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If you’re a true-born anime fan, you have to admit it. Sailor Moon is among an anime fan’s guiltiest pleasures. Girls look up to the Sailor Scouts and dream of being them, while boys, well, male anime fans would probably admit that at least one of the series’ characters was their first on-TV crush. After all, with a cast as attractive and cute, who could resist them?

For today’s list, we’ll be looking at the top ten strongest characters in the Sailor Moon universe. Of course, with the series of this magnitude, I’m going to have to reach very deep into the Sailor Moon mythos and consider the characters which appeared exclusively on the manga too. Nevertheless, I hope you guys enjoy this top ten list!

10. Tuxedo Mask

sailormoon tuxedo mask

Though his role in the original series might be considered vague to a significant degree, there is no denying the fact that this guy is the reincarnation of the Earth Prince Endymion. If there’s anything certain in Sailor Moon, it is the fact that royals are not to be crossed, and they are formidable as well.

His expanded role in Sailor Moon Crystal definitely showed fans a more well-rounded dimension to his character, and in that particular series, he was depicted to not only be a capable fighter, he was depicted to be strong enough to stand side by side with his better half, Princess Serenity herself.

Tuxedo Mask sailor moon

9. Sailor Jupiter

Sailor Jupiter Makoto Kino Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon

Sailor Jupiter might be just one of the regular Senshi introduced in the series, but there is no denying the raw power that she holds. This has been shown numerous times in the anime as well, especially since Jupiter is already powerful even in human form, being physically strong and imposing due to her tall stature. As a Senshi, she is definitely one of the stronger ones as well.

In fact, it could be noted that in the Dark Moon arc, she was the Senshi that had to be cheated and poisoned just so she could be defeated. Her peers, Mercury and Mars, were taken pretty easily.

Sailor Jupiter Makoto Kino Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon wallpaper 1

8. Sailor Venus

sailormoon sailorvenus

Of course, the very first Senshi to awaken on Earth deserves a spot on this list. After all, in her past life, she is not just a regular sailor scout. Rather, she was the one who led them to protect Princess Serenity. This alone is proof that to a very significant degree, the power of Venus is no joke. This could be seen through the course of the series as well.

After all, even before Sailor Moon emerged as a Senshi, Venus was already an active scout, battling crime to the point when she became a household name, complete with a dedicated video game and the like. Plus, there’s also no denying that her attacks are pretty cool as well.

Sailor Venus wallpaper

7. Sailor Neptune

sailormoon sailor neptune

Neptune is one of the four Outer Senshi of the Solar System, and was introduced in the Infinity Arc. Wielding powers associated with the sea, and having abilities such as precognition even without transforming, she is actually very formidable. Plus, she’s arguably one of the most attractive Sailor Scouts that Naoko Takeuchi designed, making her all the more likeable.

One thing that really makes her stand out from the other Senshi is the fact that she holds one of the talismans that are required in order to summon the Holy Grail. Doing so awakens Sailor Saturn, the Senshi of destruction and rebirth.

Sailor Neptune wallpaper

6. Sailor Uranus

sailormoon sailor uranus

Also one of the Outer Senshi, Uranus serves as a foil to Neptune, as the two usually work together and actually have a full-blown romantic relationship (Yes, Sailor Moon was really ahead of its time when it was released, right?). Between the two, however, Uranus was the one who acted as the male persona, with some of the other girls even having a crush on her when she was first introduced.

In battle, Uranus is pretty aggressive, with her attacks being based on the element of the sky. She also holds yet another of the talismans required to awaken Saturn, and through her Space Sword, she’s arguably one of the most powerful characters in the Sailor Moon canon.

Sailor Uranus wallpaper

5. Sailor Chibi Chibi

Chibi Chibi Sailor Moon

If the concept of Sailor Moon was not overt enough, the series is all about power coming from the most unexpected packages. Such is the exact case with Sailor Chibi Chibi, the tiniest and arguably one of the most powerful Senshis introduced in the entire canon. Coming from the endless cosmos itself, this little lady most probably holds powers that are near-limitless and godlike.

Part of this is due to the fact that her persona as Chibi Chibi is simply as a disguise. I don’t want to spoil it here, but before she came to Earth as this little lady, she was one heck of a Sailor Senshi. Though the scope of her powers is not really shown, there is little doubt that she is among the top ten.

9 - chibi chibi - sailor moon - hair buns  Top 10 Girl Hairstyles in Anime.

4. Sailor Pluto

sailormoon sailor pluto

Sailor Pluto’s existence was so secret that very few even knew that she existed. She holds the Garnet Orb, a powerful staff that imbues her with the power of time. In fact, she is so powerful that she could literally stop time in its tracks, as she did in the season ender of the Black Moon Arc, when she used this power to save Chibiusa, whom she has grown fond of.

As a Senshi, Pluto is one of the most ruthless, keeping her tasks beyond all else. As she was instructed to eliminate all intruders who would dare and search for the gates of time, she does not hesitate to kill anyone, even Sailor Moon herself. As formidable as she is, however, her immense power comes at a price; sometimes, at the cost of her own life.

Sailor Pluto wallpaper

3. Sailor Saturn

sailormoon sailor saturn

In sheer destructive powers alone, Sailor Saturn could easily top this list. After all, being the Senshi of death and rebirth, a simple motion of her Silence Glaive was enough to destroy whole worlds and reset the evolutionary time clock to zero. Her power was so immense, that the other three Outer Senshi, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto, were fearful of her awakening, having witnessed her destructive powers.

Just like Pluto, however, her immense power comes at a very steep price, as each time she uses her destructive powers to their full strength, Sailor Saturn dies and gets reborn. Thus, her powers are generally one-time use only, since she literally resets the clock on herself, and of everything around her.

Sailor Saturn wallpaper

2. Sailor Galaxia

Sailor Galaxia

Arguably one of the strongest foes ever to be encountered by the series’ protagonists, Sailor Galaxia is the exact antithesis of Sailor Moon. Whereas Sailor Moon values all life, Galaxia has a habit of extinguishing it. Sailor Moon loves making friends out of her enemies, while Galaxi loves making puppets out of those she intimidates or defeats.

Her power is also sourced from the exact opposite of the titular character’s Silver Crystal and thus, imbues her with a ridiculous amount of power. In fact, her ruthless actions, and her tendencies for committing evil were so grave, she eventually gained the notorious reputation of ruining worlds in her quest to find the strongest source of power.

Sailor Galaxia wallpaper

1. Sailor Moon

Sailor Moon Usagi Tsukino

Physically, Sailor Moon might not seem all that powerful. But then again, she is the sole person who could wield the Silver Crystal, which is, as noted earlier, the rumored source of absolute and limitless power. Apart from this, she also holds the power of love; something which, considering the genre of the series, is the ultimate form of power. She is also the one with the purest heart, as could be seen through the course of the series itself.

Apart from this, Sailor Moon also holds a ridiculous amount of courage, something which was seen time and again despite the odds being stacked against her. For one, she has the capability to keep fighting even after losing those she deems most important to her, all the while maintaining hope that things will turn out alright in the end. It definitely takes something in order to be that strong.

wallpaper Sailor Moon

And so ends our list of the Top 10 Strongest Sailor Moon Characters. Of course, the other Senshi are powerful as well, but I opted to use a two-pronged approach in this list, considering both characters in the manga and anime. Nevertheless, any comments would be very much welcome.

Till the next list, everyone!



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