Carole & Tuesday’s Concert Review: Voices of Mars Here on Earth!

“Voices of Mars Here on Earth!”

  • Event: 『Carole & Tuesday』 2nd LIVE ~Army of Two~
  • Date: Sunday, October 6th, 2019
  • Location: Shinagawa Prince Stellar Ball, Tokyo

Intro: A Major Upgrade

『Carole & Tuesday』 2nd LIVE ~Army of Two~ was actually the second concert in Tokyo for the hit anime Carole & Tuesday, and was even bigger than the first. Shinagawa Prince Stellar Ball was a very different venue from Harajuku Quest Hall where the first Carole & Tuesday LIVE was held. Whereas the first show had been a seated concert in a smaller room, Army of Two was a standing show. That means all of the fans were lined up outside over an hour before the show started, hoping to get into the hall fast and get a great place to see the show. The first people inside rushed for the standing bar right in front of the stage, proud and excited that their patience had paid off. Shinagawa Prince Stellar Hall itself was a huge open room with a large stage in the middle and plenty of room to stand, and it filled up very quickly in the time before the live started.

Just outside the main hall, there was plenty of new merchandise to buy. With phone cases, t-shirts, can badges, clear files and more there was something for everyone to buy to remember the show. One of the most special items available was an exclusive t-shirt with the name of the live printed on it. The first people into the venue went right past the merchandise to secure the best place to stand inside, but the merchandise queue formed pretty fast after that with lots of eager fans hoping to get their hands on Carole & Tuesday goods that still remain hard to find in the rest of Japan with the show still being so newly aired.

Carole & Tuesday appeals to a lot of different kinds of fans al around the world, and the LIVE reflected that diversity, too. The fans were split around 50/50 between men and women, and across a very wide age range. Most of those attending were adults above university age, but there were a few children and older fans showing their support as well. Predictably, most of the fans were Japanese, but a few foresight fans were scattered amongst the crowd as well. As the time for the show to begin grew closer and the hall became more and more full, the energy and excitement of the crowd started to fill the room as well. Everyone was ready to see Nai Br.XX, Celeina Ann, and Alisa take the stage!

bee-wink Carole & Tuesday’s Concert Review: Voices of Mars Here on Earth!
I have been waiting for this show ever since they announced it at the Loneliest Girl concert in August.
bee-wink Carole & Tuesday’s Concert Review: Voices of Mars Here on Earth!
It was definitely worth the wait! And since the anime ended last week, we could hear all of the new music live.

Performance: From the Screen to the Stage

The 『Carole & Tuesday』 2nd LIVE ~Army of Two~ show opened dramatically with a sheer curtain down and Nai Br.XX and Celeina Ann, the voices of Carole and Tuesday respectively, behind it as they played “Army of Two”. Then the curtain fell suddenly as the song picked up, and the stage lighting came to life with dramatic spotlight sweeps and other flashing lights. The energy was high right from the start with the crowd clapping and cheering on the young women in the stage, and the energy stayed high as they transitioned into “Round & Laundry”. The show continued by slowing things down a little with “Someday I’ll Find My Way Home”, giving Nai Br.XX and Celeina Ann a chance to really showcase their talented voices. Things picked back up with “Day By Day”, which also gave a chance for the rest of the band to feature. While Celeina Ann does play the acoustic guitar just like her character Tuesday does, she and Nai Br.XX were supported on the stage by an electric guitar, bass guitar, drum set, and keyboard. It was really great to see those talented musicians have a chance to show off their skills as well, each one having their time in the spotlight before the song was wrapped up. The first part of the show wrapped up with “Give You the World”, a really emotional and powerful number, and finally “Threads”.

During the outro to “Threads”, Celeina Ann and Nai Br.XX left the stage, along with the rest of the band. That was when Alisa, the voice of Angela, took to the stage after a montage to her character played on the big screen to get everyone hyped. Alisa wore an outfit worthy of Angela herself, with a sparkling skirt and necklace, fitted black top and black tights, giving her a professional and powerful look. “Not Afraid” and “Move Mountains” were met with thunderous cheering and applause from the audience, and the stage lighting made her performance even more dramatic with strobe lights, flashing coloured lights, and spotlights. When Alisa performed “All I Want”, she did the same movements that Angela did in the anime during that song, really bringing the character to life for all the excited fans. She had a strong stage presence, and the crowd loved it, dancing along and cheering, especially during “LIGHTS GO OUT” which had arguably the highest energy of the whole show. When the band returned, things became slower-paced but more emotional. They played “The Tower” and “Endless”, both songs from the second season of Carole & Tuesday, and Alisa was able to show her voice’s incredible range with these difficult songs.

Next, there was a surprise in store for the 『Carole & Tuesday』 2nd LIVE ~Army of Two~ audiences. Everyone expected a return of Nai Br.XX and Celeina Ann, but the next montage that played on the big screen was none other than Tuesday’s biggest “fan” Cybelle! Her singer, Maika Loubte, had not even been announced as attending the show. She came onto the stage in an outfit reminiscent of Cybelle, with a white top and black pants, and even short black hair. She performed Cybelle’s song, “La Ballade”, with a chair just like in the anime! Her movements were sensual and fluid, and a great surprise addition to the show.

The 『Carole & Tuesday』 2nd LIVE ~Army of Two~ transitioned very smoothly back to Nai Br.XX and Celeina Ann by following up with “Lost My Way”, the song that Carole and Tuesday perform together after Cybelle’s attack on Tuesday during Mars’ Brightest. The audience was thrilled to see the main young women again, and even with a few slow songs to start, they got right back into the show. Everything picked up again with “Beautiful Breakdown”, and the show continued towards the end with some of the most famous songs from the duo. “Kiss Me” and “The Loneliest Girl” earned a lot of claps and cheers from the crowd, happy to hear some of their favourite songs from the first live again. Then it was time for another new song, “After the Fire”, which featured orange and red lighting on the stage to set the mood. The show concluded with one more surprise - Alisa and Maika Loubte returning to the stage to perform “Hold Me Now” all together! They also encouraged the audience to sing along, and they were happy to do their best to oblige.

bee-wink Carole & Tuesday’s Concert Review: Voices of Mars Here on Earth!
I am so happy that this time the show was a standing concert.
bee-wink Carole & Tuesday’s Concert Review: Voices of Mars Here on Earth!
Right? It felt so much more immersive and fun to party with all the other Carole & Tuesday fans like that!

Outro: Looking to the Future

Overall, the 『Carole & Tuesday』 2nd LIVE ~Army of Two~ had its slow and upbeat moments, both fun and emotional songs, and took the audience on an emotional roller coaster ride - just like the Carole & Tuesday anime! A lot of the songs were longer versions then were featured in the anime, which gave fans something really special to enjoy at the live show. All of the talented performers on the stage, both musicians and singers, did a fantastic job keeping the energy high, performing to their best ability, and bringing characters to life for a room full of excited fans.

Much like the first live, the performances improved as the night went on and the room warmed up. By the end, everyone felt much closer somehow having shared the experience of the show. Celeina Ann, who did the main emceeing, was making a lot of jokes with the audience and her fellow artists on the stage, and everyone seemed very comfortable together. In addition to the experience of singing the show live and grabbing some exclusive merchandise for Carole & Tuesday, there was one more exciting part of the 『Carole & Tuesday』 2nd LIVE ~Army of Two~ show. In the end, there was an announcement for the third live show, ~Mother~! It’s not too late if you missed the first two lives; everyone is going to have another chance to see these talented artists together on the stage.

bee-wink Carole & Tuesday’s Concert Review: Voices of Mars Here on Earth!
I am really going to miss watching Carole & Tuesday every week!
bee-wink Carole & Tuesday’s Concert Review: Voices of Mars Here on Earth!
At least we can always remember getting to see them live together. This was a great ending!


Nai Br.XX and Celeina Ann “Carole” and “Tuesday”

Army of Two

Round & Laundry

Someday I’ll Find My Way Home

Whispering My Love

Day By Day

Give You The World (C&T ver.)


Alisa “Angela”

Not Afraid

Move Mountains

All I Want

Breathe Again


The Tower


Light a Fire

Maika Loubte “Cybelle”

La Ballade

Nai Br.XX and Celeina Ann “Carole” and “Tuesday”

Lost My Way

Message in the Wind

Lay It All On Me

Beautiful Breakdown

Kiss Me

The Loneliest Girl

After the Fire

Hold Me Now

bee-wink Carole & Tuesday’s Concert Review: Voices of Mars Here on Earth!


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