[Honey's Crush Wednesday] 5 Reasons Why Fremy Speeddraw Deserves a Second Chance

Fremy-Speeddraw-Rokka-wallpaper-686x500 [Honey's Crush Wednesday] 5 Reasons Why Fremy Speeddraw Deserves a Second Chance

Point your kindness towards me and it will only make me want to kill you more

  • Episodes :12
  • Genre :Action, Fantasy, Mystery, Adventure
  • Airing Date : July 2015 - September 2015
  • Producers : Pony Canyon, Passione

Fremy Speeddraw Preview (No Spoilers)

Since ancient times, six heroes are to be chosen by the Goddess of Fate. Dubbed as the Braves of Six Flowers, their task is to go up against the Demon King. The cycle was never once broken and this ought to be the same. Yet however, when Adlet Mayer finally met up with the other Braves, he was shocked that there were seven instead of six braves.

This was unprecedented and caused much confusion amongst the heroes as they seek out the seventh brave. Can they identify him before it is too late?

Fremy Speeddraw Bio

Seiyuu Name: Yuuki Aoi
One of the Braves, Fremy was previously reputed to be the Brave Killer, an assassin who took out potential Braves such that only the weakest will be chosen by the Goddess. Fremy comes off as an aloof individual due to her mistrust of other people. As a child, her feelings were betrayed by her own mother, and her life as a half-fiend half-human was no pleasant ride either. Eventually, she warms up to Adlet after his persistent approaches.

Fremy Speeddraw Highlights

1. Saint of the Gunpowder

In a world of magic, Fremy is the Saint of the Gunpowder which is not amongst the other 78 known Saints. This uniqueness is attributed to her genes which will be discussed later. Being a saint of gunpowder confers her a gun and she usually fights from afar. Fremy is shown to be adept at wielding a gun and is able to snipe at her enemies. This gives her a huge advantage over the melee-class Saints as she is able to pick them off from a distant with heavy fire power.

The next ability she has is the power to conjure up explosives that she can throw or incorporate with her gun. In dire situations, she can practically whip out a grenade to surprise enemies and create distance between them. One of the reasons for her heavy firepower could also be due to the fact that she incorporates some of her conjured gunpowder on her bullets which not only has a piercing effect, but also a large AoE effect.

As shown in Episode 7, the explosives she creates also has a beacon like effect that will instantly let her know once it has been set of. She will know the location of the blast.

2. Being Unique – Half-Fiend, Half-Human

Fremy is very different from the other Braves. She is a cross between a human and a Fiend. Through the orders of one Fiend commanders, Fremy was born as a half-human hybrid. Fremy was raised with other Fiends and not much is known about her past in the anime. What was known however was that the Fiends were the nemesis of the Humans race under the Demon King. As such, Fremy can be said to be stuck in the middle of the conflict.

Fremy has the traits of the two races. As shown in the first meeting of the Braves, Fremy was able to enter the temple due to her human traits but the Fiend traits had caused her to be in constant pain due to the effects of the temple’s barrier. Her uniqueness also gave her a special power which was never seen before – the Saint of the Gunpowder.

As a hybrid race, implicitly, Fremy had to balance the ideals between the two. Due to the fact that she is part of the Braves and will eventually slaughter her own half kind may be a very tough burden to bear despite her past which will be explained later. Ultimately, it may even cause her to be rejected from both sides which could be the reason why she is a loner most of the time, and why she was the most likely suspect at first for being the seventh Brave. As such, she not only has to balance her ideals internally, externally she is constantly dealing with rejection as well, which we feel, could be the very reason why she is a pained individual.

3. The Betrayal of Her Kind

The hybrid human-fiend project was never made clear, and Fremy became a subject in the plan by the Fiend commander. Fiends are described as being innately despicable, not much is known on how they treat their own kind. Since fiends are not human as well, we don’t understand their dispositions. One thing is clear however, Fremy described her past as being a betrayal. When she was young, she was brought up to believe that her mother loved her and her friends cared for her. As she spent her days as a child happily, little did she know that it was merely a façade.

As she grew older, she was tasked with assassinating key Saints who had the potential of becoming one of the Braves. All went well until one eventful mission against Chamo in which she was forced to flee for her life. It was at this point when her mother deemed her to be useless and tried to kill her. The community that she was brought up to believe that showered love and care for her was shaken and she had to eventually flee from her own kind and had to defend herself as well.

Although she vowed revenge against her own kind, she also grew to distrust anyone and kept only to herself. In addition to her hybrid form and dealing with rejection, she also had to bear the fact that can never possibly trust anyone but herself to the point of claiming that she might even die alone. Her traumatizing past is what caused her to be a pessimistic individual. She is often a loner and her eyes and expression often has a forlorn look.

4. Her Fragility Despite Her Cold Attitude

Whenever Fremy and Adlet are on the screen, Fremy is always fixated on finding out more about Adlet. The intentions of Fremy became more apparent in the short sequences in which she is trying to understand Adlet and his principles while at the same time, sharing about her past.

Despite her coldness, the fact that she is trying to share her past with another individual implies that she is struggling to find another person to understand her and to find someone she can trust. However, she is conflicted as well and even tried to kill Adlet numerous times.

Frankly, she is quite open with her emotions around Adlet as she sees common traits in him and her which were also pointed out by Adlet. She stated that she cannot bear to listen to Adlet as it made her want to trust him, something she swore she will never do ever again.

We are able to infer from her actions that she’s trying her hardest to trust Adlet but the thoughts of him being the seventh and her past is causing her to have dissonance. However, there is always this moment in which you are able to sense that she really just wants to start trusting others again and drop her mask.

5. How She Eventually Starts to Trust Someone Again

At the pinnacle of Fremy’s development as a character is the relationship between Adlet and Fremy. This is shown in Episode 10 where Adlet finally confessed his love to Fremy. While at first, Fremy was still struggling to accept his confession and even tried to kill him (again…); she eventually succumbed in the later part of the episode and protected Adlet against Mora.

In a single episode, we see Fremy battling her past and conflicting ideas which ultimately end up with her making the decision to trust Adlet. The confession of Adlet is the salvation that Fremy had long sought after and it’s just as good as telling her that she is saved from her despair and loneliness.

The most emotional scene was when Fremy decided to go up against Mora, she stood her ground while tearing up, and she finally releases the pent up emotions. You can’t help but feel happy for her as we were shown the burden that had been bearing all this while and how it was instantly lifted.

Final Thoughts

The anime spends most of the time developing the relation between Fremy and Adlet and hence, much of the screen time was on Fremy. Perhaps this was the reason why she became an iconic character as it allows her past and her present to be expanded and we finally get to understand her despite being an enigma during the first few episodes.

Whether she has more screen time than the other characters is irrelevant, as we have seen the pained state of Fremy and how she eventually starts to trust someone again. This whole journey of Fremy‘s character development is one of the best side-stories in Rokka no Yuusha, and this is why she is a much lovable Brave amongst the other 7.

Thoughts and comments? Do you love Fremy just as much? Maybe you might even have a different Brave in mind. Leave them in the comments box below and we will see you soon!

Fremy-Speeddraw-Rokka-wallpaper-686x500 [Honey's Crush Wednesday] 5 Reasons Why Fremy Speeddraw Deserves a Second Chance


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