[Honey’s Crush Wednesday] 5 Wu Putin Highlights - Jikan no Shihaisha (Chronos Ruler)

We’ll be taking back the time that you stole from us.

  • Episodes: 13
  • Genre: Shounen, Supernatural
  • Airing Date: Jul. 2017 - Currently Airing
  • Studio: Project No. 9

Jikan no Shihaisha Preview (No Spoilers)

Chronos Rulers are people who can control time and can rule any objects of their choosing. Their main goal is simple: to defeat Horologues that plague human society. Simply put, Horologues are demons who appear to be granting people’s wishes by reverting back their time, when in fact, they feed off the time of their victims, eating them away until they fade into nothingness. Two Chronos Rulers, Victor and Kiri Putin, are on a journey together to seek Victor’s lost time from when he fell victim to a powerful Horologue in his past.

Wu Putin Bio

Seiyuu Name: Ishikawa, Kaito

Wu “Kiri” Putin is the beloved son of the well-known prodigy, Victor Putin. When he was young, a powerful Horologue was summoned by his father due to the extreme grief of losing his wife. The Horologue attacked Victor, leaving a scar on his chest which eats away the time and memories that he still has. Since then, Kiri was raised by Victor as a single parent. He aimed to follow his father’s journey in search of the Horologue that attacked his family. On their journey, he became a Chronos Ruler just like his father. He is a serious and an uptight person who values discipline and a flawless plan above all else.

Wu Putin Highlights

1. Cool and Attractive

Although his awesomeness isn’t on par with Victor yet, Kiri gives off a cool aura every time he appears on screen. While he is mostly shown worrying over Victor and their mission, Kiri is pretty much level-headed and composed most of the time and will think of a solution as fast and calmly as possible when things get rough. Despite his young age, it seems he inherited his father’s intelligence of his father. He always thinks one step ahead and is quite perceptive when it comes to battles.

Aside from his awesome cool side, one thing that Kiri inherited from Victor is his father’s good looks. Even though they don’t look alike, Kiri has his own charms to boast. He dons an elegant suit with a long coat and scarf, which enhances his overall cool vibe, and finishes his look with a simple pair of glasses over his ruby red eyes. Victor even admittedly said again and again that his son is quite an attractive man, though the only downside he sees in Kiri is his son’s prudish and apprehensive nature. Although Victor may say that, Kiri’s refined and modest personality is what makes him a unique and amazing character. Besides, who can deny a cool megane like Kiri?!

2. The “Slash Ruler”

Ever since he was young, Kiri has been fighting alongside his father. They make a good team and can sync very well. But even though he is a good supporter for his father during battles, Kiri can stand alone in a fight without Victor worrying about him. Kiri is a Chronos Ruler known as the “Slash Ruler”. He is one of the twelve Divine Guardian Rulers who are considered to be the masters of their own rule. Much like his attitude and personality, Kiri governs the rule over water. With this title attached to him, Kiri is indeed an opponent not to be messed with.

Although Kiri is very proficient in using his water sword, what makes him a deadly opponent are his incredible tactics and strategies. He makes sure to observe his enemies carefully and immediately creates a plan to defeat them. Kiri can also fool his opponent, an example of this is in episode 5 where it is shown that he seems to be “defeated”, when in fact, this is only a ruse to catch his opponent off guard and attack them while they are still vulnerable. Since he likes things to go well and dandy during their journey, Kiri makes sure to think ahead and make a plan B when things go awry.

3. His relationship with Victor

One of the reasons why Kiri became a Chronos Ruler is because of his father, Victor. He aims to bring back Victor’s lost time and memories in order for his father to be the gentle and caring person he used to be. We’re not saying that Victor isn’t a gentle and caring person presently, but comparing before and now, Kiri seems to fear that day by day his father may turn into a stranger that he may hardly recognize. Although he carries this fear, he continues to help and support Victor in any possible way he can, even if it means they have to argue every time because of Victor’s frivolous and unexpected nature.

While they are seen bickering other most of the time, Kiri always thinks about what is best for the both of them, especially for his father. It is seen in the anime numerous times how troubled he is when Victor pushes his own limit during battles. He is even suspicious of Mina, as shown in episode 2 when they first met, and goes as far as exchanging his and her Time Covenants to make sure that Mina will not be a threat to him or to his father. All in all, both father and son think and care for each other. Kiri may hide it well, but he still craves Victor’s love and attention. Kiri is certainly too hard on his father sometimes but Victor knows and understands the reason behind his son’s actions and words.

4. Mature and responsible

Despite his young age, Kiri has become quite a mature and responsible person. Since Victor is usually carefree with his happy-go-lucky nature, Kiri took it upon himself to be the rational person out of the two. Oftentimes, he acts more like a nagging mom to Victor and his other companions Mina and Blaze. He makes sure to knock some sense into them and to act responsibly during their journey. Since most of his companions are easy-going, like what we said earlier, he makes sure to plan ahead of time to avoid unnecessary troubles in the future. Kiri makes sure to finish what he starts and makes it a habit to be proper and modest at all times.

Kiri is simple and quite straightforward. If there are things that must be done and finished, he makes sure to do them fast and efficiently. Although he sometimes forgets other people’s feelings during their mission, he means no harm and wants to avoid disturbances to the innocent people that can be affected. Kiri is indeed very grown-up when he acts, but he still continues to learn from his father’s unconventional thinking and ways.

5. Easily annoyed

Since Kiri is the most mature and the sanest out of the group, he is the perfect number one target to bully and to tease. Victor and Mina call him a lot of names, but their most favorite is “no good virgin”. While Blaze, on the other hand, doesn’t intentionally tease his “little brother” but he unknowingly annoys Kiri to no end. Not only that, since all of the people that Kiri meets are kind of... Let’s say... “eccentric”, he ends up getting fired up with all the different shenanigans that keep happening to him and around him.

While it is unfortunate to see Kiri constantly getting annoyed at his companions’ mischief, his reactions are truly funny and hilarious to watch. It has been a running gag in the series where they just either ignore his nagging attitude or tease him when he gets too serious. Hopefully, we don’t get to see Kiri eating pasta out of his nose... That will be painful to watch!

Final Thoughts

Although Jikan no Shihaisha is another anime that talks about time, the message of the anime is simple and straightforward: to cherish every memory and time that we have and to accept reality no matter how hard and painful it is. Jikan no Shihaisha may not be finished airing yet, but Kiri is one of those characters that you can’t help but root for because of his serious but adorable personality in the show. So what about you? What did you like about Wu “Kiri” Putin? Make sure to write it down in the comment section below! Subscribe to Honey’s Anime for more anime, manga, and game content! See you again in the next article! Ciao ciao, now signing off~

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