6 Anime Like Dragonar Academy [Recommendations]

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Remember being stuck in class, melting in your seat, and desperately wishing you could do something a little more interesting? Maybe you were the school’s number one problem child, the teacher’s pet, or the misunderstood, yet seemingly up-tight goody goody. At some point or another, we’ve all daydreamed about diving headfirst into the rest of that one anime series that we simply couldn’t stop thinking about. For all of us day dreaming of a good series set in a school that taught cool things you ACTUALLY wanted to learn about, if only –sigh.

At Ansarivan Academy, a school specialized in the taming of mythical dragons, Ash Blake may seem like just the regular high school student. He has no pal (dragon or human), no friends, and this strange reoccurring dream where he’s visited by a sensuous succubus who inhabits the astral realms (who hasn’t?). But fortunately for Ash, and for us, his school is anything but ordinary. Dragonar Academy follows the story of Ash Blake, labeled the number one problem child by his fellow students, as he tries to hone his magical skills, fit in and find his way. Despite his unusually large star-brand, a magical marking resembling a native American tribal tattoo which details the bearer’s future as a dragon tamer, Ash has nothing to show for himself. He is still timid, awkward, and unpopular.

As the school year begins, Ash’s timid yet kind nature lands him in trouble when he saves the very girl trying to kill him. Even if his star-brand occultly hides his true potential, Ash still finds himself in a dragon school without a dragon pal to tame. His life suddenly changes when he is saved from death by his dragon pal just in the nick of time. But it doesn’t look much like the fire-breathing dragon that would swoop down, wings adrift, and save you from impending doom; instead, Ash’s pal has taken the form of a fiery little dragon girl with an insatiable appetite for crepes, shopping, and sleep, whom he names Eco. As of 2016, there’s been talk of a second season but nothing has been confirmed yet. While we keep our ears to the ground for any news, here are 6 series to get you really excited for the possible return of Dragonar Academy Season 2!

Similar Anime to Dragonar Academy

1. The Familiar of Zero (Zero no Tsukaima)

  • Episodes: 13
  • Aired: July 2006 – September 2006

Far from the perfect straight A student, Louise happens to be a spell caster with a somewhat difficult time handling her magic. Her shortcomings have consequently earned her the nickname “Zero Louise”. As a test, she must summon a familiar (or servant) that will aid in her magical workings but instead, to her dismay, she mistakenly summons a normal Japanese boy. Both Louise and Saito refuse to work with each other as they both feel shortchanged, as she cannot perform another summoning spell and he cannot return to his normal life.

Just like Ash Blake, Louise is the school’s outcast and some would say just a plain old zero. While their individual searches leave them confused and bewildered, what both characters are truly searching for is that magical element that could dissolve their angst and alleviate their confusion. In a twist of events, the main characters in both stories end up finding their power in stubborn, albeit cute, little packages.

Both Louise and Ash require the help of unlikely sources that take the shape of a little girl, Eco (from Dragonar Academy) and a little boy, Saito (from Zero no Tsukaima). Eco and Saito allow Ash and Louise to change their perspective and realize what is truly important; only through that lesson can they reach their full potential and attain their true power, hidden within.

2. Magician’s Academy (Macademi Wasshoi)

  • Episodes: 12
  • Aired: October 2008 – December 2008

In a world separated by three thin veils, demons, sorcerers, and humans dwell in their respective realms. Although the humans are unaware of the constant havoc wreaked between the god’s and demon’s ongoing battles (as most of the fighting takes place in the other dimensions), Magician’s Academy is a tale that follows an up-and-coming sorcerer who inhabits more than just one world, beginning with (yep, you guessed it) another summoning exam gone awry.

Magical mishaps abound when Takuto’s failed summoning spell results in the appearance of a girl named Tanorette. This small girl is in fact a potential half-demon/goddess who possesses a lethal dose of magical mana, with enough power to lay waste to the entire country. But, to Takuto’s relief, Tanorette is unyieldingly loyal and consequently pledges her allegiance. All the while, a behind the scenes plot, in fear of Takuto’s immense power, is hatched to thwart his efforts and wipe him out of existence.

Just like Dragonar’s Academy, this tale deals with big things that come in small packages (this time the packages being unassuming girls with loads of power, be it magic or dragon rage). Both series explore themes related to coming to terms with one’s willpower and strength, and claiming those things for oneself. In Magician’s Academy, Takuto was deemed to be too dangerous as his power was seen as a liability, on the other hand, Ash Blake is seen as the only one who can summon himself to wield the power needed to defeat certain enemies in Dragonar Academy. Regardless, the two end up being outcast by their abilities and respective magical powers. Both series offer viewers a similar curriculum that includes all the fire, action, and energy that makes Dragonar Academy so thrilling.

3. Dragonaut -The Resonance

  • Episodes: 25
  • Aired: October 2007 – March 2008

Following the tragedy of his parent’s passing after a space shuttle disaster and the impending threat of an asteroid impact wiping out all life on Earth, we find Jin Kamishina. The series unfolds as Jin finds himself uncovering mysteries regarding his family’s death while trying to survive the impeding annihilation of the planet. After uncovering a dragon egg under the ocean, the International Solarsystem Development Agency, or ISDA, creates a weapon or (Dragonaut) to combat the asteroid’s potential wrath, but this celestial Molotov is just one of Earth’s concerns as Earth-bound dragon creatures begin to wreak havoc on their collision course with the planet. Jin’s fate becomes entangled with the enigmatic appearances of a sensuous half-humanoid/half-dragon being, named Toa. But who really is this female dragon being who has taken human form? Despite their backgrounds, our unlikely duo must fight the odds and try to survive, at the same time though, could an explosive revelation lead to their destruction?

While both Dragonar Academy and Dragonaut (obviously) deal with the mythical power of fire-breathing creatures and how to control them, there are key elements that link the two even further. Both stories enlist unlikely duos in the union of a human male and a female dragon-being that has taken on a humanoid form to communicate with their male counterpart. The focus of Dragonaut shifts when you realize the sheer force and brute power of the winged beasts will not be tamed.

Only the main characters in both series can summon their own will to save their respective worlds, as they try to sift through a world on the verge of becoming cinders. Be it against evil-doers in control of dragons like Ash in Dragonar Academy, or from the apocalyptic power of extra-terrestrial dragon-like beings hailing from their asteroid home, like Jin in Dragonaut. Perhaps both Dragon Academy and Dragonaut can be said to inhabit the same dragon universe (whose one to say); the only difference is that in Dragonaut: The Resonance, the dragons have turned on the humans trying to harness their power, and they may have already won.

Any Anime Like Dragonar Academy ?

4. Dragon Crisis! (Doragon Kuraishisu)

  • Episodes: 12
  • Aired: January 2011 – March 2011

Like Dragonar Academy, Dragon Crisis begins with an unsuspecting, seemingly normal high school boy whose life is uprooted when his second cousin Erika decides to pay him a visit. The tale unfolds as they both seek a relic box from a nefarious character also known as a black broker. Eventually, they end up finding the box and unleashing a red dragon girl named Rose. Unfortunately, they’re not the only ones after her. In order to protect their newfound friend and ally, both Erika and Ryuji decide to take a stand against the black organization as Ryuji uses his latent powers as a relic handler.

Both Dragon Crisis! and Dragonar Academy share the same theme of a dragon embodied in the form of a little human girl, although their wild nature proves to be too much for their handlers to do just that (handle them). In order to do this, both Ash (in Dragonar Academy) and Ryuji (in Dragon Crisis!) must search within themselves for the power they possess. Dragon Crisis! sees Ryuji as he tries to protect Rose from the world, while Dragonar Academy’s girl-dragon, Eco, does most of the protecting herself. In the end, both stories are about boys who share a love for a special little dragon girl that is truly their wilder half. This is classic anime: non-complicated magic, action, mystery, and dragons, what more could we ask for?

5. Gate (Gate: Jieitai Kanochi nite, Kaku Tatakaeri)

  • Episodes: 12
  • Aired: July 2015 – September 2015

Boasting a wide array of larger than life characters including adolescent 165 year-old elves, a millennium-old demigoddess, a sorcerer’s apprentice, and a rampaging dragon to boot. Gate follows Yoji, a newly promoted JSDF officer, who investigates the peculiar going-ons of the ‘other world’. As a portal opens in Ginza, one of Tokyo’s central districts, the Japan Self Defense Force or JSDF manages to thwart the army’s advances. But questions quickly arise as to the very nature of the beings that inhabit it and how they got there in the first place. Walls between the worlds blur and combatant legions heralding from this otherworldly dimension threaten to endanger Tokyo.

In this series, there’s no shortage of fast, fun, swooping through the air in a gust of wind, kind of action. Like Dragonar Academy, Gate involves an all-star cast of mythical beings that clash in epic battles. This time it’s between Japanese special forces who collide with legions from other realms. Like Dragonar Academy, Gate boasts a slew of fairy creatures; but in both, dragons are still the wildest, most misunderstood, and most dangerous of them all. In both series, there’s no shortage of fire breathing dragons with twisted appetites for destruction and mayhem. The poignant difference between the two series is that, in Gate, JSDF is able to eventually pacify the mythical realm’s inhabitants but seeks to subdue and ultimately control them, while Dragonar’s two-winged beasts remain allies who fight alongside their human counterparts, still retaining their wild nature.

6. Orphen (Majutsushi Orphen)

  • Episodes: 24
  • Aired: October 1998 – March 1999

Although an oldie, it’s nonetheless still a goldie and a must see if you really want a healthy dose of dragon’s breath and searing fire. Like Ash Blake in Dragonar Academy, Orphen follows Krylancelo and Azalie, two up and coming student sorcerers attending one of the land’s most prestigious magic schools. One fateful day, Azalie’s experimentation goes awfully wrong as one of her spells rebounds and transforms her into a grisly dragon nicknamed Bloody August. In an act to upkeep the prestige of their institution, the Tower of Fang Elders, however, deny the incident and claim that she is indeed dead.

Five years later, we find Krylancelo in search for the Sword of Baltanders, one of the artifacts needed to redeem his long lost, beloved friend Azalie to her former self and take a stand against the Tower of Fang Elders. Fighting the forces of evil may be a common theme among many stories, but when you have dragons on your side, whether they were born that way or accidentally morphed into being through magic, the results can be problematic.

While both stories involve prestigious academies, and both also deal with female dragons, Orphen is in a way a reversal of Dragonar Academy. In Dragonar Academy (the latter), Ash is expecting a fire breathing dragon pal to tame, but unexpectedly gets Eco, a little dragon girl. On the other hand, Azalie, from Orphen, is a young girl herself who inadvertently becomes something unexpected, a dragon. In a way both stories deal with the illusion of appearance, its irony and fateful consequences. Through the transformation of characters into beings that are unexpected, the series embark on different journeys that lead our characters in a fight towards fulfilment and redemption.


Most of us here at Honey’s Anime did not go to a school for training dragons. Some of us simply had to make due with Dragonar Academy and other series that kept that mythical fire going for us. Either way, Dragonar Academy made us remember all the things we liked and maybe a few things we disliked about school, plus all the magic that we wished for. If you agree with our list, or have a few suggestions of your own, let us know in the comments!

by Ro Garizurieta