Top 10 Seductive No Game No Life Characters

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It’s been two years now since we had to wave goodbye to one of MADHOUSE’s many masterpieces, No Game No Life. This show had several strong points such as high quality animation, an intriguing storyline, a brilliant soundtrack, wonderful scenery and, above all, a lot of ecchi and really enticing characters. No Game No Life certainly showed a lot of promise. Unfortunately, after only 12 episodes we were left wanting more of this captivating show.

Knowing we won’t be getting a second season any time soon, we have little choice but to remember No Game No Life as what could have been a massively popular classic like SAO or perhaps something even bigger. However, we can also take a couple of minutes to remember its set of alluring characters, which made this show so charming. This is our Top 10 most seductive No Game No Life characters!

10. Tet

no-game-no-life-wallpaper-700x437 Top 10 Seductive No Game No Life Characters

Tet is the lovely and playful god of this fantasy world of games known as Disboard. Tet is also one of the first characters to be introduced and a very catchy one. From the moment we see his looks and the way he describes the world into which he has summoned our heroes, we can´t help to be fascinated with this god of games and with the show in general.

Tet is the one who initially “sells” the world of No Game No Life to us, and he does a fine job at doing so. He seduces us, not erotically but in a playful and lively way. Of course, Tet’s looks also do much of the job, since he’s so full of colors and the spades, diamonds, clovers and hearts in his eyes and his outfit are amazing. Plus, we would never expect a god to look like a child, and that makes him all the more enticing. Shotacon, anyone?

9. Queen

no-game-no-life-wallpaper-700x437 Top 10 Seductive No Game No Life Characters

Queen is a minor character in No Game No Life and the first one we get to see being easily defeated by Sora and Shiro. Queen is actually the one who tells us the story of the mysterious and undefeated players known as the Blanks (or Kuhaku in Japanese). She is also the one to realize that these players do not cheat, but are actually incredibly gifted players.

In her short screen-time, Queen is presented as a beautiful and extremely powerful character in an MMORPG. Queen is said to be the strongest player in the game, which really captivates us for a moment before we witness her defeat at the hands of Sora and Shiro. She then appears in a sort of in-game heaven, showing herself really excited about these players. Almost as excited as we get by watching her humongous breasts juggle and making that typical anime sound that oppai do when they bounce. Queen clearly turns out to be an extremely effective hook to catch our attention.

8. Izuna Hatsuse

no-game-no-life-wallpaper-700x437 Top 10 Seductive No Game No Life Characters

Of course, not all of these attractive characters in No Game No Life are gorgeous women with large breasts. Some excel in the art of seduction by being ridiculously kawaii. This is the case of Izuna Hatsuse, ambassador of the werebeasts. She is an adorable little girl with a furry tail and foxy ears. And let’s face it; we all love these furry animal girls.

From the very first moment Izuna appears, she does not only manage to seduce us but she also seduces both Sora and Shiro. They are inevitably drawn to her and they feel the urge to rub her furry body. Besides, she’s not just physically kawaii, the way she overuses the word desu at the end of every phrase to sound polite (even when she’s making threats) is absolutely cute and charming.

7. Chlammy Zell

no-game-no-life-wallpaper-700x437 Top 10 Seductive No Game No Life Characters

Chlammy Zell is also a rare kind of beauty that drives us crazy and keeps us coming for more. Chlammy is more of a dark and mysterious girl in comparison to the rest of the girls in No Game No Life. She doesn’t have large breasts, but what she lacks in curves she makes up for in brains and resourcefulness.

Chlammy manages to seduce us more with her intellect and her deceptive ways than with her looks (although she’s still one of the show’s hotties). In her chess match against Sora and Shiro, Chlammy was an inch away from winning the game and becoming queen of the Imanity herself. Plus, she was even capable of seducing her elf master and now friend, Feel Nilvalen. Chlammy’s personality definitely makes her a magnet for boys, girls and elves alike.

6. Miko

no-game-no-life-wallpaper-700x437 Top 10 Seductive No Game No Life Characters

Miko is not just a foxy lady; she’s the High Priestess of the Werebeasts and the ultimate golden foxy. Miko is so seductive in fact that when the siblings finally meet her, they are absolutely impressed with her looks and they start taking a dozen pictures of her like they were paparazzi. This girl is stunningly beautiful and mysterious.

Unfortunately for us, Miko is introduced in the last episode of the show, which leaves us wanting more of her. She makes brief appearances before that episode, where we only get to see bits of her, which adds to making her a mysterious character. That mystic and mysterious nature combined with her insane sensuality makes of Miko an intriguing and captivating character we just couldn’t get enough of.

5. Sora

no-game-no-life-wallpaper-700x437 Top 10 Seductive No Game No Life Characters

Sora is one of the very few men on this harem anime and the male figure around which the female characters revolve. Obviously, he had to have certain seductive features. Sora’s looks are cool and even attractive to some extent, but in his case it’s his personality that really attracts both the girls on the show and us.

Sora is a fascinating and appealing character. He has a great sense of humor, a laid back yet geeky nature, a superior intellect and a strong sexual desire that leads to the most hilarious lewd jokes and scenes. More than anything else though, Sora is a caring and loving older brother and it is this human side of him that makes him win Steph’s heart and ours. Sora can be silly and a pervert but he’s the guy that makes us go aww :3 every now and then, and we just love that!

4. Feel Nilvalen

no-game-no-life-wallpaper-700x437 Top 10 Seductive No Game No Life Characters

Ok, this is the part where we start getting a bit more sensual. Feel Nilvalen is a lovely and very cute elf girl with big colorful eyes. Oh right! She’s also very well-endowed. It’s hard to tell the first times Feel appears since she’s just presented as an elf girl who’s covered with a cloak and who helps Chlammy win games by using her magic.

Later on however, we get to see a lot more of her; and I mean a lot! Feel’s enormous chest is almost distracting at some points; it really makes it hard… to appreciate the beauty of her eyes and her personality. Feel is actually a very kind and loving elf girl who treats humans as her equals. Of course, she’s just so arousing that we may oversee her tenderness sometimes.

3. Jibril

no-game-no-life-wallpaper-700x437 Top 10 Seductive No Game No Life Characters

Jibril is also another seductive babe. She’s a Fleugel, a very powerful angel-like creature designed to slay gods. As a Fleugel, Jibril is as majestic as she is powerful. Of course, by majestic I mean she’s a hottie with wings and a sexy outfit. As Sora said, everything about her is lewd and rated R.

We realize early on that Jibril is strangely obsessed with humans’ private parts and that she can be as much of a pervert as Sora (or any of us). Not that it’s a bad thing; on the contrary, that’s what’s so exciting and charming about Jibril. The way she enjoys and moans while getting her wings rubbed can be surprisingly arousing too. If you’re an ecchi lover it’s hard not to love and be attracted to Jibril.

2. Stephanie Dola

no-game-no-life-wallpaper-700x437 Top 10 Seductive No Game No Life Characters

Stephanie Dola is one of the main characters and Sora and Shiro’s main assistant and counselor. She is a stunning beauty and a lovely tsundere. Stephanie may not be as well-endowed as Feel and she may not be a pervert obsessed with everyone’s erogenous zones like Jibril, but she is often the cause of the sexiest and wildest scenes in the show.

Steph can be more seductive than anyone else when she’s wearing neko ears, a furry tail and a miniskirt. Plus, the things Sora and Shiro ask her to do (despite being a little sadistic) are quite alluring as well. It’s probably safe to say that Stephanie is the sensual highlight of the show as well as the first taste of ecchi that seduces us into keep watching the show.

1. Shiro

no-game-no-life-wallpaper-700x437 Top 10 Seductive No Game No Life Characters

Of course, if we´re talking about wanting to keep watching, then we should definitely talk about Shiro. She’s the absolutely adorable and (alarmingly) sexy loli of the show. I know it can be disturbing to talk about seduction when we refer to an 11-year old; but hey! this is anime. Plus, Shiro is seductive in a million ways beyond her physical appearance.

Shiro is a child prodigy with a natural ability for any sort of games that can even surpass his brother’s. Shiro is that little kawaii genius we cannot help but to adore. Everything about Shiro is cute and lovely; her looks, her gestures, her soft voice and even the tender way she treats her older brother. And, as Sora says, the only justice in the world is cuteness! Indeed, Shiro is the main reason why we watched No Game No Life to begin with; she’s just a very powerful, charming and attractive character like only few others in anime.


We’ve come to the end of our list and if you are a big fan of this show just like us (which, if you got here, we assume you are) then you’ll probably notice that this list contains pretty much all of the characters in the show. Well, the truth is, this anime actually has roughly ten characters. Most of them, as listed above, can be really sexy or particularly attractive in one way or another, with the exception of the Former King and Izuna’s grandfather, Ino.

What is so impressive about this is how much can be achieved with such few characters. Clearly, the fact that these No Game No Life characters are so seductive and inviting is a key in making this show so alluring. Of course, we’d love to know how you feel about it. How much did you like these No Game No Life characters? Were they able to seduce you all the way until the end of the show? Share your thoughts with us! ˆ_ˆ

no-game-no-life-wallpaper-700x437 Top 10 Seductive No Game No Life Characters


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