[Honey's Crush Wednesday] Top 5 reasons Hans Humpty (Rokka no Yuusha) is a BAMF Cat-boy.

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Rokka-no-Yuusha [Honey's Crush Wednesday] Top 5 reasons Hans Humpty (Rokka no Yuusha) is a BAMF Cat-boy.

Cats are like my masters so I talk like them too! Nyaa!

Cats are smart, mischievous, mysterious and agile. These are also great qualities for a skilled assassin. Could this kitty also have a sweet side? Get ready to find out why Hans Humpty is our favorite cat-boy around!

  • Episodes : 12
  • Genre : Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Magic
  • Airing Date : July 2015 – September 2015
  • Producers : Pony Canyon, Passion, Ponycan USA

Hans Humpty Preview (No Spoilers)

When the Demon God awakens, six heroes chosen by the Goddess of Fate must fight and defeat him to save the world. The heroes are chosen when a flower shaped crest appears somewhere on their body. When the chosen ones all finally meet, however, they have reason to believe one of them is an impostor and likely, a traitor. Suspicious and paranoid, the heroes all face intense battles.

Hans Humpty Bio

Seiyu: Kenichi Suzumura

Before being chosen as one of the six heroes, Hans was an assassin for hire, and a very skilled one at that. He is one of the least known of the heroes, exactly for that reason. As Hans mentions himself, being popular wouldn’t be very convenient as an assassin! He is also one of the strongest heroes. His quick cat-like wit, stealth and approach to fighting have served him well in his mysterious but successful past as well as in his current post as one of the chosen heroes.

Hans Humpty Character Highlights (There will be Spoilers from here on)

1. He’s Mysterious

Nobody really knows much about Hans. All anybody knows is that he is an assassin for hire and most only know it because he shared it voluntarily. However, he never gives out any other information about himself other than how he developed his fighting style based on cats’ movements and the fact that he doesn't lie.You rarely ever see his eyes and his smile always seems to be hiding something.

Always asking the questions, sneaking around or just watching things unfold, Hans will never give himself away. When Hans and Adlet are out scouting, Adlet says he's never heard of him and Hans replies that if he did know about him, it'd be bad for him. Later, when all the heroes tell their stories, Hans begins by saying: “I'm from... well, that doesn't really matter...”. He later mentions that he “lives in darkness” making him even more mysterious. What could he mean?

2. He Looks and Acts Like a Cat!

I mean really, one can’t have a cat-boy crush and not bring up the cat look! Hans has messy black hair that resembles lowered cat-ears which covers his feline golden/yellow eyes most of the time. And of course, no cat-boy would be complete without a tail! He also has finger nails like claws and a wide, mischievous cat-like smile (complete with fangs!) that you just can’t resist, and he wears it often.

His tattered and patched up clothes really showcase Hans' laid back nature which just adds to his cattitude. he also tends to crouch, sit on the ground or sit on top of things when he’s not lying on his side like a resting cat or slinking around just like a feline would. Add to this a “nya!” before and after a few sentences and you can see why Chamo refers to him as “Neko-san”!

3. His Cat's Blade Fighting Style

Of course, Hans’ catness isn’t just skin deep. The reason why he resembles a cat so much in appearance, speech and demeanor is because has developed his fighting style, Cat’s Blade, based on the way cats move. This gives Hans quite the advantage when fighting any type of enemy, not to mention he puts up a really good fight against and even defeats the only hero stronger than him, Chamo.

While he does fight using two large blade knives, he moves around unpredictably and quickly like a cat, jumping around and evading attacks while dealing slashes to his opponents. He’s not only fast an unorthodox in his way of fighting; he is also silent and has the reflexes of a true feline hunter. In one battle, after being blinded by a gas bomb, he fights incredibly accurately, with his eyes closed! You do not want to be this cat's prey!

4. He’s More than Just Strong

Hans goes beyond his amazing cat-like abilities as a killing machine. He is also extremely smart. He is quick to analyze situations and figure out the best way to take advantage of them or find a solution if the situation puts him in danger. He is considered to be one of both the strongest and smartest of the heroes. Which he proves by playing mind games with Adlet, predicting the other heroes' actions, and constantly putting pieces of the puzzle together.

Hans is the first one to absolve Fremy and the first one to point the finger at Adlet as the fake after hearing everyone’s stories based on his knowledge, experiences and observations. He also uses his wit to figure out if Adlet is telling the truth by making him hallucinate that he's being murdered and seeing in his face whether he's innocent or not. A little sadistic, but very clever, nonetheless. Eventually he's the one that figures out who the fake is.

5. He’s Really a Nice Guy

Something that stands out about Hans, is that while he is portrayed in a way that makes you instinctively distrust him, he soon proves to be a pretty sweet guy. When suspicion goes around the group, he doesn’t just try to prove his innocence, he eventually also sides with Adlet to prove his innocence too and even fights alongside him against Chamo.

Hans first shows his sweet side when he has proof that Adlet is not the fake. Shaking his hand, saying they're now partners and even feeling bad about not speaking out about things that would've lifted suspicion from Adlet. And when Adlet insists on going after Fremy, Hans is truly concerned about him and tries to persuade him not to go. Later, he sticks by Adlet and helps clear his name by helping expose the fake when Adlet's on the brink of death and still being targeted by the rest of the group. He's a partner you can count on for sure!

As you see, Hans Humpty is more than just another meowing cat-character. His feline smile and movements, kickass fighting and stealth skills, his cat-like wit and air of mystery and a sweet side that is less than obvious are all reasons why Hans is our crush of the week! What do you think? Do you agree? Were you already crushing on Hans? Or did this make you see him in a new light? Either way, please hare your thoughts with us in the comments section below!


Rokka-no-Yuusha [Honey's Crush Wednesday] Top 5 reasons Hans Humpty (Rokka no Yuusha) is a BAMF Cat-boy.


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