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I would hardly think there are similar anime to Amnesia, given its premise, which is rather... unique. Honestly, I prefer the descriptive term, ‘distinct’, because I will be hard-pressed to find any close to similar, which happens to be my job. Tough luck. But surprise, there just might be, some interesting ones, on par with quality too. In essence though, similarities can indeed be joined, considering the gist of Amnesia as a Reverse Harem style and type. Along that note, upon a genre I have only ever been familiar with the "reverse" side of it (see what I did there?), let's find some Reverse Harem anime similar to Amnesia.

Since I missed the opportunity to go in-depth over what Amnesia really is about, besides mentioning it as a Reverse Harem anime, I will use the chance of introducing elements of it as we discuss those similar animes. But if there's anything to note, the show is in fact based on a Playstation Portable dating sims game, which really explains things. In fact, it explains it all. We understand now, why the weird, or ‘distinct’ premise, and the reason for its plot centred around a girl hooking up with some hot guys. And are there any other animes following the same idea? In fact, before we make mention of that, it seems the trail of origins for this rather mysterious (in a sense) anime, goes all the way back further, to its form as a Japanese visual novel series by Idea Factory. Does this explain anything, beyond the reason why it is the way it is? Are Japanese just creative, even over incredible (or incredulous) plot ideas? Whatever it is, we know the appeal of this will be for girls, and so this Recommendations' article will be aimed at that.

Similar Anime to Amnesia

1. Golden Time

  • Episodes: 24
  • Aired: Oct 4, 2013 - Mar 28, 2014

Amnesia's plot premise of having an amnesiac trying to recover her memories from interactions with other romantically-involved characters... is not entirely as ‘distinct’ as I have put. Yes, some other people have been crazy enough to think this up, even though it isn't that bad an idea really, just unique.

In this case, being Golden Time, the main character is of the reverse gender, and so it is not exactly a Reverse Harem, but a Normal Harem, or whatever the equivalent for that is. They do share the same "golden" idea of a premise though, about amnesiacs or have you forgot ;)?

GOLDEN TIME Promotion Video English Sub [Official]

2. Fruits Basket

  • Episodes: 26
  • Aired: Jul 5, 2001 - Dec 27, 2001

It seems it is proven my point on how unique the story of Amnesia is, given the difficulties I am facing in finding satisfactorily similar titles to it. So I have taken a dissection of the main themes, and by this thin association, have them related as "recommendations". With the second up, it is another Reverse Harem anime, Fruits Basket. This series have the same erotic arrangement of a Reverse Harem, lots of bishie men chasing the main character, who is in the best of descriptions, "shy". Or more flat-out without character, so if you want a Reverse Harem anime with the main character being "shy" but not boring, Fruits Basket is for you! In this case she is actually shy, and not no-life and no personality.

And oh yeah, the premise of this is way cooler! Something about bishie-men transforming into Chinese Zodiac animals when they are hugged by the opposite sex. That is so...interestingly way out there, almost like Amnesia's but cuter.

3. Brothers Conflict

  • Episodes: 12
  • Aired: Jul 2, 2013 - Sep 17, 2013

I shall refer another anime based on the same theme, again. Called sensibly Brothers Conflict, we can only imagine that the conflict in question is the contest of love for the one individual that is the main character; it seems also that this anime has an incest theme. Simply because the girl is also their sister by marriage of their parents, and that is why I used the term incest for this anime.

This is as standard as any Reverse Harem type anime, and the timeworn question it poses and asks: who gets the girl? For the Normal Harem type, I believe it is: can the guy get all the girls? So apart from that incest theme, there are strong similarities between the two anime, both originating first as visual novels. Also, if you like boring, flat female leads, both animes have that, together with the usual plot of lots of hot bishies falling for her, not to mention that plot device we call a spiritual aide, protecting and advising her.

Any Animes Like Amnesia ?

4. Miracle Train: Welcome to the Oedo line

  • Episodes: 13
  • Aired: Oct 5, 2009 - Dec 28, 2009

Miracle Train has many similar aspects to Amnesia, one of them of course being both Reverse Harem, but also on the supernatual feel, for the Miracle Train being, well, the train itself, and how only the team of bishies, a host club of the train in question, has the ability to even see it in the first place, guiding those worried and troubled girls on a ride they will never forget. Not what you are thinking though, basically the host club is some sort of psychotherapy team.

For Amnesia, you already know it as a one-dimensional girl, that speaks nothing beyond short sentences with a gasp at the end, who became an amnesiac after colliding with some supernatual spirit. So besides similarity on feel, the pacing of the story is very similar too, which I imagine as how each episode for both animes begins seemingly and entirely unrelated, with little true plot or character progress, although they both save themselves and get interesting by the 6th episode and yonder. The difference is in how Miracle Train doesn't revolve around a single female lead, with the bishounen of the host club interacting with the many women that board the train, and in Amnesia, the female lead passes through different alternate universes for each of her bishie encounter, all of which are represented by card suits, from Heart, Spade, Clover, Diamond and Joker.

Miracle Train too has the bonus of introducing the scenic elements of the route the miracle train travels on, which is the Oedo-line, I believe. I suppose the creators thought that a train-line with a host club is a winning combo.

5. K

  • Episodes: 13
  • Aired: Oct 5, 2012 - Dec 28, 2012

So far we have covered incest, host club in train stations with similar pacing, another anime about amnesia, and the last being about Chinese Zodiac animals, all of which have the bonus of being Reverse Harem animes at the same time. It is just so that I found another unlikely theme, one of confusion. It is not exactly that surprising, given there is only so much you can differentiate the plot of a Reverse Harem type anime.

All the guys want a piece of the action, which is basically as normal and close to reality as it gets. Turning out that this is the fantasy of a lot of girls sure help us otakus to dream on that, so it appeals to both guys and gals. According to what is similar between the two, is the theme of confusion, partly mistaken as mystery, that you only get the idea of both plots at the end of the series. In light of that, I only recommend this anime, K, because quote for truth, "Worth watching if you like to get confused." Which is the strangest promotional caption I have ever heard.

6. LOVE2000%/Uta no☆Prince-sama♪ Maji Love 2000%

  • Episodes: 13
  • Aired: Apr 4, 2013 - Jun 27, 2013

At the sixth and last recommendation, I will end it with one last standard Reverse Harem anime, as classic and typical as it gets. It even shows in the name: it mentions the word prince. That's bound to get any girl wet. And just to show the quality of this Reverse Harem anime, it has been described as "just absolutely fun to watch".

Both of the female leads are almost entirely emotionless, with the bishie guys all after her. In fact, they work along the same plot mechanic, with each guy having an episode or arc just devoted to them, and to her as well of course. It takes two to tango, although we can have more than just two persons of course, but then that will turn into a shounen genre, instead of a shoujo, if you know what I mean?

Ok I will get to you on the verdict, but for a person who evinces quality in everything is that this anime is not at the level of perfection, that everyone should desire from everything at all times, for the "Evolution of the Race". Not the Japanese race though, the Human one.

For reasons being a few, one of them the utterly emotionless main female character, which does hurt the plot a bit, even though it does evolve in the end to be quite an interesting one, with a mysterious suspense thrown in that breaks it even as a decent anime eventually, when it does get interesting further down the episodes. Which according to many reviews, is what got them viewing the anime Amnesia to its end, and not due to the romance factor at all, if it was ever apparent.

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by Calixtus -TheCupKnight- Ashley Wee