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Angels and Demons are not new to us. They are often used in stories and are sometimes differently portrayed depending on the author. While this trope has become a cliche in all medias, it never stops writers from using it to create something amazing by adding some twists and turns here and there.

One anime that has become a classic of using this theme is D.Gray-man. It is written and illustrated by Katsura Hoshino and was first adapted into an anime back in Oct. 2006. After years of waiting, fans were given a sequel, D.Gray-man Hollow, which is one of the most anticipated anime of its season. D.Gray-man has it all, horror, tragedy, comedy, mystery, action, and supernatural themes. The concept behind the show is amazingly thought out and its characters are one of the things to look forward too. If you want something like D.Gray-man that is currently airing, then we’ve got your back! Like D.Gray-man? Better watch this then~

About D.Gray-man

  • Episodes: 103
  • Aired: Oct. 2006 - Sept. 2008

After experiencing a devastating incident, Allen Walker becomes the disciple of General Cross. After training under him, Allen joins the Black Order in order to become a professional exorcist. But unlike any other exorcist, Allen is unique. His innocence is merged with him, and his cursed left eye can see Akuma’ souls. Together with his friends and fellow exorcists, he must stop Akuma from wreaking havoc in the human world while also trying to stop the Millennium Earl’s evil plans.

Liked D.Gray-man? Then watch Vatican Kiseki Chousakan (Vatican Miracle Examiner)

  • Episodes: 12
  • Aired: Jul. 2017- Currently Airing

The Vatican has an organization called the Assembly of Saints. Priests who are under the organization are called miracle investigators and must find the truth behind such claims. Two gifted priests, Robert Nicholas and Hiraga Josef Kō, are partnered together. As they find out more about the questionable occurrences that are assigned to them, they uncover a much darker secret than they expected.

Three major similarities shared by D.Gray-man and Vatican Kiseki Chousakan

1. Biblical themes

One of the most prominent similarities between D.Gray-man and Vatican Kiseki Chousakan is the usage of biblical terms and references. Angels, demons, exorcisms, evil possessions, satanic rituals and miracle healing can be seen in both anime. You will also hear some famous biblical passages or stories like Noah’s ark, The birth of the Messiah and more. The Vatican also plays a big influence in both shows, having their own special department to deal with evil forces that threaten or endanger the innocent lives of their people. In D.Gary-man, the Vatican has the Black Order to exorcise Akuma and to stop the Noah Family’s villainous schemes; while in Vatican Kiseki Chousakan, the Vatican has the Assembly of Saints to investigate possible miracles that may have occurred in some parts of the globe. Although the Vatican has a different approach to handling their affairs in D.Gray-man and Vatican Kiseki Chousakan, their goal is one and the same.

2. Fighting inner demons

Demons are not just monsters that harm people with their mockery and manipulative actions. Demons can also be found in the inner depths of a person’s heart and can vary based on the experiences that they’ve had. Especially humans, since some can be very fragile when they are faced with hardships that are sometimes too tough for them to bear. While D.Gray-man and Vatican Kiseki Chousakan face a lot of evil things that can harm them or the people around them, they also face the inner demons of each person they meet.

Roberto, and most especially Hiraga, can be seen in the show saving other people by enlightening them and showing them the right path towards God, like what they did with some of the students in the first arc, or with some of the ill patients in the second arc. Likewise, with Allen and company, they don’t only fight Akuma to save other people, but they also give advice and guidance to those people who will likely fall victim to the Millennium Earl. But of course, their fight does not end there. Allen and company also have their inner demons to overcome, much like how Roberto faces his deepest fear in the latest episode.

3. Supernatural Themes and Mystery are perfectly blended well

Vatican Kiseki Chousakan isn’t action-oriented like D.Gray-man but the supernatural happenings and mysteries that surround the show can remind you of D.Gray-man. The protagonists will often investigate the root of the problem first before taking action. As they find hints and clues about their investigation, supernatural things start to occur which can be solved with Roberto and Hiraga’s knowledge (and possibly with Lauren’s support too). While a lot of things that are happening in Vatican Kiseki Chousakan can be explained by science, there are still certain things that are quite questionable. The mystery and the “out of this world” concepts behind the show are blended so well that the viewers start to question a lot of what is happening in the show and find the truth behind it. All in all, D.Gray-man and Vatican Kiseki Chousakan are quite good at handling these kinds of genres, but if you enjoy something more mature that requires a lot of thinking, then Vatican Kiseki Chousakan is something that you don’t want to miss.

Liked D.Gray-man? Watch Jikan no Shihaisha (Chronos Ruler)

  • Episodes: 13
  • Aired: Jul. 2017- Currently Airing

The god of time, Chronos, fought a long battle to defeat the monstrous Horologues in order to stabilize time. Despite Chronos winning the battle, some Horologues managed to survive and are still hunting humans. Chronos Rulers are given the power to wield time in order to protect possible victims of the time-eating demons. Jikan no Shihaisha revolves around Victor and Kiri Putin as they embark on a journey to find Victor’s lost memory.

Three major similarities shared by D.Gray-man and Jikan no Shihaisha

1. Same basic elements

If you want something that is much closer to D.Gray-man, then Jikan no Shihaisha will not disappoint, since a lot of D.Gray-man’s basic elements can be found in Jikan no Shihaisha. As we said earlier, D.Gray-man has the Black Order to oversee Akuma that threaten the safety of the people. In Jikan no Shihaisha they have The Organization to fight off Horologues that want to eat away their victim’s time. The similarity does not end there. The core weapon of a Chronos Ruler, the Time Covenant, is somewhat the same with D.Gray-man’s Innocence. The Time Covenant grants its holder the power to manipulate time as they see fit.

Horologues are also the same as Akuma. They pretend to help people by bringing back their time, but in reality, they lure them in order to devour their remaining time until the victim turns into nothingness. They can even get big and strong if they have been eating people’s time for ages. Although the Vatican in D.Gray-man originated from God and his war to fight off evil, in Jikan no Shihaisha, The Organization originated from Chronos, the god of time, who is known to fight off time-eating demons. While the basic key elements of both of the shows are identical, we assure you that they are dissimilar since they have different themes and approaches when it comes to their own plot and their characters. But if you do enjoy some action-packed anime like D.Gray-man then it’s better to give Jikan no Shihaisha a try.

2. Similar Experiences

Even though Allen and Victor are incomparable because of their different personalities and attitudes, they share some similar circumstances with each other. While Victor’s parents did not abandon him, he did lose them at a very young age in an accident. Victor is also manipulated by a powerful Horologue after the death of his wife. Hoping to see his wife well and alive again, he unconsciously wishes to turn back time, which results in him summoning a Horologue, like how Allen asks the Millennium Earl to bring Mana back. Same as Allen’s experience, Victor gets a scar from that incident. He even has the UNIQUE embedded on him to protect his remaining time and memories, reminding us of Allen’s type of Innocence: The Cross, which he uses to protect himself.

After the unfortunate incident, he becomes a Chronos Ruler and journeys with his son to find a way to return his memories. In his journey, he meets different people along the way that can help him in his objective. Since we don’t fully know who Victor really is because of his memory loss, he is pretty much an enigma to the viewers. But as the story unfolds, we might get to see Victor’s other side, like how we get to see a new side of Allen as D.Gray-man goes deeper in its plot.

3. Comedy mixed in

Let’s be honest, the premise behind D.Gray-man and Jikan no Shihaisha is quite dark when you think about it. They tackle themes of death, loneliness, acceptance, and losing oneself. But even with its dark themes, both anime can be amusing because of the funny and enjoyable things that they can offer. They never fail to give us a good laugh during serious discussions, battles, or even heartwarming scenes. While some viewers may think that it may throw off the whole mood, it doesn’t. D.Gray-man and Jikan no Shihaisha know when to insert their hilarious moments without destroying the overall flow of the scene. The key is balance, and these shows know that all too well. If you want some occasional laughs during dramatic times like how D.Gray-man does it, then better try Jikan no Shihaisha for more.

Final Thoughts

Since summer anime are about to be finished, this is a good time to watch these shows. We assure you that Vatican Kiseki Chousakan and Jikan no Shihaisha are equally good and entertaining as D.Gray-man. All three anime have their own different approach in terms of plot progression and characters, but you will enjoy them nonetheless! So what show do you intend to watch after this article? Vatican Kiseki Chousakan? Jikan no Shihaisha? Both? Tell us in the comment section below! See you in the next article! Adios! Now signing off~

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