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  • System: PS4, PS3
  • Publisher: Atlus (JP), Atlus USA, Deep Silver (PAL)
  • Developer: Atlus
  • Release Date: Sept 15, 2016

Persona 5 Preview (No Spoilers)

Running to the rescue of a woman crying out in the night, a young man is framed as the one who attacked the woman. Now labeled as a criminal, the young man is forced to change schools and live with a family friend during his probation. However, strange things immediately begin to happen around the young man and without warning, he and a classmate are transported into a strange castle that once was their school. Here, the young man gains the power of Persona and with it, begins to realize his true powers. Creating the Phantom Thieves of Hearts alongside others like him, the young man and his new allies will attempt to change the hearts of those who are criminal and evil within their inner worlds known as Palaces.

Tae Takemi Bio

Seiyuu Name: Yuka Saito (Kirsten Potter)

At first glance, Tae Takemi looks like a goth girl with her Laissez-faire attire, choker and dark emotions. However, Tae is actually the owner of a medical clinic in Yongen-Jaya and aims to assist those who need her assistance. Adding to that already large amount of irony, Tae is from the Death Arcana making her appearance and job even more humorous. Meeting the protagonist of Persona 5, Tae begins to offer him medical items and other forms of assistance without fully understanding why a high school student needs these medications. Nonetheless, Tae willingly gives out the meds to our protagonist in exchange having him test out various new drugs she has been synthesizing to see how the effects will work out. As Tae and the protagonist spend more time together, a blossoming relationship of sorts begins to form between them. Will this relationship grow into a blossoming love story or will it always be a bond between a practitioner of medicine and her newly appointed guinea pig?

Tae Takemi Highlights

1. Stylish Doctor.

One look at Tae and you’ll realize something immediately. Tae is one cool and down to earth looking physician. While Tae still dons a traditional white lab coat—a staple motif for doctors in general—the coat itself is left open to reveal her simple but cute attire. Let us here at Honey’s Anime examine Tae Takemi’s clothing closer. We swear, it’s only for evidence to prove Tae is a stylish doctor.

Tae wears a green dress with a red belt and long black heels that remind us of an Egyptian look. On Tae’s neck is a choker and a necklace that holds what looks to be a vial of medicine of sorts. When you go out with Tae—which you will do if you decide to rank up her confidant levels—Tae attire changes almost fully aside from her accessories. Out in public, Tae wears a green dress with a web-like design, a dark small leather jacket, ripped up stockings and dark boots. It goes well with Tae’s punk attire and makes our hearts here at Honey’s Anime skip some beats. We might need to stop by Tae’s clinic after looking so hard at her great fashion sense.

2. Cool under pressure.

As you begin to rank Tae’s confidant level, you’ll dive deeper into her story. Losing her fame as a doctor because of an odd incident at an university she worked for, Tae was placed in her current position as head of the clinic. The reason she begins to create these odd medicines is because Tae wishes to regain her former glory as a doctor and show the world that what happened at the university wasn’t her fault. Though how does this show Tae’s cool under pressure? Well, let us give you some hard evidence to back our claims!

Once you begin Tae’s story line—within her confidant ranks—you’ll see Tae end up talking to some interesting people. Tae ends up being confronted by a police officer who sees her actions as shady and even a man named Oyamada who tries to insinuate Tae is a bad woman in disguise. However, Tae never simply backs down to these men who try to discredit her and she tends to fire back with smart lines and even cooler actions to show nothing said to her phases her. While you see that Tae is putting on an act of sorts—noticeable as she confides in the protagonist—that side of her is never shown to those who attack her. Yet another reason why Tae is indeed one cool physician who we adore.

3. Give and take relationship.

While many could argue that Tae’s strange manners of giving medicine to the protagonist of Persona 5 are creepy, the reality is that Tae is a fundamentally important confidant. While the protagonist might be her new test subject in return, he is given a wide range of items that make Palace exploring in Persona 5 a lot easier and safer. What are some of these items you might ask? Well, let us explore Tae’s confidant growth and some of the more important items gained from leveling it up.

In Persona 5, convenience stores and food shops sell items for healing but most are pretty weak and can’t always be used in the Palaces. Tae, however, at rank 1 confidant already begins to offer the protagonist—aka the player—items for healing. Raise Tae to level 3 and you’ll even get support items such as SP Adhesive—which can be equipped to heal SP over time—which can be extremely helpful for the longer runs in a Palace. Rank Tae to higher ranks and you’ll even get all items cheaper and find some of Persona 5’s strongest resurrection items which will be good for the harder Palaces near the end game. Ultimately, Tae might use the protagonist as a lab rat of sorts for her weird concoctions but gaining her items, makes it worthwhile. Plus, being around Tae even as a specimen means more time with her in general and that seems like a pretty good deal.

4. A Doctor through and through!

While we now know Tae has a troubled past that doesn’t remove the fact that Tae is a doctor. Sure, Tae helps the protagonist but that isn’t her only patient. In fact, as Tae’s confidant story continues on, you begin to meet one of her other patients and realize that Tae is indeed a doctor. We feel some people wondering if we’re speaking crazy talk here with this claim. Trust us folks, we aren’t just saying Tae is a doctor because we like her, we have proof.

Near the middle portion of Tae’s rank, the protagonist comes in during one of her busier days. It’s here we meet a young girl who seems ill. The ill girl’s father begs Tae for medicines that might help his daughter and while Tae could probably give her random things, she actually examines the girl closely. That right there is proof that Tae isn’t just a hack of a doctor. Not only does Tae care to help the protagonist but she also wishes to use her medical prowess to help others that require her aid.

5. Can be romanced

Finally, one of the most important things about Tae is that she is indeed able to date the protagonist and become his girl. That’s right everyone, despite Tae’s older statue—she isn’t the only datable older girl—she can indeed be romanced by the protagonist. Now, you might be asking how does one romance the beautiful Tae? Don’t worry besides showing our admiration and love for Tae, we also are masters of her heart.

If you want to romance Tae, it’s actually one of the easier confidants in Persona 5 to get done. All the protagonist needs—besides spending time with Tae—is to have Guts ranked to level 2. Once this occurs, all the protagonist needs to do is continue to spend time with Tae and her relationship will blossom to show how much she cares for him. We won’t spoil some of the lines Tae says when he romances her but we will say our hearts melted out of our bodies. Though we’re pretty sure Tae would claim that is an impossibility in her medical opinion.

Final Thoughts

Tae Takemi is indeed a strange confidant but in reality, who isn’t an odd confidant in the world of Persona 5. Despite Tae’s extremely scary enjoyment of making a guinea pig out of the main character of Persona 5 she shows a caring side that just aims at helping others using her medical knowhow and skills. That’s why it’s quite easy for us here at Honey’s Anime to love Tae Takemi and claim her as one of the best confidants within Persona 5. Though this is our opinion of Tae and we’ll now ask you to share your thoughts on this dark and moody physician. Comment down below to tell us what you love or dislike about her and for more articles like this keep stuck at our hive here at Honey’s Anime!

Tae-Takemi-Persona-5-Wallpaper-342x500 [Honey's Crush Wednesday] 5 Tae Takemi Highlights - Persona 5


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