5 Reasons Why Sora and Shiro Are Gamers You Don't Want to Go Against

no-game-no-life-wallpaper-700x486 5 Reasons Why Sora and Shiro Are Gamers You Don't Want to Go Against

Sora and Shiro Are Gamers You Don't Want to Go Against

It’s undisputed that this duo took the anime industry by storm. With their intellect and prowess in beating any opponent at any game, they are a force to be reckoned that even a God had acknowledged their talents.

Before they were transported into a different world, both Sora and Shiro were already top gamers operating under the name -Blank-. Unknown to the world, the NEET siblings continued dominating the gaming world. Maybe it's the experience or their intellect, but you definitely do not want to go up against this duo and here are 5 reasons why.

1. Together, They’re an Unstoppable Force

Due to the fact that they are siblings, they have already formed a relationship that far surpasses the normal boundaries of friends. Being related means that they grew up together, and perhaps even shared a few common experiences. With that being said, they are able to work well together to the point that they anticipate the actions of the others.

Via eliminating the trouble of directly communicating with each other, they are able to increase their response time as well or even concoct a plan together without their opponent realising. Perhaps the real reason why they have not lost so far is their impressive teamwork to the point of understanding what the other is thinking.

Their co-dependency is so strong that are functioning as a single entity despite being 2 individuals. To understand - Blank -, you must be able to comprehend the minds of 2 instead of 1. The wealth of information, knowledge and wisdom are shared which puts - Blank - ahead of others.

2. Individually, They’re Skilled

no-game-no-life-wallpaper-700x486 5 Reasons Why Sora and Shiro Are Gamers You Don't Want to Go Against

Sora has a way with his words and is extremely charismatic (ironic since he is a NEET and does not spend too much time with the outside world anyway). In addition to his high intellect, his way with words makes him a master negotiator who excelled at any forms of games that requires speech such as the verbal chess game and word games. In the battle between Jibril, he combines his intellect and his charisma to trick Jibril by combining his knowledge of the prior world and knowledge of the current world, eventually winning the game for the Imanity. What Sora lacks for in analytics, he makes it up by displaying his skill in managing a country and fixing all of the dire problems in a few weeks such as internal conflict and politics, to external and foreign affairs.

In contrast, Shiro is a more reserved individual who is equally gifted. While Sora is usually the person who makes -Blank- known via promoting the duo, Shiro is more of the brains and the person acting behind the scenes. Calm and analytical, Shiro possesses the ability to solve problems. This was shown in Chess, in which her prowess for the game is demonstrated. She is so good at it that even Sora commented that he might not even win a game against her.

What many failed to realise however is that -Blank- is actually made up of 2 individuals and as discussed earlier, are individually gifted in their own ways. They function collectively as one, and are not independent from the other. Acting together as the singular entity known only as -Blank-, you definitely do not want to go up against them as their combination of their skills is what makes them the best in any game.

3. They’re Quick Learners

no-game-no-life-wallpaper-700x486 5 Reasons Why Sora and Shiro Are Gamers You Don't Want to Go Against

Sora and Shiro both possesses eidetic memory - the ability to recall memories after being exposed to it for a mere few seconds. They let this ability be a basis for the strength in not only their games, but also on how they control their environment.

As shown, they were able to pick up the Imanity's language in a matter of hours (with Sora being just a little bit slower than Shiro). They managed to learn the culture of the Imanity through reading up about it in the library as well.

Uncovering the secret behind the Werebeast's game was also no easy feat. Through the keen observation of the surroundings and circumstances such as Jibril not knowing what a video game was, they managed to learn that the game was in the form of a video game. Next, their research into the vast history of all the past games of Werebeast's game with the other races eventually led them to uncover the secret that the Werebeast's ability to read minds was false.

Their ability to rapidly absorb information is why you do not want to go against them in games, especially high-intensity games.

4. They’re Visionaries and Can Anticipate the Future

no-game-no-life-wallpaper-700x486 5 Reasons Why Sora and Shiro Are Gamers You Don't Want to Go Against

Sora and Shiro are able to see into the future. You might be even thinking that they possess the power of clairvoyance. However, their skill to analyse and anticipate makes them the best visionaries of both worlds. Simply put, they’re not psychics and espers, but rather, they’re visionaries with the ability to accurately speculate the unknown.

Shiro was shown to be skilled in FPS games as she was able to accurately foresee the movements of other players and calculate the trajectory of the bullets. Winning a game is knowing the situation and then adapting it to your advantage such that you achieve a favourable outcome. Shiro was able to accurately predict the minds of players to her advantage.

Sora is equally skilled as well. As shown in a game of Othello, most of us are quite dumbfounded as to why Sora was wiped out of existence. All was revealed in the next episode however, where the actions of Sora were finally explained as to why he made himself disappear such that Shiro can complete the game for him. By putting his utmost faith in Shiro and by extrapolating the known actions of his sister, he took a huge risk by betting his existence on his game. Even before playing the game, he already knows what it takes to win the game of Othello.

To have vision and predict the future is a skill that is present in all successful businessmen and politicians. There is nothing more fearsome than going against someone that can already see themselves winning. In fact, seeing the glint in the eyes of - Blank - of their assured victory should be an indicator to back off already.

5. They've Never Lost

no-game-no-life-wallpaper-700x486 5 Reasons Why Sora and Shiro Are Gamers You Don't Want to Go Against

When you fail to plan, you plan to fail. That's the secret of - Blank -. They always have a plan. Their combined talents that was discussed thus far makes it possible for them to actually win any game as long as they plan for it. With their numerous skills at their arsenal, losing has never been an option. To them, the worst case scenario is a scenario where they were not able to gain as much. The only losses that was recorded were only between the siblings and they suffered no recorded actual losses to others.

Their steady track record is also what makes them confident and this confidence that exudes from them is intimidating for most of the characters in the series as well. That is because the confidence that they emanate is one of assured victory as they already knew that they had won. That is a very heavy psychological barrier to overcome to be honest... Even before reaching the new world, both of them lived their lives playing games and dominating every single MMOs on the market. The name -Blank- is heavily respected and feared as they have not lost a single game.

Closing Paragraph

No Game No Life was a brilliant anime that has many mind-blowing events and twists. It also reveals that the worst opponents that you will ever want to come across would be no other than Sora and Shiro. The whole existence of their lives had been around gaming. This already puts them at the edge over just about everyone else. Their experience in gaming alone would be enough to intimidate you, let alone beating 2 of them at once.

Their genius level, intelligence, and experience ought to be the sole reason why you would never want to go against these two in a challenge as their pure abilities far exceeds that of any gamers despite being NEETs. Facing them is no easy task, to which you must even ask yourself if you dare to face these two in a game.

Look at their brilliant strategies and tactics, would you still go against these two in a game? We wouldn't.

no-game-no-life-wallpaper-700x486 5 Reasons Why Sora and Shiro Are Gamers You Don't Want to Go Against


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