[Honey's Crush Wednesday] 5 Tuesday Simmons Highlights - Carole & Tuesday

A Runaway Girl Heading for the Big Time

  • Episodes: 24
  • Genre: Music, Sci-Fi, Drama, Romance
  • Airing Date: April 11, 2019 - October 3, 2019
  • Studio: Bones Entertainment

Carole & Tuesday Preview (No Spoilers)

Born from a political family on Mars, you might think Tuesday Simmons had it all except she never had the love of her parents. Wanting to live life for herself, she runs away with the clothes on her back and her guitar to Alba City where she meets Carole Stanley at a bridge. They immediately become best friends and come together to make their dreams come true. So, what is it about Tuesday, an innocent rich girl that makes her so appealing? Read this week’s edition to Honey’s Crush Wednesday to find out!

Tuesday Simmons Highlights

1. Tuesday’s Proof That Money Doesn’t Buy Happiness

Yes, we know it’s a cliché that money doesn’t always buy happiness and through Tuesday’s story, you learn that’s very true. She grew up around wealth, was clothed and fed, but she’s hardly ever acknowledged by her mother, and her father split a long time ago. Tuesday understands that her mother is busy and does her best to respect her mother’s work. There comes a point that a person has to find their own self-worth and through her struggles with Carole, Gus, and Roddy, in the cut-throat show business world, she discovers what she was missing in her life.

2. Tuesday Doesn’t Condone Her Mother’s Anti-Refugee

As many probably know, a good portion of us tend to inherit our parents’ political views due our upbringings. When it comes to Tuesday and her mother’s anti-refugee rhetoric, she openly disagrees with her. It’s interesting that refugees are used as a topic in this series considering that this has been an issue that has been controversial in the US, especially since the election of Donald Trump, who hasn’t been afraid to speak his thoughts on the manner on his pundit stations, or his almighty Twitter account (though Instagram exists in the Carole & Tuesday universe, we have yet to see Valerie excessively use social media like The Donald).

Remembering that Carole, her best friend, is a refugee, Tuesday can’t bring herself to support her mother’s message. While it’s (probably) obviously a jab at Trump, it could also be a means to address that Japan hasn’t done any better in contributing to solving the issue (lets just say they only process less than 100 refugees a year).

3. Tuesday Has an Awesome Guitar

In case some of you were wondering, you can actually purchase Tuesday’s guitar for real! If you want to know the model she uses, it’s a Gibson Hummingbird. The company has been in business for over 100 years and if Carole & Tuesday is correct, by the time we get to Mars, hopefully the company will still be around to still producing guitars, especially that Hummingbird! The Hummingbird debuted in the 1960s and they can be pretty expensive. For all we know, considering Tuesday’s background, it could be a vintage model. In its 50 years of production, it has been used by Keith Richards, Sheryl Crow, and Brian May. While it doesn’t have to be the Hummingbird, Gibson is naturally the number one brand name in guitars.

4. Tuesday Has A Mature Sense of Resolve

In pop culture, it tends to portray rich kids as socially awkward and can’t function when they’re forced into adversity. When it comes to Tuesday, she actually made a choice to face adversity. She simply couldn’t stand living in isolation anymore and just wanted to face the world in an open and honest manner. Tuesday immediately faced the difficulties people have to go through such as finding a job and paying bills, and like her friend Carole, not once does she complain. Though she does question things in an honest and innocent sense, but she’s still someone who makes a decision and goes through with it. Tuesday understands that not everything may go her way and if she and Carole have to take a detour, they’re willing to take what they can get.

5. Her Japanese Voice and Singing Voice Have a Great Balance

One of the unique features of Carole & Tuesday in its Japanese track is how the character’s speak in Japanese, but sing in English. Try to think of it along the lines of how The Hunt For Red October or how The Warrior addresses the use of language and you can get pass this. Granted this feature has been met with controversy, especially the difference in Pyotr’s and Skip’s voices, but the natural voices of Kana Ichinose and Celeina Ann, they strike a balance to capture her soft speaking nature and her emotions. However, we understand that just because a person can speak in a certain matter doesn’t mean they can sing in a different way. Just look at Freddy Mercury when you compare how he speaks naturally and when he sings, so you have to be a little more open-minded with this feature.

Final Thoughts

We understand that it’s easy to assume that some people had it easy because they came from privilege, and that could be further from the truth in this world of identity politics. As a matter of fact, many successful and rich people still highly suffer from mental health issues, and we sort of see this with Tuesday Simmons, though the series flat out shows the source of them. With Tuesday, you see that she’s someone who can live in a nice house and have nice clothes, but she’s not allowed to be who she wants to be. Tuesday Simmons may have it better than others, but when you don’t have certain freedoms, does it really mean that person is better off than someone who doesn’t have the same privileges but has freedom to pursue their dreams? Tuesday’s journey answers those very questions.

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