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We released an article on the 5 ways to date an otaku girl, but did you know there were two sexes? Hope you did (for more reasons than this) because now, we’re bringing you the 5 ways to date an otaku boy! Ah yes, let us delve into the complicated mind of the male psyche, a mysterious world that women spend a lifetime trying to decode. It can be as complicated as reading hieroglyphics mixed with Traditional Chinese characters, right? Wrong! You know all that time you spend trying to figure guys out? You’re wasting it.

Dating a boy, especially an otaku boy, is much more straightforward than you think. Who has time for signals? Boys don’t and you certainly don’t. Why over complicate your relationship by looking for encoded messages that are nonexistent? Spend that time on something else because we’re going to help you out with our 5 ways to date an otaku boy!

Not All Otaku are Made the Same

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You’re into anime and you wanted to date a guy who is into anime, too, so of course, you looked for an otaku boy. Well, we hate to break it to you, but otaku boys can be pretty well-rounded and no, we do not mean in shape. Everyone has their own tastes in what they like and many otaku boys like a wide range of genres including action, ecchi, and comedy, but let’s not put otaku boys into a box. There are many genres out there. When you decide to date an otaku, you need to learn to share your interests. He’s not going to like everything you’re into and you may not like everything he’s into, but you’d be surprised when you watch anime you wouldn’t have otherwise watched. Maybe you actually like harem anime more than you thought. They aren’t all about girls fawning over an obtuse boy. Or maybe they are.

Of course, otaku boys can have various hobbies aside from just anime. The most common hobby would have to be playing video games, but of course, not every otaku is made the same. What does this mean for you? Whether you like it or not, you are either going to have to accept that your otaku boyfriend will spend time away from you for his hobby or you’re going to have to join in. Don’t worry; it could be more fun than you imagined! It all falls under the bracket of sharing your interests.

Let’s take a look at the anime “Danna ga Nani wo Itteiru ka Wakaranai Ken,” otherwise known as “I Can’t Understand What My Husband is Saying.” Kaoru is clearly not an otaku, but she loves Hajime enough to listen to everything he has to say about anime and all things pertaining to it including work. Despite being as different as night and day, Kaoru and Hajime share their interests and make it work. Take note, girls! This is what you need to do to date an otaku boy!

Dress to Impress

Put away the fancy heels and cocktail dress you pulled out. We don’t mean that. If you want to dress to impress for your otaku boy, you’re going to have to pull out the cosplay. Take out those maid costumes, nekomimi, or that nurse’s uniform! We can’t forget the cheongsam. Now that is impressive! If you want to make your otaku boy happy, you’re going to have to appeal to his fantasies!

Contrary to popular belief, these types of fantasies aren’t limited to just otaku boys. All men have fantasies. You don’t have to watch ecchi anime to have fantasies, you know. Declining is always an option, but if it makes your boyfriend happy, what’s wrong with a little cosplay? Doesn’t he do things just to make you happy? Of course, it’s important to remember to act the part. You’ll find it makes it more worthwhile for him and you may even enjoy it as well.

How can you forget the scene in Fruits Basket when Ayame and Mine dress Tohru up, igniting the fantasies of the innocent Yuki? Oh yes, something within him stirred. No matter how innocent, every boy has his own fantasy. He may not even know it yet. Do not be fooled! However, it’s a girlfriend’s job to help fulfill them. Of course, if you fulfill his, your otaku boy will fulfill yours. Hey, don’t pretend that you don’t have any of your own fantasies. Moving on….

“The Way to a Man’s Heart”

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As worn out as this may sound, it’s true: the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach! Now, when you’re an otaku, you’ll come across this choice quite often: should you stop and eat or should you keep binge playing/watching? Yes, you can eat while watching anime, but eating requires either going out to buy something or cooking. It’s wasted time, but it’s also necessary for survival! Damned nature.

Do you know what would really touch an otaku boy’s heart? If you prepared something for him to eat! You don’t even have to cook the food yourself. Most otaku aren’t as picky, especially when that pickiness will take time away from a hobby. You could just bring something that you found at the konbini. Still, you will take out the hassle of preparing food, allowing your otaku to spend more time doing what he enjoys, and show him that you can be considerate. He will be more than happy you did! Plus, doesn’t every otaku dream of having someone to feed them? It’s not just a cliché in shoujo and harem anime.

If you want a good example of a considerate anime girlfriend, check out Takasu Ryuuji from Toradora. No, we did not make a mistake; Ryuuji would make a great boyfriend because he always prepares meals for Taiga, knowing she would not eat properly otherwise. Ryuuji even takes into consideration the nutritional balance of each meal. Now that is dedication! While you don’t have to be that detailed, an otaku boy will really appreciate the gesture regardless.

Spoils of a Relationship

One part of a relationship that always seems skewed is how much partners spoil each other. Girls are usually showered with gifts, but girls, you can’t forget to reciprocate! So many relationships are one sided. Boys will always show how much their girlfriends mean to them by giving them gifts at any time, but how many girls remember to give back? You would be surprised to find out that very few do. Now, that is just not right!

Show your otaku boy that you think about him with a gift or a gesture once in awhile. If your boyfriend enjoys collecting things, buy him something for his collection. If he enjoys Gundam, take him to see the life-size Gundam in Odaiba! OK, you don’t have to go all the way to Tokyo to spoil him, but you get the picture. No matter how big or small, just show your otaku boyfriend that you put as much thought into your relationship as he does. It’s fun to be spoiled, but it’s just as fun to spoil someone else, too.

In Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun, Chiyo will usually consider what will make Nozaki happy. Chiyo has given up her time to help Nozaki work and will even go out to buy supplies whenever he needs them. Nozaki might be more than a little dense, but he notices these thoughtful gestures. Remember, it’s the little things that count. Everyone wants someone to spoil them the same way they’d spoil a loved one. It just shows how important that person is to them.

Just Shut Up

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Take this last piece of advice with a grain of salt. If you want to date an otaku boy, sometimes you have to learn to just shut up. We mean no offense by this statement. Truly! Sometimes, an otaku boy may just want some peace and quiet to enjoy his hobbies. There are times when he may want to watch an anime without having someone chiming in about every little detail, or listen to a vocaloid song without having to explain why that particular vocaloid is so great. Maybe he just does not want to hear the 100 reasons why you hate his favorite series. In truth, there are just times when he does not want to hear any of it.

That’s normal. It’s healthy for you, too. Even you’ll have moments when you want to be alone. No one wants to be “on” all the time. We all need a break. Just respect an otaku boy’s wish for peace and quiet. There’s always later. An otaku boy, himself, may not even want to talk at all. Silence isn’t a bad thing. It can be a sign of comfort in a relationship, so be a bit more self aware and realize when an otaku boy wants to be left alone.

Of course, not all otaku boys are the same as mention in the first point of this article. There are many who love to talk about their passion for the anime they love by expressing it in ways that may surprise you, but what you can do is at least listen and show some support, as they will indeed return it. Support each other and work things out. That is key!

Final Thoughts

These were our 5 ways to date an otaku boy. It’s really not as complicated as it may seem. There’s no need to look for encryption. If you’re looking for a secret decoder ring like the ones you used to find in cereal boxes, it doesn’t exist. Hopefully this article cleared up any questions you may have had, though. Otaku boys can be pretty easy to decipher, right?

For many of you who have dated otaku boys, are there any other tips you want to share with our readers? The world of dating can be more chaotic as traffic in a third world country, and just as scary, so please be sure to share any advice you may have! Also, what do you think of our dating tips? Opinions are always welcome.

Prison-School-wallpaper1-700x479 [Anime Culture Monday] 5 Ways to Date an Otaku Boy


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