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full-metal-alchemist [Honey's Crush Wednesday] 5 Roy Mustang Highlights - Full Metal Alchemist

"When I, who am called a 'weapon' or a 'monster', fight a real monster, I can fully realize I'm just a human."

Let’s go back to one of those animes whose fame never ends. Who wants to travel to Amestris, a world inspired on the Industrial Revolution era in European countries? We have mystery and a very active military/police trying to keep peace. But, in order to accomplish this goal, they need to be very clever and talented.

And who is more clever and talented than the guy who we are writing about on this occasion? Ranking second most popular character on the world of Fullmetal Alchemist, Roy Mustang has impressed us with more than just his looks (more than one fangirl might be screaming by now). He also counts with an intense personality and presence. We know that Mustang is a key player in this story by Hiromu Arakawa, but why exactly? Let’s keep reading to find out!

  • Episodes : 64
  • Genre : Action, Adventure, Drama, Fantasy, Magic, Military, Shounen
  • Airing Date : Apr 5, 2009 to Jul 4, 2010
  • Producers : Aniplex, Square Enix, Mainichi Broadcasting System, Studio Moriken

Roy Mustang Preview (No Spoilers)

Fullmetal Alchemist is the epic story of a quest. The Elric brothers, Edward and Alphonse, are trying to find a way to recover from an alchemical transmutation gone wrong. But they are not alone! Colonel Roy Mustang and other allies will be their companions throughout the most intriguing and exciting adventures, full of mysteries and alchemy as they all confront all sorts of law breakers!

Roy Mustang Bio

If the Elric brothers are the protagonists of Fullmetal Alchemist, their close sidekick is definitely Colonel Mustang. With such grandiose nicknames as Flame Alchemist and Hero of Ishval, this officer from the Amestrian State Military is our protagonists’ immediate boss. Remarkable in more than one way, Roy Mustang is an ambitious and disciplined soldier whose dreams include becoming The Fuhrer. Don’t dare try to downplay him, because his powerful brains and alchemy will make sure that you pay!

We will proceed with Colonel Mustang’s highlights now. Just remember that there will be spoilers, so, if you haven’t watch Fullmetal Alchemist… What are you waiting for? But anyway, let’s proceed to…

Roy Mustang Highlights

1. Brilliant soldier and alchemist

(Fullmetal Alchemist Chapter 25. http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v331/hymnia/masterchess.jpg)

Ok, so we all know sometimes rumors can be deceiving. With all those people talking about Mustang being a hero, perhaps there is the chance that the truth distorted with the pass of time. Or maybe he simply had luck. Well, this is not the case, my dear otakus. Roy Mustang has worked really hard in life to achieve what he wants. He was adopted by his uncle at an early age, as he was orphaned. Mustang was raised to become a gentleman, but he also took an interest in alchemy.

Thanks to his passion and constant research on the matter, he passed the State Exam of Alchemy with high scores. That is how he became a Major at the early age of twenty. Nevertheless, Mustang also proved that he had brains and talent at the Ishval Civil War. He was key to the winner side, taking away many lives.

Nevertheless, after Roy Mustang noticed the devastating force of his own magic, he found a way to end the conflict quickly. From that point on, the Colonel would display his best abilities on strategy and diplomacy. He also is an expert on getting intelligence and on covered operations, only retorting to force when necessary. Roy Mustang is truly brilliant!

2. His fiery temper

There is another reason why our Roy is called “The Flame Alchemist”, though. That is his alchemically fiery temper. This guy ranges from being stubborn to be an authentic atomic bomb when he is mad. Sometimes this happens on hilarious situations, like when the Colonel wants to use magic under the rain (je, je). He also enters on pissed off mood when he is annoyed by Edward Elric, who is one of his favorite war opponents.

There are other times when Mustang’s temper can be a disadvantage, though. For example, he was too reckless during an assault against the homunculi and as result, Havoc (one of his men) was left paralyzed. Nevertheless, the Colonel’s temper has also helped him to survive deadly enemies. Let’s not go further than to his memorable battle against Lust, where his close subordinate Riza almost died. This made things go… a little bit explosive, but in the end, Roy Mustang saved the day! So don’t tempt your luck in a battle with the Colonel… unless it is raining, of course 🙂

3. His arrogant facade

Rumors, rumors. We have mentioned them before and we have to mention them again. What outsiders see in Colonel Mustang is a handsome and charming young man that is too full of himself. He is petty and proud. Mustang also has charmed away so many hearts than, during his first military duel against Edward, we can hear the multitude wooing and someone screaming “Give me my girlfriend back!” XD He even is rumored to want to change the militar female uniform to mini skirts. And please, don’t get us started with bureaucracy. We know government jobs involve a lot of paperwork, right? Well, Mustang leaves all those tasks to his subordinates and he passes his time with easy, petting dogs and the like.

But guys, let’s not forget the Colonel is intelligent. The truth is that all of these is an elaborate facade to disguise his ambition. It is comprehensible, who would like to hire a guy who is behind your job? Thus, Mustang downplays his abilities and keeps in the shadows. Mustang observes, collects intelligence, calculates and waits for an opportunity to raise (even more) within the ranks of power.

4. Loyalty

We have noticed already that Colonel Mustang is something. But another strong point to him is the loyalty towards the people who are closer to him. The first one that comes to mind is Riza Hawkeye, Roy Mustang’s right arm. This relationship is an old one, since Riza’s father did important advancements on research in flame alchemy. He requested the Colonel to take care of his daughter before passing away. Riza decided to give full access of the research to Roy Mustang, in order to protect their nation. Thus, we can see that their tie is strong, saving each other in more than one occasion.

And how about the Elric brothers? The Colonel shares a bit in common with Ed, as both are highly talented and short tempered orphans. He supports Edward during his Exam to become a State Alchemist. Once the Elrics are on his inner circle, Roy Mustang gives them a lot of freedom and protects them, as he trusts their talents and instincts. Thus, the Colonel knows how to command and how to reward his subordinates with his loyalty.

5. He is willing to pay the price

So Roy Mustang is so awesome that he is undefeated? Well, not precisely. This business of alchemy can be perilous, just remember what happened to the Elric brothers. The Colonel, as clever as he is, knows that the Law of Equivalent Exchange also applies to him. This law states that, in order to get something, you have to give up something of equal value. Thus during his encounter with Pride, Roy Mustang is forced into the Gates of Truth, where he loses his eyesight. But he is kinda ok with it, as becoming more powerful and knowledgeable is something the Colonel has always pursued.

On a more daily fashion, Mustang is rather modest on his material possessions. He lives in a common flat with few furniture and prefers to entertain himself with mental games like chess. And of course the Colonel does a lot of research. Leading a country is not an easy task, so he is willing to pay the price to become the Furer. Mustang is truly a responsible guy with an organized vision on the future of his country, so watch out for him in the forecoming elections (we would totally vote for him).

Final thoughts

Roy Mustang, my dear otakus, is more than a pretty face and a great body. Perhaps one of the secrets of his success is that he has his comical moments and a few vulnerable ones. This fleshes the Colonel as a human. Yes, he is highly intelligent and talented, but he also has flaws. And honestly speaking, we need more young people who, noticing the chaotic state of our world, give their best to improve it. Roy Mustang is willing to pay the price. That is why he is such a memorable character!

Which are your favorite Colonel Mustang moments? Do you think he ever succeeded in becoming Fuhrer? Why yes or why not? Don’t forget that we welcome all your comments on this space. See you soon!

full-metal-alchemist [Honey's Crush Wednesday] 5 Roy Mustang Highlights - Full Metal Alchemist


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