5 Reasons Why Usagi and Mamoru are the Greatest Power Couple in Anime

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Usagi and Mamoru are the Greatest Power Couple in Anime

Back in the nineties, when Naoko Takeuchi created a manga about a team of soldier girls in sailor uniforms, she never imagined how enduring the success of her story was going to be. With the release date announcement of the third Sailor Moon Crystal Arc, fans around the world have woken up in discussion forums, vlogs, conventions, and the like, to celebrate and discuss the latest version of one of the most loved shoujo anime of all time.

Joining to the spirit of this celebration, this article will take a look to the protagonists of Sailor Moon, Usagi Tsukino, and her soulmate Mamoru Chiba. The first version of the anime presented us with a couple that had several of the characteristics of any typical shoujo pair; disliking each other at the beginning and later dating in a lovey dovey way with a dab of comedy, fueled by an immature and clumsy Usagi. The audience of the Sailor Moon in the 90s was more into anime that catered to the whole family, something that is quite different in the Crystal version.

Sailor Moon Crystal follows the original manga by Takeuchi closely, targeting both old and new fans. This means, the dynamics of Usagi and Mamoru’s relationship qualify them to be better role models, and in our humble opinion, to be the coolest power couple that should rule the world. Just look around and tell us, with all those ridiculous and/or violent politicians doing a mess out there, don’t these two look like a much better option? But let’s discuss our five reasons in detail. Just watch your step, this article is full of spoilers!

1. They’ve Got Style

1 Sailor Moon Crystal captcha

First things first. Royal families still are required to have a decent wardrobe. Some of them even become fashion icons! Keep in mind that is not the luxury but the taste what makes a good dress-up.

Well, Naoko Takeuchi gave our couple a wonderful sense of fashion. She is fond of looking inspiration in magazines and fashion shows to dress up her characters. Takeuchi also fancies jewels and antiques, so it’s not a surprise that Usagi and Mamoru wear several accessories with a neoclassic and/or art-nouveau tendency.

Style does not apply only for especial occasions, though. For example, Mamoru was able to get a classy high-school uniform and glasses in Sailor Moon Crystal. Take note, gentlemen: glasses give you personality. Use them well.

2. They Have Cool Superpowers

2 Sailor Moon Crystal captcha

So we have a well-dressed couple, but that’s not much help in a world full of crisis, right? That takes us to the very important point of having superpowers to fight evil and injustice. Usagi is the owner of the Silver Crystal, which can either destroy or revive an entire planet. She also has a variety of secondary tools, like tiaras and the disguised pen. As for Mamoru, he has graduated from throwing roses and saying catchy phrases in the old version of the anime, to actually having psychometric powers. This means he can transfer his energy to someone in need or focus it towards an enemy, making it explode as a bomb.

We definitely have to mention their associates also have cool superpowers based on the planets and the elements, although we could not see much of the Four Kings of Heaven, as usual. Oh well, at least Mamoru can use his powers to consult the spirits of his comrades.

3. Gender Equality

3 Sailor Moon Crystal captcha

Sailor Moon was one of the first shoujo anime that showed diverse strong female roles. In the case of Usagi, she is a happy go lucky girl who, after the first shock of becoming a Sailor Soldier, takes decisions on her own. Mamoru and she take turns to save each other from their enemies, and Usagi even dresses up in a variety of career women outfits for her missions.

Mamoru sometimes is shown to feel impotent to protect her (protection is expected from a typical shoujo boyfriend), but nevertheless chooses to stay by her side. Also, although he sometimes just functions as a moral support for Usagi (especially when her childish manners kick in), he goes the extra mile so that she can concentrate on saving the world. Don’t tell us that assuming the responsibility to protect their daughter from the future does not prove that! Which brings us to the next point.

4. They Grow up Together

4 Sailor Moon Crystal captcha

Usagi and Mamoru met as teenagers who fancied each other at first sight, but were verbally rude. Things quickly became more difficult, as the Dark Kingdom and later other enemies attacked the Earth. So, they had to rise to the occasion and took the responsibility of saving the world, although this meant they would not have normal lives ever again.

As consequence, Usagi passes from being a clumsy middle-school student to be the leader of the Sailor Soldiers, something she learns to deal with on the way. She also had to learn, at the same time, how to communicate with Mamoru as a couple.

Misunderstandings, jealousy, and two different personalities are solved and brought together little by little. One good example of this, is shown in the Black Moon Arc, in the famous scene which fans think predates the first time Usagi and Mamoru had sex. Anyway, in the end they become reasonably good “foster” parents for Chibiusa, their daughter of the future and Sailor Soldier in training.

5. They Have the Perfect Combination of Ingredients to Achieve World Peace

5 Sailor Moon Crystal captcha

With all their personal characteristics brought together, their style, their super abilities, and the balanced way they manage their relationship, these two have everything to achieve world peace. They also have a super team of guardians and counselors that are, above all, their friends.

Solid and healthy relationships lead to strong organizations, and can function as precedents for society at large. We do not have to look far for examples. Crystal Tokyo is shown as a futuristic paradise where Neo Queen Serenity (Usagi) and King Endymion (Mamoru) are respected and loved rulers. And, if the occasion arises, they will always be ready to defend their people from evil while being fair at the same time.

Closing Paragraph

So there you go, the greatest power couple in anime that should be the rulers of the world. We could go for that, so… when do we pack up for Crystal Tokyo? Of course, we are looking forward to the next Sailor Moon Crystal Arc and meet our favorite characters again.

For the little that is known, they are going to keep faithful to the original manga, so we will hopefully have the chance to see more about the family interactions between Usagi, Mamoru and Chibiusa. We also wonder how the old characters will interact with the Outer Sailor Soldiers, as they were sort of playful flirts at the beginning of the Arc (there always has to be some love drama in our otaku lives).

We hope you liked this article. We welcome all your comments and opinions. See you soon!



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