6 Anime Like Campione! [Recommendations]

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Campione! is interesting for a lot of reasons. It draws heavily on religious and mythological influences from multiple cultures, but never props any up as being superior to others. While doing so, it blends ancient mythology with the modern day world. It has epic, flashy battles. And, due to the main character’s effortless but awkward charm, it has its fair share of humorous ecchi moments with an interesting harem of female characters.
Here are six anime like Campione!

Similar Anime to Campione!

1. Tenchi Muyo! / Tenchi Universe

  • Episodes: 26
  • Aired: April 1995 – December 1995

An oldie but a goody, Tenchi Muyo has a lot in common with Campione!, starting with the main characters. Like Kusanagi, the main character of Tenchi Muyo, titular Tenchi Masaki, finds himself hopelessly at the mercy of an increasingly large, outspoken harem of women who literally fall into his life. He also becomes the unwitting recipient of a powerful legacy of which he previously had no knowledge.

Similarly, Tenchi Muyo contains plenty of action and charm to go around. Like Kusanagai, Tenchi is instantly likable, all the more so because he is hopelessly oblivious of his effect on the women around him. Tenchi and his friends are also compelling because of their myriad magical powers, such as the ability to summon devastating light saber-like swords at will, launch powerful blasts of magic energy, and even pets with the ability to morph into space ships. With ecchi elements and a bit of space-opera thrown in, this anime has a lot to offer fans of Campione!.

2. Love Hina

  • Episodes: 25 + 1 Unaired Episode
  • Aired: April 2000 – September 2000

Love Hina is an incredibly popular series in Japan, and it is easy to see why. Much like Campione!, the protagonist is a young male surrounded by a colorful cast of women. Love Hina follows Keitaro Urashima, a teenager on a quest to enter the same university of an old flame (so old, in fact, that he no longer remembers her name). After many failed attempts, he ends up at his grandmother’s place, which has been converted into all-girl apartments, and a twist of fate makes him the new landlord.

While there aren’t many fantastical elements in the show, the balancing act of everyday life, with entrance exams and managing the girls’ dorm make for some laugh out loud moments, and as with Campione!, there is charm aplenty and ecchi abounds. Keitaro, just like Kusanagi, is helpless when it comes to women, but unlike Kusanagi, he is hopelessly and hilariously outmatched.

3. Ah! My Goddess! / Aa! Megami-Sama!

  • Episodes: 26
  • Aired: January 2005 – July 2005

Another hugely popular anime with several iterations, Ah! My Goddess! has plenty in common with Campione!. When a young man named Keiichi Morisato calls the “Goddess Helpline” on accident, his encounter with the goddess Belldandy changes his life forever. Forced to move out of his all-male dorm and into a Buddhist temple to accommodate the presence of a goddess in his life, things turn upside down for Keiji before he knows it.
This show, like Campione!, draws heavily on world mythology, although in the case of Ah! My Goddess!, it is Norse, with a modern bend, as well as a strong emphasis on magic throughout the world. Although the cast of women isn’t quite as large as Campione!, Belldandy and her well-endowed sisters create some hilariously, erotically charged situations for Keiichi to struggle through, simultaneously blossoming into relationships the viewer cares about.
There are plenty of equally alluring angels and demons orbiting the main action, ensuring that there’s plenty of eye-candy for the viewer, just like Campione!

Any Animes Like Campione! ?

4. High School DxD

  • Episodes: 12
  • Aired: January 2012 – March 2012

Things were going great for somewhat-perverted high school student Issei Hyodo at his co-ed school. That is, until his encounter with a luscious fallen angel results in his death and subsequent resurrection!

High School DxD has plenty in common with Campione! Although the main character is a bit more outspoken in his desire for women, his school is home to a large harem of busty angels, demons, and fallen angels to give him more than his fair share of trouble, and all the ecchi you can handle. There is a strong supernatural/religious influence, and plenty of action, since Issei isn’t about to take his death lying down.

High School DxD Trailer

5. Strike the Blood

  • Episodes: 24
  • Aired: October 2013 – March 2014

Like Campione!, Strike the Blood is about a high school boy in a little over his head; Kojou Akatsuki is your typical high school… with the exception of being one of the most powerful types of vampire around. Isolated to an island off of Japan populated mostly by monsters, Kojou makes plenty of female friends. To make matters worse, every time he is aroused by the supernatural harem of monsters inhabiting the island and his school, his bloodlust becomes all the more insatiable.

There are plenty of powers and battles in both Campione! and Strike the Blood. Both main characters acquire knowledge after having their physical needs addressed by the cast of ladies that surround them. With a slightly more supernatural spin, Strike the blood has plenty to offer fans of Campione!

6. Negima! / Magister Negi Magi

  • Episodes: 26
  • Aired: January 2005 – June 2005

Negima! Magister Negi Magi, like Campione!, fits comfortably in the harem niche because it is by the creator of Love Hina, which, as previously mentioned, helped popularize the genre. At the risk of double-dipping, Negima! has a lot to offer fans of Campione!, but with fun twists to set it apart.

Negi Springfield, the young, male protagonist of Negima!, is a teacher at a prestigious university called Mahora Academy. The catch (which of course, there is), is the fact that his entire class consists of girls. Oh yeah, and, like the main character of Campione!, he possesses magical powers. Although it is a little less ecchi, the girls that surround Negi are very likable, in part because of the more innocent nature of their relationship with the main character. There is also plenty of action in between its compelling character moments.

Well, there you have it. Six anime that are alternately as busty and ecchi as Campione! Are there any anime that any lover of harem/ecchi would be remiss in overlooking? Sound off in the comments and let everyone know.

Campione-Matsurowanu-Kamigami-to-Kamigoroshi-no-Maou 6 Anime Like Campione! [Recommendations]


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