[Honey's Crush Wednesday] 5 reasons why Natsu and Lucy Belong Together

fairy-tail-wallpaper-700x495 [Honey's Crush Wednesday] 5 reasons why Natsu and Lucy Belong Together

why Natsu and Lucy Belong Together

Fairy Tail is well in its seventh season (now at Fairy Tail ZERO), with thousands of fans worldwide. Fairy Tail is known to have a great blend of action, adventure, comedy, and romance. Did I say romance? You bet I did! There are some interesting match ups in Fairy Tail that you know you’re rooting for, but what about our main protagonist?

As a main character, Lucy may seem like second fiddle next to Natsu, but let’s not ignore the chemistry that these two have! Yes, Fairy Tail has a few more obvious pairings like Erza and Jellal or Levy and Gajeel, but you can’t deny that Lucy and Natsu belong together! If you want to know why, keep reading about our reasons why Natsu and Lucy belong together. Beware of spoilers!

1. They’re a Team

fairy-tail-wallpaper-700x495 [Honey's Crush Wednesday] 5 reasons why Natsu and Lucy Belong Together

There is no better way to handle a relationship than as partners or as a team. Lucy and Natsu are just that: they’re partners. No matter what trouble the other may be in, they have each other’s backs. Lucy and Natsu’s partnership is made up of real faith in each other.

When Lucy had no other choice but to jump out of the sky tower after she had been captured by Phantom Lord, she put all of her faith in Natsu, who was nowhere near at the time. However, Natsu shows up and saves her, showing just how much trust that these two have in each other. They put their lives in each other’s hands each and every time.

In another situation, Lucy tried to save Natsu as they were being washed down river to a waterfall. She never abandoned him to save herself, no matter how dire the situation. She put her life on the line for his.

Yet, despite those two instances, there is no better scene than the one at the Grand Magic Games when Natsu goes to tell Lucy about the outcome, but Lucy says she already knows: she had full faith in him. That is one of the greatest scenes in Fairy Tail, where we get to see how much blind faith Lucy and Natsu have in each other!

It is instances like these in which we can see how well Natsu and Lucy work together in Fairy Tail, how they will always show up to save the other. Natsu and Lucy are partners with faith in each other. How many relationships are as trusting?

2. Their Relationship Doesn’t Discriminate

fairy-tail-wallpaper-700x495 [Honey's Crush Wednesday] 5 reasons why Natsu and Lucy Belong Together

Lucy and Natsu have their own histories and backgrounds, but they do not judge each other based on that history. Natsu doesn’t care about Lucy running away from home, but he’s there for her when she needs a friend. He doesn’t ask questions about her family, but he helped comfort her when she found out her father passed away.

Natsu’s an orphan raised by a dragon that many do not believe existed, yet Lucy takes him at his word. She isn’t frightened of him for being a dragon slayer. She doesn’t even question if Igneel ever existed, despite what society believes about dragons. Even when Natsu’s rough around the edges and a bit strange, Lucy doesn’t blame his upbringing or get upset at Natsu. Lucy is his friend through and through.

As you can see, these two really just take each other as is. Their friendship doesn’t discriminate. Instead, despite how little they may know each other, their relationship is strengthened and they work even better together. Lucy and Natsu are perfect because they do not let anything change their relationship. It only gets better!

3. Lucy and Natsu’s Personalities Compliment Each Other

fairy-tail-wallpaper-700x495 [Honey's Crush Wednesday] 5 reasons why Natsu and Lucy Belong Together

One thing that seems to be a running gag in Fairy Tail is how often Lucy uses her sexual wiles to attempt to create a distraction. She has very high confidence which balances out well with Natsu, who honestly just doesn’t care. As strange as that sounds, we know that Natsu, unlike some other characters, just doesn’t care about Lucy’s appearance. For all it’s worth, he doesn’t notice it. He takes her for who she is. Natsu is whom Lucy can be with without relying on her charm or sexuality. Isn’t he the type of guy all girls need?

Yet, Lucy also has a side of her that is meek and unsure. She never believes in herself or her abilities, but Natsu demonstrates how much faith he has in her power regardless of what she thinks. Even when fans question whether or not Lucy is strong, Natsu does not. He gives her the confidence to do what she dreams of doing.

Then there’s Natsu: hot headed, hasty, and brash. He’s completely the opposite of Lucy, but that’s what makes their partnership work. Lucy keeps Natsu relatively in check, ensuring that they complete the mission, but Natsu also makes up for where Lucy may lack in physical and mental strength. They both push each other during missions to get them done, but in the end, they both experience personal growth together. That is what makes their partnership so ideal: their personalities are perfect compliments so that they can both continue to grow. Who wants someone who stunts their growth?

4. Natsu and Lucy Always Think About Each Other

fairy-tail-wallpaper-700x495 [Honey's Crush Wednesday] 5 reasons why Natsu and Lucy Belong Together

Even for the smallest items, Natsu and Lucy will always consider each other. Even though Lucy is exhausted from whatever adventures she’s been through, Natsu will always bring her off on a mission. Why? Natsu knows that Lucy needs the money for her rent so when it’s due, he always picks a mission for her. However, Natsu also puts consideration into how difficult the mission is and how much it makes ensuring that it falls under Lucy’s capabilities and needs.

Not only that, Natsu also wants to do the missions with Lucy. He is quite strong enough to handle a mission on his own, but he usually wants to go out with Lucy on the missions because they are a team, and we can see that Lucy actually enjoys going on missions with Natsu, too. She even stands up her date to go with Natsu on a mission!

Did you watch the filler episodes? Don’t like fillers? Well, too bad! If you want a Natsu x Lucy moment, you have to watch the fillers. Who can forget the filler episode with the sakura tree? Natsu uprooted the tree so that Lucy could see it since she had fallen ill despite her enthusiasm about seeing the blossoms. Who uproots the town’s sakura tree? It is not even Fairy Tail property, but Natsu does it without a second thought so long as it makes Lucy happy.

5. Natsu and Lucy Need Each Other

fairy-tail-wallpaper-700x495 [Honey's Crush Wednesday] 5 reasons why Natsu and Lucy Belong Together

Throughout Fairy Tail, we witness how much Lucy and Natsu need each other. Lucy holds Natsu back from doing things he might regret, possibly killing opponents who ignite his anger. Natsu’s anger will often get the better of him, but he has Lucy to keep him together because when push comes to shove, Lucy stops him from having any regrets.

Likewise, Lucy needs Natsu whether she knows it or not. Not only is Natsu always there to comfort Lucy throughout the series, he encourages her to become a better mage. He is always there to root for her when she has given up on herself. Even during the Grand Magic Games, Natsu roots for Lucy with all of his might, and when she can no longer fight on, Natsu fights in her stead because that’s what she needs.

The Grand Magic Games is a great arc in which we can truly see all the facets of Natsu and Lucy’s relationship. They are there for each other through thick and thin, but most of all, they will always fight for each other when the other needs it the most. Lucy and Natsu go through a lot throughout Fairy Tail, emotionally and physically, but in the end, they both get through it all because they have each other. They are simply the perfect match for each other.

Closing Paragraph

Natsu and Lucy may not be one of the official couples in Fairy Tail, but if we take a look at many of the scenes they have together, we can see that these two can potentially be a great couple. They have a lot of traits that make them out to be the perfect couple!

After hearing these 5 reasons why Natsu and Lucy belong together, what do you guys think? Are you rooting for Natsu and Lucy? What are your other favorite Fairy Tail couples?

fairy-tail-wallpaper-700x495 [Honey's Crush Wednesday] 5 reasons why Natsu and Lucy Belong Together


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