[Honey’s Crush Wednesday] 5 Rin Okumura Highlights - Ao no Exorcist

Blue-Ao-no-Exorcist-wallpaper-3-561x500 [Honey’s Crush Wednesday] 5 Rin Okumura Highlights - Ao no Exorcist

Life's a bitch, so if it’s easy, you're doing it wrong.

  • Episodes: 25
  • Genre: Action, Demons, Fantasy, Shounen, Supernatural
  • Airing Date: Apr. 2011 - Oct. 2011
  • Producers: A-1 Pictures

Ao no Exorcist (Blue Exorcist) Preview (No Spoilers)

Assiah is the realm of humans, while Gehenna is the realm of demons. Although far apart, both worlds exist near each other. Normally, it is impossible for these two dimensions to cross paths, however, demons found a way to go to the world of Assiah by possessing anything that exists within its domain.

The God of all demons, Satan, also intends to go to Assiah and rule it alongside Gehenna, but the demon lord is too powerful to possess anything, as his deadly blue flames will immediately burn his host. Luckily for him, he has fathered Rin Okumura who is a hybrid of the two worlds. Satan intends to possess the boy, but he made the wrong move of killing his son’s guardian, Shiro Fujimoto. Because of this, Rin doesn’t want to cooperate with him and even endeavors to become an exorcist to kill him!

Rin Okumura Bio

Seiyuu Name: Okamoto Nobuhiko

Rin Okumura is a childish hot-headed individual that is born from a human mother and a demon father. Shiro Fujimoto, a powerful exorcist, took the boy in his care and raised Rin as a normal boy. As a kid, Rin was known for being a demon child because of the unusual temper and strength that he had exhibited. Most people are afraid of him, hence the reason why he is mostly alone. Rin felt that the only one who could truly understand him was his foster father who he had admired so much from way back then. For the past 15 years, Rin has somewhat managed to live a normal life because of the sword Kurikara: a sword used to seal his demon heritage.

But on a certain day, Rin began to see unusual creatures around him and was in shock to learn of his true nature. Since Rin’s powers had awoken, Satan attempted to drag Rin to Gehenna and planned to possess him in order to fulfill his evil agenda in Assiah. During the whole ordeal, Fujimoto sacrificed himself in order to save his “son”. With saddens and anger, Rin decided to become an exorcist like his human father by accepting the offer of Mephisto Pheles who is the principal of True Cross Academy.

Rin Okumura Highlights

1. A Child of Two Worlds

I’m not a human or a demon anymore. I have no choice but to move forward! I’ll become an Exorcist!

As stated in his character bio, Rin is born from a human mother and a demon father. Because of his mixed heritage, he can live in Assiah and can use the blue flames that he had inherited from his father. When the seal on the Kurikara was still intact, Rin looked like a normal human boy who was more pale than average. But when the seal on the sword disappeared, Rin came to have demonic features, such as pointy ears, canine teeth, and a tail. However, once he unsheathes his Kurikara, Rin’s demonic features becomes even more prominent. He’ll have pointier ears and his canine teeth become sharper. Rin’s eyes will still retain their blue color, but will have a red glow in them. Along with that, horns will also appear on top of his head in the shape of two blue flames.

Because of his demon heritage, Rin is more powerful than most individuals. He has immense strength, is very agile, durable and even heals at an extremely fast rate. He is also known to immediately sense demons nearby and can even talk to some of them telepathically. Rin is more skilled in using his Kurikara in times of battle. While using his Kurikara, Rin can be a very difficult person to beat, as he uses his sword along with his blue flames. Although Rin can use his Kurikara anytime, it is advisable for him to use it for a short period of time as he may lose control of himself and may cause trouble that he doesn’t intend to. Konekomaru stated that Rin will be their hidden ace when something goes amiss because of Rin’s monstrous strength. While Rin has the strength of 10 or more people, he is still an unskilled exorcist and can only show his full potential once he masters using his sword and his flames.

2. Badass and Adorable

I’ll become an Exorcist... and kick Satan’s butt!

Rin is already badass enough that he can control the flames of Satan, but, what makes him even more badass than that? Well, for one thing, he is a headstrong person and is very open about himself! He takes any challenge head-on, even though the world is mostly against him. It is no secret that he is the son of Satan and many out there are out to get him, but even with that, he is willing to take them all one by one as long as as nobody innocent gets hurt.

Of course, despite Rin’s badass image, he can be quite adorable too. I mean look at how the guy smiles in the picture above. He looks like a puppy who is happy to be petted! Adding to his adorable image, he is fond of children, such as Usamaru, Satoru, and Yui Sakamoto to name a few. Rin has a sensitive spot for animals too, like in episode 1, he got mad at some boys who were shooting pigeons at a park nearby; and in episode 10, he is against the idea of hurting Kuro, insisting the other exorcists to let him talk to the demon cat. Rin is also a good cook, which is adorable in a way too. He started cooking as a young kid and managed to improve himself so he can offer delicious food for those who are close to him. For Rin, aside from the fact that he is proud to be the “son” of Fujimoto, his cooking ability is another thing that he prides himself on.

3. Brave but still Sensitive

I don't have the confidence to control my flames!... So maybe... I should die... Just go away! I'm a monster!

Rin is always prepared to fight alone without anyone’s help. Whether the enemy is too hard to handle or not, Rin will most likely be the first person to charge forward to offer the first blow. He doesn’t care if he is the only one who gets hurt in the process as long as the people around him are safe and unharmed. One primary example of this is that Rin is willing to fight and use his Kurikara despite the fact that he can die at any moment if the sword ever gets broken or destroyed. Every fight that he partakes in means he’s risking his life, but he still moves forward just like his foster father told him. But despite Rin’s brave front, he is quite an emotional person.

In the anime, it is quite obvious that Rin still feels guilty for the death of Fujimoto. There are also times when he would blame himself for circumstances that are beyond his control. This is the reason why he prefers to go solo in his quests and missions with his teammates. Rin also has his moments of doubt. Just like in episode 7 of the 2nd season; Rin questioned Fujimoto on why he was allowed to stay alive. He was that scared and anxious about becoming a monster that would hurt the people that are close to him

Even though he is open in regards to himself, he still tends to keep his problems inside and prefers to face them alone. He is willing to take anyone’s burden, even though it’s already too heavy for him to handle by himself. While it may not look like it, Rin is an expert at hiding his true emotions by faking a smile as to not worry those who surround him. An example of this is in episode 9 of the 2nd season, where Rin teases and laughs at Bon for being scared in front of their foe. Rin told Bon that he should relax and do his chant as he got Bon’s back, though while saying that, Bon noticed that Rin was shaking in fear too.

4. He Can Easily Touch People’s Hearts

You trusted me, so I’ll trust you too. That’s what being friends means, doesn’t it?

Rin is indeed sensitive about himself, but he is also sensitive towards the needs and feelings of others. Despite being socially awkward in the beginning, he seems to find a way to inspire and encourage people without him knowing. Rin initially doesn’t know how to get closer to people and be their friend, since during his childhood, a lot of people were so afraid of him. Since he doesn’t have much experience interacting with other people, he tends to be a naive goofball, which is a good thing! Because of his jolly and carefree personality, Rin is actually an easy person to be with. But what draws people to Rin is his frankness and his honesty.

At times, Rin may sound too harsh when sharing advices, but this guy means well and is honestly telling the truth for their own good. For him to touch the hearts of those around him, he usually puts himself in their shoes and can somehow relate to them on a deeper level. Like in episode 6 of the 1st season, he managed to become friends with Ukobach by having a food match; Or in episode 4, where Rin understood the sadness that Shiemi felt when her grandmother passed away. In episode 3 of the 2nd season, he enlightened Konekomaru about his friend’s insecurities, and even accepted Bon’s ambition of killing Satan and then helped in the argument between Bon and Tatsuma, Bon’s father. The list goes on with how many people he has helped with his words and actions alone. Heck, he even inspired his little brother, Yukio, to be strong and become independent.

5. He Has Noble Beliefs and Goals

I’ll use my flames for a better purpose!

Thanks to Fujimoto’s love and guidance, Rin has become the person he is today. Even though his primary objective is to avenge his foster father’s death, Rin somewhat makes light of it and focuses more on how to prove to other people that Fujimoto did the right thing by letting him live. He admired Fujimoto a lot, and even more so when he found out that Fujimoto was a former paladin. Because of this, he dreams of becoming a paladin just like his old man. Rin plans to use his flames for a gentler purpose and to protect those people that are plagued by demons. This is proven true as his flames will burn anything that harms but will not hurt the people or things he intends to protect. Like in episode 7 of the 2nd season where he accidentally released his flames and touched Shiemi. Shiemi didn't get hurt in his flames, rather, she felt the warmth that was radiating from them. All in all, Rin has a heart of gold and does everything he can to be what Fujimoto would have liked him to be.

Final Thoughts

To some, Rin may just look like any other shounen protagonist out there; but if you do manage to delve further into who “Rin Okumura” is, then you would understand what an amazing character he is. Besides, he is kinda relatable in a way.

Those who have watched or are watching Ao no Exorcist know that ever since Fujimoto died, Rin’s life has been turned upside down. After the revelation that he is the son of Satan, it seems Rin’s got nothing but himself to defend. Rin’s life seems to suck right now; and since then, everyone has turned their back on him. But you know what is so commendable about Rin? Rin never stops smiling nor being optimistic about his situation, despite his hardships or his inner demons. He pushes forward and always sees the good in others.

Blue-Ao-no-Exorcist-wallpaper-3-561x500 [Honey’s Crush Wednesday] 5 Rin Okumura Highlights - Ao no Exorcist


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