5 Strongest Units from Fire Emblem: Three Houses

Fire Emblem: Three Houses features 35 playable characters who are split between three classes as well as the school faculty. Your default units consist of the eight students in whichever class you decide to teach, as well as any staff members who join your team automatically at certain points of the story. However, you can also recruit characters from other houses by fulfilling certain expectations, which allows you to build your army however you see fit.

But which units are the strongest, the most versatile, and the most crucial to recruit on every playthrough (leaving out the house leaders, since they aren’t recruitable outside of their routes)? Let’s take a look at the five strongest units from Fire Emblem: Three Houses!

5. Ingrid

Besides Byleth and the house leaders, Ingrid has the highest base stat total in the game. Her stat growths aren’t as good as some other characters and her Pegasus Knight class leaves her vulnerable to arrows, but she’s still a very solid unit to have on your team. She has no subject weaknesses, so she can reap the benefits of several classes without needing too much training, and she also has access to the Hero’s Relic Luin with its combat art Burning Quake. She’s excellent at taking out enemy mages and moving across maps quickly, plus she’s relatively easy to recruit on other routes. Keep her in mind!

4. Mercedes

While not physically the strongest character by any means, Mercedes is arguably the best healer in the game. She excels at faith magic, learning the incredibly useful long-distance healing spells Physic and Fortify, which can also heal her at the same time thanks to her personal ability Live to Serve. She can also take advantage of her budding talent in bows to become a solid Magic Bow user, and her offensive black magic is nothing to sneeze at, either. She can be difficult to recruit, but it’s absolutely worth it for the Crimson Flower route where her stiffest competition Flayn isn’t available.

3. Sylvain

Sylvain is a highly versatile unit who naturally fits into cavalry classes and has a budding talent in magic that grants him strong spells like Bolganone and Ragnarok. He also gets the Lance of Ruin and its combat art Ruined Sky, which destroys dragons and other flying enemies, and his faith spell pool includes the always useful Physic. Uniquely, he’ll automatically accept an offer to join your class if you play as a female character. Be sure to pick him up as soon as you can!

2. Lysithea

Lysithea is solidly at the bottom of the tier list for base stat totals, but she more than makes up for it with her devastating dark magic spells and two crests. She’s a heavy hitter with access to powerful attacks like Hades Ω and Abraxas, and as long as she can keep from getting hit (or you increase her hit points and defense with stat-boosting items), she’s unstoppable. When equipped with her Hero’s Relic Thyrsus, she gains increased magic range as well as the effects of defensive abilities Aegis and Pavise. If you invest in Byleth’s budding Faith talent, she should be simple to recruit on any playthrough.

1. Byleth

Obviously, the main character is going to be strong, but consider this: by using New Game+ save files, you can theoretically make Byleth the most overpowered Fire Emblem protagonist who ever lived! With enough renown points, you can import skill levels from previous playthroughs onto your new character and use the combined training time to max them out on every stat.

You can do this with other characters too, of course, but Byleth has the advantage of always being playable and using faculty training to increase their stats every time they visit the monastery. And if you invent in many different stats, you can eventually recruit pretty much everyone! It’s also a handy way to justify the hundreds of hours you’ve spent playing this addictive game...

Final Thoughts

Other units who are absolutely worth recruiting include Dorothea (who has excellent faith skills and access to the long-distance area-of-effect spell Meteor), Ignatz (whose accuracy with a bow is unmatched), and Cyril (whose personal skill Aptitude gives him increased stat growth). And really, any unit can be amazing if you put enough time and effort into training them!

What did you think of our list? Do you disagree with any of our choices? Let us know in the comments, and thanks so much for reading!

Fire-Emblem-Warriors-Musou-Wallpaper-590x500 5 Strongest Units from Fire Emblem: Three Houses


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