6 Anime Like 91 Days [Recommendations]

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So what happens when your family is slain right in front of you, and you're forced into hiding? You'd do exactly what Avilio did and go on a revenge seeking mission to discover who killed your family. The story follows Avilio as he joins Vanetti family in hopes to dig up whatever information he can on the group that initiated the gruesome executions. We'll be taking a closer look at six anime that resemble the very dark and gritty crime lifestyle that Avilio experiences, and the corruption that each character must confront in a gang related environment.

Similar Anime to 91 Days

1. Baccano!

  • Episodes: 13
  • Aired: July 27, 2007 - November 2, 2007

Living the life of a gangster is no easy task, as main characters Issac and Miria experience throughout their adventures.The war between mafia gangs grow worse, while ambitious scientists desperately search for the missing bottles of immortality elixir.Baccano! follows several events that initially seem unrelated, both in time and place, but paint a much bigger picture; one of alchemy, corruption, survival and the chance at immortality.

Baccano! takes place in a very similar world like 91 Days, where backstabbing and corruption have taken over the town, while mafia groups are at constant war for who can claim ownership over turf. Both take place in the prohibition era, where the distribution of alcohol was deemed a danger to the town, and people would go out of their way by any means to obtain what they could. While 91 Days shares a more grittier tale, the two focus primarily on characters who must fight their way up the ranks while making pacts with certain mafia families in order to survive.

2. Joker Game

  • Episodes: 12
  • Aired: April 5, 2016 - June 21, 2016

In Joker Game, the story takes place in an era stricken by war, as World War II is just around the corner, and Japan creates an eight man team of spies in order to gather information that could prove essential in their battle. These highly trained men have been assigned to report on any developments associated with the war, and must use extreme tactics such as manipulation in order to seek the information they need to get the upper hand over their enemies.

Joker Game and 91 Days follow the same premise where characters must work together in order to gather enough information to take out the opposition. Avilio uses his tact and manipulation skills to get closer to the mafia group that murdered his entire family, while being very incognito about everything. He acts as if he respects the family, but deep down seeks revenge. Similarly, Yuuki gathered very well-trained individuals to seek out and gather whatever secrets they could dig up on their enemy to take them out when necessary. Each posed as someone who worked alongside the opposition, but their real agenda was to create a smokescreen in order to seek out answers.

Joker Game Trailer

3. Gangsta

  • Episodes: 12
  • Aired: July 2, 2015 - September 24, 2015

Gangsta is a story about revenge and redemption, as Nicholas and Worwick team together to take down the corrupted factions that plague the city of Ergastalum. Known as the “Handymen”, the two set out on a bloody journey as mercenaries, hired by powerful mob syndicates to take out the enemy. As the town faces an overwhelming amount of violence towards the Twilights, they must come face to face with an underground organization that sets out to kill everything in their path, and must protect the safety and well being of the Twilights at all costs.

Both anime are focused on the very dark and gritty reality of the gang lifestyle, and how it can shape the face of society in many ways. Both Avilio and Nicholas have a vendetta against an organization that threatened their family, and the two must now use every weapon they have in order to find peace within their revenge stricken hearts. Every confrontation always ends up in bloodshed, as corrupt mafia groups are slain at the hands of the protagonist, while both must climb up the ladder of a dysfunctional society in order to seek out the truth. Limbs fly, bullets ricochet off the skulls of the suspects, while Avilio and Nicholas both try to keep their bodies in one piece.

Gangsta Trailer

Any Anime Like 91 Days?

4. Gankutsuou

  • Episodes: 24
  • Aired: October 6, 2004 - March 30, 2005

Gankutsuou is a grim story based around Albert Morcerf, a young and praised individual who happens to make ties with a wealthy nobleman, The Count of Monte Cristo. The two come into contact through a series of bizarre events which lead up to the two working closely together. Fascinated by the Count's suave, Albert invites him to meet his friends and family, who all belong to the upper class society of Paris, France. Unfortunately, little does Albert realize that the Count has ulterior motives in mind that would change the life of Albert forever.

Albert much like Avilio are unaware of what's about to take place in their life, and are both shocked by the harsh reality that soon confronts them. They both have been betrayed in a big way, and now are out on a mission for revenge to destroy the people who destroyed their life. The two are thrown into the pit of fire where every decision they make could trigger a huge turn of events which may cost them their life, so they both use extreme caution when approaching their enemy. While 91 Days features a more bloodier tale, Gankutsuou really drives it home with the premise that family is everything and you'll do anything in order to protect them.

Gankutsuou Trailer

5. Gungrave

  • Episodes: 26
  • Aired: October 7, 2003 - March 30, 2004

Based off of the video game of the same name, Gungrave is a gripping story of two close friends whose lives are turned upside down when an extremely tragic event changed their entire lives. They soon came to realize how unforgiving the world is, their happiness fleeting, learning that change cannot be undone. Millennion, a large scale mafia organization both peak their interest as the two join the organization to climb the ranks. The main difference however is that Brandon isn't out to join the crowd, he's out to take back what he desires most: the woman he loves.

Both Gungrave and 91 Days tell a fantastic story of a man crippled by his past, and now must find all of the answers in order to bring calm back to his tortured soul. Brandon and his close friend Harry decide to join up with Millennion in hopes to become gang leaders in a society that reeks of death and corruption. Brandon however realizes the dark truth behind the syndicate and must now save the love of his life before it's too late. Similar to Avilio, the two decide to join the very same organization that created their violent spiral into darkness in order to obtain more information as to who the ring leader is. They don't care for their ranks, all that is necessary is ensuring the leader is taken care of with their own hands and no forgiveness will be granted.

6. Zetsuen no Tempest

  • Episodes: 24
  • Aired: October 5, 2012 - March 29, 2013

Yoshino is an ordinary teenager whose life takes a turn for the worse after a strange number of events take place. Yoshino was dating Aiko, Mahiro's younger sister, but when she mysteriously dies, the two are desperate to seek out why. Mahiro wanders off in hopes to find the one responsible for killing his sister, while Yoshino tries his best to carry on with his ordinary life. Suddenly Yoshino's life changes yet again when he's held at gunpoint by a girl and out of the blue Mahiro jumps in to save him. Yoshino comes to realize that Mahiro had received information about his sisters death from a witch named Hakaze, and learns about the existence of the Tree of Exodus. The two friends must now carry out a mission to uncover the truth behind Aiko's death, helping Hakaze save the world, and making sure to stay alive at all costs.

Both shows are very cold in their story telling, where two characters are plagued with death in the family and must now seek revenge on the people who started it all. The two characters in Zetsuen no Tempest, Yoshino and Mahiro, both share similar personalities to that of Avilio and childhood friend Corteo. Corteo is the much quieter and more keen of the duo, and later becomes the voice of reason for Avilio in is decision making. The same can be said about both Yoshino and Mahiro, where one is irate and ready to take out anyone who stands in his way, while the other tries to provide reasoning behind every judgment made.

Zetsuen no Tempest Trailer

Closing Statement

In a world that is full of crime and corruption, it's hard to live a satisfying life. Every corner you turn and there's illegal activity taking place, with nothing you can do about it. Your family's life dangles over a pit of flames, and now you must do whatever it takes to save them. These stories are sure to entertain, surprise, and hit you very hard in the heart because of how real each story feels. If you have any other anime that you feel are very similar to 91 Days and should make the list, be sure to let us know in the comments section down below! And also follow us on twitter for the latest article updates and tweets!

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