodes: 24
  • Aired: April 2005 — October 2005

One thing that already makes Trinity Blood a distinguished anime is that it’s set after the Armageddon, when the world has almost been thoroughly destroyed. However, just like Hellsing, there is a war between the humans and the vampires, although it is magnified to a large extent than the former anime. The protagonist, Abel Nightroad, is a priest from the Vatican — but there’s a twist! He is also a crusnik, a vampire who drinks the blood of other vampires.

Of course, characters like Abel, Alucard, and Dante all have something in common — they come from organisations that intend to destroy those of their kind. Despite the fact that Abel and Alucard are different in more ways than one, they both carry a sort of dignity in being a vampire and want to destroy those that are not worthy of carrying that same honor.

Much like Alucard, Abel also meets a young girl, Esther, that ventures with him to the Vatican in order to become a better vampire-hunter. Although the methods in which they meet are different from Alucard and Seras, Abel and Esther are shown to already have somewhat of a closer and less professional relationship. The character arcs between the two pairs are clearly different, however the dynamics are somewhat similar, and with the world in chaos before them, Trinity Blood is sure to give you a thrill!

3. Kuroshitsuji (Black Butler)

  • Episodes: 24
  • Aired: October 2008 — March 2008

Slightly different in its approach to the plot, Kuroshitsuji (Black Butler) is a anime about a young boy (Ciel) who, after losing the things and people most precious to him, makes a deal with a demon (Sebastian) by giving up his soul in exchange for revenge. After the deal has been finalized, Ciel Phantomhive became head of the Phantomhive corporation, where he deals with various business affairs as well as underground work for the Queen of England.

Throughout the anime, Ciel tries to uncover the truth about the murder of his parents, and by effect, he finds the truth about what had happened to him the month after the horrible tragedy. Although Kuroshitsuji (Black Butler) has a different atmosphere in terms of humour than that of the other three anime above, the underlying themes of the series — both the manga and the anime — are delightfully dark and somewhat ominous.

Hellsing and Kuroshitsuji (Black Butler) may seem to not have that many things in common, but the first plot point that they share is the fact that an organization they both come from exists, despite their purposes being entirely different. With Kuroshitsuji (Black Butler) being slightly more lighthearted and less gory than Hellsing, this anime is still bound to leave an impression on you!

Any Animes Like Hellsing ?

4. Blood+

  • Episodes: 50
  • Aired: October 2005 — September 2006

Blood+ starts off by showing the world in chaos and at war, with citizens being shot and stabbed violently by a young woman who has minions following behind her. It is evident that the first thing that you are meant to feel when watching this anime is absolute horror and sympathy for the girl who watches in fear as the adults and children she grew up with are slaughtered right before her very eyes.

Otonashi Saya, the protagonist, is a girl that has lost her memory of the events of her hometown the year before the war. To her recollection, her classmates and friends’ lives before the war was not that different from how she knew them presently. The series explores Saya’s past with her, as well as the role she plays in the entire anime that changes her life drastically.

Unlike Hellsing, Blood+ gives more of a prominent post-apocalyptic atmosphere, though that is partially due to the fact that a war has already broken out in the universe, which is slightly different than Hellsing. While Hellsing works up to a climactic moment, Blood+ seems to bring back the original war, one that has a whole new set of complications along with unresolved ones that Saya, along with the rest of society, must overcome!

5. Blade

  • Episodes: 12
  • Aired: July 2011 — September 2011

Following the “Daywalker” that has both human and vampire blood with the same name as the title of the anime, Blade is about a man who works in the United States and has been assigned a mission to Japan. While there, Blade tracks down Deacon Frost, the very vampire that attacked and harmed his mother.

Of course, like many other anime, tracking down and taking out antagonists is never an easy task, so Blade confronts Existence, an organization that exists to cast out and annihilate vampires. Although the motive of this anime is not as distinguished as that of Hellsing, the motivation for Blade’s character arc is crucial to the anime. While the organization called Existence aids him in tracking down Deacon Frost, the main issue is to take down one vampire, not various, unlike in Hellsing.

This anime has other counterparts, including a movie that was directed in America, performed by American actors. It tells a similar story to that of the anime, except for the fact, of course, that it is a live-action movie and not an animated one. If you are into pure revenge, then Blade is definitely one you should check out!

6. Black Lagoon

  • Episodes: 12
  • Aired: April 2006 — June 2006

Now, this anime is certainly not that similar to Hellsing, in terms of vampires and demons. However, there is a dark and very frighteningly real component to it that makes it somewhat more frightening and interesting than Hellsing. While the former anime is about a vampire organization, Black Lagoon centers a man who is in a rut as a businessman, consistently working to please his bosses as well as his business partners.

When he’s given the opportunity to go to East China to deliver a disk per request by his boss, the events of the anime start to shift. While it is not supernatural creatures that are inflicting pain upon people in the anime, there is still that aspect of violence that Black Lagoon has in common with Hellsing — only this time, it’s with mercenaries.

The art style of Black Lagoon is similar to that of Hellsing, since they were both produced around the same time, give or take a few years. Even if you feel that you are not a fan of older anime because of the art, Black Lagoon is definitely an anime that is a must-try, seeing as its plot is an intriguing one that is sure to keep you on the edge of your seat!

In case you didn’t already look it up, Hellsing has what can be called a second season. The story is somewhat of a continuation of the first anime, though in the manga, it probably is just another event to occur. The second season brings about new issues for the Hellsing Organisation to solve, though this time, Alucard and Seras are fighting the Vatican.

Is there any other anime that you would like to add to this list? Let us know in the comments below!

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