5 Reasons Satoru Is a Great Character - Pet

Pet-Wallpaper-667x500 5 Reasons Satoru Is a Great Character - Pet
  • Episodes : 13
  • Genre : Mystery, Psychological, Supernatural, Seinen
  • Airing Date : January 6, 2020 - Ongoing
  • Producers : Geno Studio

Pet Preview

For better or worse, everybody wants to read the minds of others. Is our spouse cheating? Is your co-worker embezzling from the company? Is the teacher abusing your child? In those instances, we can’t blame anyone for wanting such a power. In the world of Pet, a secret organization known as “The Company” exploits those who can enter the minds of others and change their memories for their personal agenda. They can manipulate those in power of other organizations or even their own. One such character wielding this unique power is Satoru, a 19-year-old who serves as a sub-main character within Pet, and we’d like to share why he makes a good one.

Satoru Highlights

1. He Has a Cool Power

While a good percentage of the core cast of Pet all have the ability to enter a person’s memories, they all express it in different ways. For the other leads, such as Tsukasa and Hiroki, they can “transition” through people’s subconscious by assuming the form of water and as a goldfish respectively. In the case of Satoru, his power is expressed by using a door similar to Doraemon’s “door-to-anywhere.” Due to the nature of Satoru’s, his boss Katsuragi always uses him as a last resort when it comes to invading the minds of others.

2. He Cares About His Hayashi

Despite being a lackey to “The Company,” Satoru is very loyal to Hayashi, his surrogate father. If it wasn’t for Hayashi saving his life as a child, he’d probably still be a vegetable as he was introduced at the beginning of the series. Thanks to Hayashi teaching Satoru how to overcome his catatonic condition and how to use his power, Satoru appropriately sees him as a father figure. When Pet transitions to Satoru being 19, they haven’t been in contact for the last couple of years and the series demonstrates that he worries about Hayashi and misses him.

3. He’s Clever

As we mentioned above, Satoru is mostly portrayed as a lackey since he’s mostly serving as Katsuragi’s chauffeur, but episodes 5 and 6 perfectly demonstrate that he’s capable of thinking for himself in his desperate search for Hayashi. While he’s under surveillance, he manages to use his power to manipulate the hotel staff into confessing they’re watching him under orders of “The Company,” and he uses his personal knowledge and abilities to sneak out and search for Hayashi. When he meets Jin, another senior member, he feigns that he’s not knowledgeable about "The Company" despite Hayashi previously telling him all of their doings.

4. He’s Empathetic

While Satoru looks like a street punk, in addition to his respect for Hayashi, he’s very empathetic. When he goes to Hiroki and Tsukasa’s fish store, he sees Hiroki suffering from a nervous breakdown and does everything he can to help; when Hiroki accidentally damages a tank, Satoru goes out of his way to help as well; when he listens to Hiroki’s problems with his powers, he does his best to cheer him up; when he meets Jin, who wishes to see her mother who she has no memory of, Satoru immediately states that he’s willing to take her into the memories of someone who knew her.

5. He Conquered His Own Demons

What’s great about Satoru is that he conquered his own childhood demons. When the audience is first introduced to him as a child upon the beginning of the series, you’d swear he was going to be on severe medications and institutionalized for the rest of his life. Thanks to Hayashi’s intervention and upbringing, Satoru has become his own man by showing all the qualities we have shared on this list. While he may have extraordinary abilities, he’s truly a humble young man who is thankful for what he has in life and wants to share his positivity with others.

Final Thoughts

Satoru is certainly a unique character because he’s the textbook definition of “you can’t judge a book by its cover”. With his scar, piercings, bleached hair, and baggy clothes, you’d swear that he’s just an uneducated bum when, in fact, he’s non-violent, sympathetic, and clever in his own ways. Since he originally came from an abusive household, going with Hayashi was probably the best thing that ever happened to him and not only did he get better physically, he became a decent man.

For years, people have been arguing over nature vs. nurture. Through Satoru’s experiences, you get a more in-depth look at that argument. Thanks to the right guidance, he is able to overcome his adversities. Despite Satoru’s unique abilities, he’s a very relatable guy and that’s what makes him a good sub-main character. How about you guys? Do you ever feel like you were in a situation like Satoru’s? Were you able to overcome your barriers thanks to the guidance of a mentor? Please share your thoughts in the comments.

Pet-Wallpaper-667x500 5 Reasons Satoru Is a Great Character - Pet


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