[Honey's Crush Wednesday] 5 Reasons Why Noelle from Black Clover is Our Battle Princess

Black-Clover-Wallpaper [Honey's Crush Wednesday] 5 Reasons Why Noelle from Black Clover is Our Battle Princess

Don't address me casually.

  • Episodes: 75+
  • Genre: action, comedy, magic, fantasy, shounen
  • Airing Date: October 2017 – Ongoing
  • Studio: Studio Pierrot

Black Clover Preview (No Spoilers)

Orphans Asta and Yuno grew up together in Hage Village. When Yuno receives a four-leaf clover Grimoire and Asta, despite not having any magic, receives a black five-leaf clover Grimoire containing an anti-magic sword, the two set off to become Magic Knights. Joining the Magic Knights is only the beginning for these two brothers. They both aspire to become the Wizard King! But how will Asta achieve that when he can’t even use magic and only has his physical strength?

Noelle Silva Highlights (Spoilers Beyond This Point)

1. She’s a Princess Who Doesn’t Need Saving.

Noelle Silva is a fighter. After being disowned and verbally abused by her family, she picks herself back up and becomes a Magic Knight for the Black Bulls squad. Knowing that she lacks control, she seeks to find some way to control her magic. Once she finds a way to semi-control it, she practices her spells every single day. When out on a quest and push comes to shove, Noelle gives good backup support and even learns a sweet offensive spell called the Sea Dragon’s Roar. With her hot head partner Asta always charging in head first, this princess is the one doing the saving.

2. This Princess Is a Royal Commoner.

As mentioned above, the Silva family disowned Noelle. Without her family to rely on, this noble girl finds it difficult to adjust to “commoner” life. However, it’s thanks to her disownment that her eyes have opened up to how commoners are perceived and how other nobles treat them. Noelle is determined to set things straight and use her noble blood for good. During the Star Awards Festival, Noelle helps a commoner child find her mother and scolds all the people who sneered at them, telling them that they don’t belong. Her ability to stand up for others both as a person and as royalty is what makes Asta and us at Honey’s love her.

3. The Princess’s Tsundere Tendencies are Adorable.

Our princess is of noble blood and even though she tries hard to keep up that hoity-toity exterior with lines like, “don't address me casually” and “I’m royalty”, more than anything she wants to be acknowledged and praised. She blushes cutely whenever Captain Yami praises her for a job well done, but even more so when Asta is the one praising her. Speaking of Asta, her tsundere tendencies really show when she’s with him. One minute she’s calling him “Stupidsta” and the next she’s demanding him to look at her with her bikini on! With a blockhead like Asta, when will their relationship take off?

4. Our Princess Is Kind and Caring.

Unlike her family and some of the other noble mages, Noelle really does care about others. In the Seabed Temple Arc (episodes 40-50), Noelle befriends Kohana and Kiato, an aspiring singer-dancer idol sibling duo. When Kiato loses his leg and Kohana her voice, Noelle, Asta, and the other Black Bulls are devastated. However, during the Star Awards Festival, she and Asta use Vanessa’s magic to restore Kohana’s voice and Kiato’s leg. When Vanessa journeys into the Witches’ Forest (episodes 51-65), Noelle does her best to support Vanessa as well as find a way for Asta to get his arms restored. Our princess may be a bit rough on Asta, but she cares for him the most out of all the Black Bull squad members.

5. She’s One Of The Fiercest Princesses At Honey’s.

Noelle Silva isn’t a crybaby. She’s one fierce girl at only fifteen years of age. She’s fiercely loyal, never leaving a Black Bull behind or choosing another over them. She’s fiercely determined, as nothing will stop her from becoming a better, stronger mage. She’ll even make her way up a volcano like in episode 71, even though it’s incredibly difficult for her to control her mana and move at the same time. Noelle’s strong belief in her squad members motivates her to become better, pushing her to be the fiercest warrior princess on the battlefield. She may be kind, but threaten her family and you’ll be in a world of hurt.

Final Thoughts

Noelle Silva starts off as a weak mage with some heavy baggage and a lot of sassy attitude. However, our little “princess” is starting to grow into a true warrior princess with all of the hard work she’s putting in. This noble girl isn’t just a support character, she’s a fighter. Even if she doesn’t realize how much of a badass she is yet, we at Honey’s can see it! If there’s another trait or reason why you think Noelle is our battle princess that we’ve overlooked, leave a comment down below!

Black-Clover-Wallpaper [Honey's Crush Wednesday] 5 Reasons Why Noelle from Black Clover is Our Battle Princess


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